Let the memory of Vani be with us forever
  • Passed away on October 22, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Vani Theokary, . We will remember him forever.

Posted by Andonetta Theokary on July 22, 2019
Dear baby brother, we miss you and honored your resting place last week. Sophia and I went to New Jersey to pay our respects. It a beautiful cemetery park and we are so happy you are resting with Michael. Until we meet again. May Your Memory Be Eternal
Posted by Ben Torres on October 22, 2018
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 21, 2018
10/21/18 Six years ago tomorrow you crossed over. I miss talking to you brother. But I know you are in a good place. Until we meet again. May your Memory be Eternal. Say hi to Michael, Nicky , Mommy, and Daddy. Love you Woots!
Posted by Lionel Simmons on October 22, 2017
My Brother from another mother! I was being honored at an awards banquet & an usher came up to the head table & said someone is trying to get in, just to say hello & to congratulate you. I said who is it? And they said it’s a cab driver. When the usher turned around, there was Johnny! I think of you a lot & hope you are resting well my 1st friend ever.
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 21, 2017
In Memory of my baby brother. Five years now and we still miss you. Wish we could see you but we will see you again some day. I miss you and wish you did not leave us so young. I know you are with Mommy, and Nicky but we still miss you. Love you brother. 10/22/17
Posted by Sophia Morales on October 22, 2016
Uncle Johnny, hope your spirit is resting well. Things are going along fine here and we are thinking of you. You are still missed very much and the family always has nice stories to share. I saw Anthony earlier this year and he is doing well. He always had such sweet things to say about you. Until we meet again, love you Uncle!
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 21, 2016
It's been four long years. Wish you could had stayed on this Earth longer. Miss you Johnny. See you soon. Love you. RIP 10/21/16
Posted by Ben Torres on October 22, 2015
Brother John I know you watch over us, say hello to all my brothers and sisters. love you I know you were the rock. And I will continue to try and connect with your other brothers here on earth. Thank you John for being my family Ben Torres
Posted by Ben Torres on October 22, 2015
Love you dude continue to watch over us, I will continue to find Mike and maybe R you were the rock brother, Ant has you know is doing ok and is a grandma miss you dude.
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 21, 2015
My baby brother John, you are missed so much here on Earth. I know you are watching over your nieces and nephew and you are with mommy but boy we miss you so. Wish I can talk to you. Three year memorial of your passing. Johnny you left us too young. I love you brother and I know I will see you again someday. May you Memory Be Eternal. God Rest Your Soul!
Posted by Sophia Morales on October 22, 2014
Dear Uncle Johnny,
You'll never be forgotten, rest in peace!!
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 21, 2014
10/21/14 Dear Johnny, I was driving home from work tonight and I could not shake the sad feelings I feel today. Today you were very missed and it will be two years tomorrow. I will light a candle in your memory tomorrow. I miss you so much brother. Wish you were here so we can talk. Rest In Peace Baby Brother. I love you Woots, your sister Toots. ;)
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 21, 2013
A year ago on October 22, 2013 my beloved Baby Brother Vani "John" Theokary pass away due to liver failure at a young age of 44. I will light a candle tomorrow night for you brother near the beach at the stature of the Virgin Mary. I know you are watching from above but you are missed so much here on earth. You were the one brother I could call on even just to talk. I miss you Brother.
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on December 26, 2012
When I last saw you in October, I told you that I will see you at Xmas. I did not see you in my dreams last night, must mean you are resting in peace and safe in HEAVEN but boy it would have been great to see you in my dreams. Miss you "Woots".
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on December 10, 2012
Last night I wish I could call you to talk so you can tell me everything will be okay..........I'll been sad and I missed you ...so I went to the Virgin Mary stature across from the beach and lighted a candle and left it there with a picture of us. I wish I could hear your voice again and wish you can tell me that everything will be okay. Miss talking to you brother....you were my rock....
Posted by Benjamin Torres on November 12, 2012
Hi Brother John, your home I know your journey was sometimes a hard one, but the baby of the family ALWAYS took care of his brothers and sisters, Your big heart is now glowing has you sit with our lord, John I will never forget you, I know Mom and Dad, Nicky and all others are loving you like you deserve to be.
Your Big Brother
Posted by Christina Theokary on November 1, 2012
Uncle Johnny .... I always remember your heart!!! You cared for mom mom selfishly! You never had kids of your own but you went out of your way to be there for all your nieces and nephews when we were kids!  You are leaving us to young!  So unfair....
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on November 1, 2012
November 01, 2012 Words from Michael Lieberman:
Code 5 was a good man. He would help people even though he would lose money doing it. A good soul RIP John.
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Posted by Lionel Simmons on October 30, 2012
John, "my brother for another mother", You were the first friend I ever had & I will miss you dearly! R.I.P my Brother!!
Posted by Al Morales on October 29, 2012
Gone but not forgotten...your sense of humor, your smile. When good people leave this dysfunctional world they always get their reward and you got yours: The Kingdom of Haven next to our God and your family...What a gift!!!.You are in a better place and I know we'll see you again. R.I.P. my brother.
Posted by Rick & Barbara O'brien on October 28, 2012
I really don't know where to begin; from when you were a sweet young boy to the man you became. Your kind, thoughtful, generous, giving person anyone could ever know. Anyone that knew you, would agree with me. You will forever be missed but not forgotten. Rest in peace Johnny<3
Posted by Vanessa Theokary on October 28, 2012
Uncle John... I remember ....when you would give me money if I got A's on my report card, your love for decorating the Christmas tree with mom mom, our many cab rides as kids and in college when I was coming back from the bars and needed a lift back to Delaware county, and your infectious laughter and your big heart. Thank you for always being there. Love Vanessa
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 27, 2012
My baby brother was the best. We grew up together and him and I were the babies of the family. He was my confidant and I can call him for anything through out our adult life. Johnny was the calm one of the family, the sensible one, the one who had a quiet sense about him. He was his mother's baby and caretaker. He always helped anyone if he could. He will be truely missed Love you brother.
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 27, 2012
On behalf of my older sister Helen Theokary here are her words.
My baby brother was the heart of the family. I love him and he will always be in my heart and in my memory. I love you baby brother.
Posted by Andonetta Theokary on October 27, 2012
On behalf of my brother Michael Theokary here are his words,
My brother John was good to me and helped me alot. We stuck together like glue during the good times and bad times. I will miss him with all my heart. Love you brother John from your brother Michael.
Posted by Sophia Morales on October 27, 2012
Uncle Johnny and I spent little time together and most of my memories are from when I was little. But I always knew the goodness of his heart and felt his strong spirit, which always emanated from my mother as well. I know he is in a better place now and the memories of his laughter, humor, and love will last a lifetime.

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