• 68 years old
  • Born on September 16, 1946 in Bremerton, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on January 15, 2015 in Warner Springs, California, United States.

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting. Your thoughts, prayers and words of support have meant everything to us. 

A celebration of his life was held on February 7th in San Diego, CA. We had an amazing turn out. There were over 100 friends and family in attendance from all over the country. What a fitting tribute to a man that was so kind and generous. 

We created this website because we want you to share some of your favorite memories of Vaughn with us. Even though he has left us here on earth, he lives on forever in our hearts. Click the Gallery and Stories tabs to share with us.

Pam, Vonalea and Dustin

Vaughn died unexpectedly on January 15th at the age of 68. He lived in Beaumont, CA and was killed in a traffic accident driving back from the river where he loved spending time.

Vaughn is survived by his beautiful wife Pam, his children Vonalea and Dustin, and his 6 grandchildren Christian, Madison, Parker, Billy, Carson and Cooper. 

Link to The Seattle Times Obituary

Posted by Husky Channel on 15th January 2019
I love you so much Papa and I sure do miss you. You were so fun to fish with and you were the best. I will love you more than you will ever know Papa and I will never forget you. John 11: 25-26 25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; 26 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Love you Papa. Love, Cooper Hubbard
Posted by Carson Hubbard on 15th January 2019
Hey Papa, I sure do miss you! It’s been along time but I will never forget you. You were the best papa ever and I can’t wait to see you again. I know you are watching me from above catching all those big fish. Love you and miss you. ❤️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 15th January 2019
Well my love it’s 4 years today that the Lord took you home to be with him. Since then my life has not been the same . You name crosses my lips or mind daily. Yes life goes on but never the same . Love and miss you always. Till we meet again my love ❤️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 16th September 2018
My Vaughn Happy Birthday wish you where here to celebrate with all of us. Not a day goes by where you don’t cross my mind or your part of my conversation with friends and family . You where so loved and your grandchildren speak of you all the time . Carson and Cooper miss you so much as they love to fish and wish you were here fishing and boating with them and Dustin. You left a legacy of your love for the outdoors and love of your family , Life does continue but you are still big part of all of your families life and always will be. In our heart and memories always. Loved you always ❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌
Posted by Madison Wells on 25th May 2018
Papa... I misss you so much. I look at your picture everyday in my living room as I come home from a long days work. You’d be proud of me these days. I’ve come far from where I once was. You were such an inspiration to my life.Such a preacher you were. Your stories were so boring back then which we all took for granted. We can relive those moments now and laugh because everything you loved is what I love now... ghost stories on tv , history channel,ww2 videos. The other day mom and I shared how when I got my first apt. You and mom came over Easter Sunday o help hook up my DVD player and you jumped in front of the tv as a porno popped up. Hahhhhha. So conservative you were. I gave myself grief many years for dragging you through my chaos but i forgave myself because that gave you life. You were in pain for many years and never gave up. You will always be my hero. You are missed and loved. Thank you for all the videos you left on you tube and goggle. I will forever replay ur ghost stories and videos you’ve made me. Madison (Your ONLY granddaughter)
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 15th January 2018
My Vaughn can’t believe today is your Three Year Heaven Day. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Your in my heart And thoughts daily . Always loved always missed. Your stories Live on through your family . ❤️❌⭕️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 16th January 2017
My Vaughn yesterday was 2 years since you went to be with our Father. I can't believe I haven't seen , talked or been able to hold and kiss you. There has not been a day go by that you don't cross my mind and something reminds me of you. You are missed by so many I don't think you realized how much you were loved by so many. We were always so blessed to have all the amazing family we have and they have continued to be my biggest supporters by always wrapping me in their love. I wait for the day we will reunite in eternity. Save the Last Dance For Me Our Day Will Come Again Your loving Baby Doll ( oh how I miss hearing you call me that) Love Always and Foreever ❤️❌⭕️
Posted by Teresa Martinez on 15th January 2017
Thinking about you Vaughn! I'll always remember the times in high school. Rest in peace ✌ my friend. Your friend, Teresa
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 26th December 2016
Vaughn we went through the second Christmas without you. It hasn't gotten easier that's for sure. We all miss your presence with you funny stories and the love you always felt for your family. We got through this year as we did last year reliving our wonderful memories of all the amazing Christmas 's we all shared during the 48 years we are all thankful for those amazing times you gave us. Rest in peace my love you had the best seat in the house for Christmas with our Father God Who is the reason for the Christmas Celebration
Posted by Kathy Gavin on 20th October 2016
Vaughn you are so missed, every time I watch a Paranormal show on TV it reminds me of all our trips and fun we had as a teem ,I Miss it more then you will ever know, you are so so special my friend and wish you were here, God Bless You.
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 19th September 2016
Happy Birthday my love hard to believe 2nd Birthday without you. I knew you would want me to celebrate so Lynnel came to town and we went shopping bought myself presents from you LOL Like you always said never saw a store I Didn't Like
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 19th September 2016
Happy Birthday my love hard to believe 2nd Birthday without you. I knew you would want me to celebrate so Lynnel came to town and we went shopping bought myself presents from you LOL Like you always said never saw a store I Didn't Like
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 20th June 2016
Well it's my second Fathers Day with out the love of my life and Father of our children Dustin and Vonalea. Makes me so sad but try and get some comfort as I look at pictures and bask in beautiful memories as that's all I have now. We all love and miss you and share our stories and memories with each other. You left a impression of your love for life and love of family ❤️ Until we are together again I will let be you for always and am thankful for all our years we shared together ❌⭕️❌⭕️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 15th June 2016
My Vaughn it 17 months today that our Father called you home. Not a day has passed where I don't think of you or mention your name while in conversation. As I am trying to get my spark back and be the crazy girl you fell in love with you walk with me also. Loved you always and always will ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 15th June 2016
My Vaughn it 17 months today that our Father called you home. Not a day has passed where I don't think of you or mention your name while in conversation. As I am trying to get my spark back and be the crazy girl you fell in love with you walk with me also. Loved you always and always will ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 15th April 2016
As I awake this morning I realize it's 15 months today you were called home to Heaven. I have to say that not a day goes by were I don't think of you and walk thru memory lane in my heart Vaughn. Loosing you will never be something I get over its just something I have to endure daily. Until I am with you again I will hold you in my heart daily. As our song "Our Day Will Come " will be with you again in eternity ❌⭕️❤️.
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 14th February 2016
Second Valentines Day without my Valentine Vaughn your were the love of my life and in my heart always And remain my one and only Valentine always❤️
Posted by Alli Myrick-Ellison on 25th January 2016
One year since your Heaven Day (belated...I'm so sorry!)...I know you are watching your beautiful family from above...I know you are so proud of them. What an amazing legacy you've left here on Earth. I am so glad I was afforded the opportunity to meet you. I am deeply grateful for the inexpressibly special friendship I have in Dustin and Catherine and what a joy it is to me to watch your amazing grandsons grow up (it makes me want even more to move to Seattle so I can see them MUCH more often!!!). May Pam be comforted in those moments when the memories and missing wash so powerfully over her. May you send her undeniable signs that you still see her and love her more than ever. Please send Patrick my love and smoke a cigar with him for me (can't imagine how good the cigars are in Heaven!!!). All my love, Alli
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 15th January 2016
Morning my love as I wake this morning it's hard to believe it's been a year today that you were called home. It's not gotten easier and I miss and think of you daily. I will spend the day listening to your singing from the 3 CDs you made for me and watching family outings on all the CDs you always made for our family. You will always be with me Vaughn in my heart and memories. The way I carry on is knowing we will be together one day in eternity . Rest in peace my Vaughn love always and forever , ❤️❤️❌⭕️
Posted by Catherine Hubbard on 15th January 2016
It is hard to believe that a year has passed since Vaughn has been gone. He was such a kind, loving, beautiful person. I am so incredibly blessed to have had you as my father in law, but you always were like a second dad to me. Today I am remembering the countless ways you made our family laugh so hard we cried. You were an amazing Papa to Carson & Cooper and we continue to remember you every day. I am so grateful to you for teaching your son, Dustin to be the amazing man that he is. I knew that he was for me when I saw the loving and caring way you cared for your Pam. It is through you that I have been blessed to have such a wonderful partner in life. You will be forever missed and always remembered. In times like this I look to this poem to help during times of deep sorrow: God didn’t promise days without pain, Laughter without sorrow, Nor sun without rain, But He did promise, Strength for the day, Comfort for the tears and Light for the way. Love and miss you Vaughn so much, Catherine
Posted by Dustin Hubbard on 15th January 2016
I can't believe it's been a year. The days just evaporate. Sometimes it seems so unfair how life just moves on. A day doesn't go by where I don't recall a great memory of my time with my dad. There are so many things I do as an adult that he taught me. I think he'd like to see my recent interest in history, something he always had such a passion for. When I'm in the garage working on my cars, he is with me. I am in complete solitude during those times, but never alone. I feel his presence then, my dad is there watching with approval as I expand my skills from our first car restoration so many years ago. Suncadia has become more special since his passing. It was the last trip he and mom took to Seattle. He helped me hang the TVs and get things setup and working. His initials are carved down by the river; something I did the day after he passed as I mourned his death, by myself, alone with my thoughts. It's been a difficult year for so many reasons, yet also a year full of hope for so many others. 2016 is here and the world will continue to forge ahead. I'll continue to be the man my dad raised me to be. I'll continue to attempt to raise my sons, with the love that my parents raised me. I'll continue to hurt and miss and remember. Because in the end, when things are said and done, it is the love and the memories that cannot be taken away. They are with us forever. Thank you dad for giving me a life full of them.
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 25th December 2015
Merry Christmas my love. Missing you as first Christmas in 47 years not celebrating together. Feeling Blessed as I go back through memory lane and remember all our beautiful Christmas's while raising our children skiing , decorating tree outside at Gold Bar property. We were so blessed to have many wonderful Christmas with our children growing up and then to enjoy Christmas's with our 6 beautiful grandchildren . Miss and love you always in my heart. Know you are having a wonderful celebration in Heaven with our Lord.❤️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 28th November 2015
Missed you sitting at our Thanksgiving Table at Toms. Hard for me looking at your chair you were sitting last year. My memories of our Holidays are wonderful. Miss you everyday and not a day had gone by were you don't cross my mind . ❤️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 14th November 2015
I lay here tonight thinking of you and reliving so many of our wonderful memories we shared over 47 year span. It's 10 months tomorrow that God called you home my love and with each day that passes not one has gone by that you have not been in my thoughts . Has not gotten easier my love but knowing you are without pain and in eternity with the Lord helps as I know some day I will be along side of you again in eternity . Loved you always and I miss you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Teresa Martinez on 18th September 2015
Happy Birthday Vaughn! Sorry you left so soon but we will remember you and the old days. Your friend, Teresa
Posted by Dustin Hubbard on 18th September 2015
Miss you dad. First time in a long time I didn't buy you some gadget for your birthday. I always loved sending you stuff that I knew you wouldn't buy for yourself. My boys talk about you all the time and remember all the great memories they have of you. Hopefully fishing is better up in Heaven than on Earth :)
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 16th September 2015
first Birthday we weren't together. I miss you so much my Vaughn. I will be with you in our Fathers house. Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 22nd June 2015
Our Families first Fathers Day without you. We love and miss you So much. You were a wonderful husband and amazing Father and Grandfather. You are with me daily my Vaughn❌⭕️
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 15th May 2015
Vaughn it's been 4 months today that God called you home. I miss you so much. I still can't believe I won't see you walking through the door , or can't hold you kiss you . It's not getting easier but walking with Jesus and know will be with you in our new home in eternity. Nightie Night my love your Princess
Posted by Jean Tiscornia on 22nd March 2015
I just came across a letter written to me by vaughn want to share it with you. dated 5/12/2005 Hi Auntie Jean, Thanks for the great picture of Tammy and Dan's new baby, She sure is small. I will be sure to show it to Pam when she gets home from work tonight. Thanks for the updates of the baby. All we can do is keep you in our prayers, the most important thing of all. We don't always understand God's reason or plan, but we do have faith and believe in him. We also know the power of prayer and practice it daily. Looking at the picture you sent us made me want to write a little poem for Tammy and the baby. It's nothing major, just a little poem that comes from my heart. A Mother's Love I have watched the sunsets as another day passes by. And have marveled at the clouds and God's painted sky. I have received the glorious love of my own beautiful wife. I have witnessed the miracle of God's gift of life. I have watched as a seed planted deep in the ground. Has grown to be the most beautiful Rose I have ever found. I have been blessed with so many wonders from above. And learned the true meaning of God's gift of love. Life has so many beautiful and wondrous things to see. Like the Eagle souring high to its nest in the tree. But all that I have seen on earth and from above. Are small compared to the wonder of a Mother's Love. I am so proud to have you as my Auntie Jean. You will never know. And the teachings that you passed on to your daughters shows in each and every one of your girls. You should be so proud of the great job you have done as a Mother, Wife and teacher. You truly are a gift from God to all of us. You walk the path that God has led you to and never seem to falter. I have learned so much from you over the years about life and how to deal with it while still keeping the faith. For that and a thousand other lessons I have learned from you, I thank you. And I am forever proud to call you my Beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful, loving, Auntie Jean God Bless and I love you Vaughn
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 28th February 2015
Vaughn my love I miss you so much. It's not getting easier it's seems to be getting harder, as I try and adjust to the fact your with the Lird now . I loved you always and will continue to live and keep our memories within my heart. XOXO
Posted by Teresa Martinez on 19th February 2015
Pam I'm so sorry to hear about Vaughn! I wish I'd known earlier and I would have attended the services. I'm in L.A. now, not too far. When did you guys move to CA? I will always remember the times after school and all the crazy things we all did. Please stay in touch, I always think about you guys. Love and prayers, Teresa
Posted by Shannon Baldwin on 10th February 2015
I was so saddened to hear of your passing. I had lost father at a early age and the closest I ever got to having him back was you. I have so many wonderful memories of you and all the kids. I can see you and Billy walking hand in hand in your scout uniforms. From canoes to fishing poles to the van to hunt ghosts you were so large. You were a man who showed us what is meant to be a man to take care of your family your kids your neighbors your community. Always there was some project brewing that you were completely invested in until you completed that task and then on to the next Big Thing. When I think of you I think of family of love and how you made all of us try robe better people. I love you I love your family and I will never forget the lessons you taught me. I see you on the flip side and I will honor you by being the best me I can be. Love you forever and always HERO
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 7th February 2015
Good Morning my LOVE , Today is the day that all your family and friends are coming together to Celebrate Your Life. You are so loved Vaughn , I don;t think you ever realized how much you were loved. As we all come together today to honor and share our love for you just know how much your Princess loved you and how much I will miss you but always cherish the beautiful memories you left with me and the rest of our family Rest in peace Vaughn till God calls me home to join you for Eternity, Your Loving Wife Pam (your baby doll)
Posted by Ann Barlow on 7th February 2015
Hi uncle Vaugh it's Ann Barlow -your niece in -law... Jeremys wife..I sure do miss you, I am sorry for being mad your not here I miss you terribly you have a way with people and you made me feel like I was part of you family, remember when you went hunting that one time and brought back an elk and you had Pam make us dinner & you looked at me with that silly grin & asked me... so Ann do you like the meatballs? Grin, Grin, Gring :) ... yes uncle Vaugh they are really good , different but really good.. well good he says, so what kind of meat do you think it is? I looked at him dumbfounded .. I am a Diego Cali Girl .. I guess Cow meat uncle Vaughn, nope its Elk - I wanted you to try something new and I knew you wouldn't of tried it if I told you... he was right about that, but I am glad he did because to this very day 14 years later I only prefer eating my meatballs with Elk meat, it's healthier and yummy. I love you Vaugh and I am not mad at you anymore for not being around for many more camping nights with a cold beer and great fellowship. I know your in OUR FATHER'S HANDS. I will see you then when HE calls me home too. Love Ann Barlwo
Posted by Ryan Thompson on 5th February 2015
Miss you Uncle Claw. Man, I could sit and listen to you for hours. Not like I had a choice, hahaha ;) One story would roll into another and you'd either have me laughing so hard my stomach was hurting, or so intrigued with ghost hunting or something you recently read I just couldn't leave. I loved looking at all your pictures of your recent adventures with you. I really wish we would have got to go hang out on your pontoon boat together. I remember when you took us out on lake washington when we were boys. That was so much fun. Getting the chance to be out there all day with you. I remember when you and Aunt Pam came up to Whistler and went rafting with us. I dug for my first clams with you. I shucked my first oyster with you. I remember how sweet you always were to Pam and how you always called her your princess. I hope I treat Kim the same way you always have treated Pam. I loved sitting back and watching you and my mom sing karaoke together. You made a damn good duet. I think one of my favorite memories was when you took us fishing on a stream out near your cabin and we caught a trout. I couldn't believe it. I remember you got me all setup on the scooter when we were visiting up in Port Ludlow. I rode that thing all over the place and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I'll miss the times we just sat in the spa and talked for hours. I'll never forget "Hung Kung Fooey'. I miss you. Love you. -Ryan
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 3rd February 2015
Morning my Love been up since 2:00 Miss You so much . Want to kiss you good morning talk and drink coffee together like we always did . MISS YOU LOVE YOU
Posted by Larry Kaiser on 28th January 2015
Well, we haven't seen you for 30 years but we still think about you from time to time so I'd say you made a lasting impression. You were always so full of life, doing everything with 110% dedication and always with a smile. We often remember how enthusiastic you were about everything you decided to try. It didn't matter if it was skiing, biking, golfing or whatever, the Hubbards were all involved and had all the equipment and you were the fearless leader. If you thought your family would enjoy it then the attitude was damn the torpedos and full speed ahead, as evidenced by your Pacific Ocean fishing trip which required assistance from the US Coast Guard. You always had a wide range of interests. When we read about your involvement in PIHA we had to laugh because an unusual activity like that was "so totally Vaughn". We enjoyed the times we spent with you and your family very much. Thanks for the memories, Larry, Jamie, Karli, Mike and Kelly Kaiser
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 28th January 2015
Love you Vaughn , can't believe I won't see our talk to you again. My heart is so heavy with sadness . Just wanted to say goodnight and light a candle .
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 27th January 2015
Night My Love Till We Meet Again For Eternity XOXO
Posted by Pam Hubbard on 27th January 2015
My Vaughn how I loved you and how I'm missing you can't believe you are not going to walk through the door at any minute. You were a wonderful husband ,father and papa . Your love for your family was a tribute of your life that will always carry on. You always were there for any family member or friends that needed help. You were loved by so many and will be missed so much. I will carry you in my heart always Our Day Did Come ( our song was Our Day Will Come by Ruby and the Romantics) Thank you for all the beautiful memories of our life that you left me on DVDs and the songs you song for me on CDs . I know you are resting in peace now and have no more pain that you lived with for years but never complaint or stopping you from living life to the fullest. We had a more than most with our love for one another. Rest in Peace my Love your loving wife forever xoxo
Posted by Katie Thompson on 27th January 2015
Uncle Vaughn, Thinking back over all the memories I've had with you, I can't help but smile and laugh. You were such a big personality in our family, always cracking jokes. I think of the times that we came to visit you and Aunt Pam in Washington and you introduced Ryan, Trev and I to the great outdoors- boating, fishing and digging for clams. You even let us ride on the scooter, which I promptly drove into the ditch on the side of the road! We also learned about all the delicious "fat" food as you called it; when we were staying with you, we had the best meals :) I think about how you used to call yourself Uncle Claw and grab us and make us laugh. We were always excited when you would come visit us in San Diego, even though I knew I would never get any sleep since I shared a wall with the den, where you and my mom would spend all night singing karaoke! The song Mustang Sally will always make me think of you. Some of my last memories were seeing you at my wedding and also over Thanksgiving last year. I remember just before some of the cousins were heading to bed, you started to tell some of your favorite stories and had all of us laughing so hard.....like when you rode the horse into your school, or when you pretended to have a twin brother (Carl) so you could get two school lunches. Those were just a few of my favorites. And that is how I will always remember you Uncle Vaughn, surrounded by family, telling stories and laughing. You were such a great uncle to us and I am so proud to be your niece and so fortunate for all the time we shared together. I will love and miss you always. xoxo Katie
Posted by Nancy Reasoner on 27th January 2015
Pam and family, what a terrible shock to read of you dear Vaughn's passing. We have so many fond memories of him. He was the first person to introduce himself to us when we moved in to Port Ludlow. We were always impressed by his dedication to his family. I loved watching him with his grandkids, he was so patient and kind. He treated you Pam, like a true Princess! He never complained but so often you could tell he was in so much pain. It didn't stop him from doing all those things he loved. He will be missed terribly but has left a lasting legacy and loving memories for all. Love, Nancy & Bob
Posted by Julie Solem on 26th January 2015
Vaughn it really doesnt seem real. We just talked; seemed like yesterday, about getting together up here and going to so manyplaces we wanted to investigate. I remember Debbie Knapp, Kathy Gavin and I were Vaughns "charlies" Angels with the Ghost hunting van. Now you are our angel! You were such an incredible friend and partner with PIHA. I look forward to hearing your voice on a recording some time letting me know you are right there with us. I wish you peace until we can meet again my friend. Pam & family I am so very sorry for your loss. He was amazing and will be missed by so many people. Love you Vaughn.
Posted by Tom Thompson on 26th January 2015
Vaughn, Uncle Vaughn / Captain Ron, I will always remember you. I still can’t believe it. Thank you for being such a true gentleman to Pam. You always took care of her, getting her anything she wanted at any time. She loved to be pampered and taken care of. This is what you enjoyed in your life, taking care of your beautiful princess. We had a lot of good times together throughout our lifetime. It didn’t matter how much pain you were in with your back, you would always wrestle with the kids, being Uncle Claw. I always enjoyed listening to you and Aunt Patty singing duet karaoke. Since Pam and I can’t sing we would just listen to you both and cheer you both on. I will always remember MUSTANG SALLY, “hunngh”. Vaughn you are my hero. All the things you accomplished in your lifetime with your bad back. You always brought the family together and you would never complain. When we saw the movie Captain Ron you got the nickname. If anybody has been in a boat with Vaughn you would know why. Every time I see a Denny’s and KFC I will think of you and how much you enjoyed that food. You are probably up there already checking out their food. Until we meet again. Love, your brother Tom
Posted by Tom Thompson on 26th January 2015
Dear Uncle Fun, Each passing of a loved one is painful, but the unexpected has a certain sting that is especially anguishing. It reminds us of family and friends we have lost and how precious our time here is. Vaughn was a unique person, one of a kind, that loved life, his family, friends, especially children and the outdoors. He will be severely missed by all the lives he touched. I hope you rest my special brother-in-law and friend, but knowing you, you will have enlisted the help of some poor soul in heaven to help you with a project. Love, Your sister, Patty
Posted by Jean Tiscornia on 25th January 2015
Oh My Vaughn, You were just a skinny blonde Blue eyed white boy, crazy in love with my beautiful Niece Pam,The first time I laid eyes on you. Oh how Bob and I loved you and as our family grew and our children and grandchildren meet you there was always laughter as the Claw would come after them in your fun play with them and When you would draw a bath for your Princess Pam I always wanted Uncle Bob to catch onto that but he never did . You were always singing and how we would love to hear you sing , But most of all we all knew how much you loved the Lord and your relationship you had with Jesus. You were a Bible stomping Gospel Singing always praising the Lord. My many Cd's you sent me I play all the time. and I know you are singing now and not in pain. For years you suffered in pain with your Back you could tell in your beautiful blue eyes but you never complained. How you loved the outdoors and all the beauty God made for you to enjoy and you made sure you were out there praising and enjoying all he gave you. What an amazing Father, Grandfather, Husband , Nephew, son, friend you have been to watch. Quality time was one of your love languages that you poured on your family. Boating, summer cabins, building your home and designing it, all these things you let me and Uncle Bob share with you how much fun we had living life as it came. You will be truly missed you were one of a kind, a Champion for the Lord. You were so excited when your family was water Baptized and had a relationship with the Lord.You sent me a CD so I could watch it as if I was with you watching it happen. Good Job my good and faithful servant I know those are the words Jesus whispered in your ear. Save me a good seat because I want to be next to you God willing. The most important thing in your life is not what you do; its who you become. Thats what you will take into eternity. your soul. God rest your soul my sweet Vaughn. Love you forever and Always give kisses to Uncle Bob for me. Love You Auntie Jean
Posted by Alex Loudon on 25th January 2015
Vaughn, I'm sitting here remembering the great times we had trying to catch a fish, (any fish), on Lake Washington so many years ago. I should have made more of an effort to keep in touch. We'll get together later in the big shipyard in the sky. Pam, our deepest sympathy from me and the other Scot, Jimmy B of LSCC.
Posted by Paula Steele on 23rd January 2015
Pam, Dustin, Vonalee and family, we are so sorry for your loss. The picture you posted of Vaughn is exactly as we remember him. Always with a smile!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Paula, Chuck and Marcus Steele & Carly dos Remedios
Posted by Robert Umeck on 23rd January 2015
Dear Vaughn: It was my privilege to be your next door neighbor. You are one of the most talented and kind individuals in this world. We had so many conversations since you and Pam moved into your home--large and small talks, always friendly and wishing each other well. May God always bless you and your family. Bob.

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