His Life
For you have been, All my life's Joy, My Love, My Pride

                         Words could never express
                                Exactly how I feel
                         How, until we meet again,
                           My heart will never heal.
                       You were so understanding
                         So gentle, kind and good
                    And, whenever I had problems,
                       You'd help me all you could.
                         I miss you so very much
                       Throughout every single day
                  And take comfort in the memories
                           That will never fade away.


 ---Author Unknown

His battle with Covid.

Being the most careful and health conscious person that he is, unfortunately he was infected with COVID in first week of May. Me and the kids were at Vijayawada at that moment and we took online medical consultation and managed to deliver medicines and food for him. And I went back to support him leaving the kids behind in VJA. We got the scan, blood work and direct doctor consultation and relieved that the diagnosis showed mild symptoms. His symptoms withdrew in the next couple of days, he was eating better. His saturation maintained at 97. After few days, he developed some cough and we went back to doctor and he prescribed some steroids and an extra cough syrup. We waited for a day and the cough was not going away, we took multiple doctor consults and they said the infection became moderate and we had to admit him if saturation goes below 90. His was maintaining around 92-94. And on 15th morning, the saturation was at 84 and he was rushed to AIG Hospitals(So grateful for Ramanadham mavayyagaru for arranging for the hospital admission at such short notice). We were relieved that he got the best care in such hospital scarcity situation. His real battle has started and he has been very brave and confident at all times. He was supposed to be put up in the ICU but ended up doing better in general ward. He got Plasma therapy. But 3 days later, his oxygen sats have been declining and he went on to require C-PAP and into ICU. He stayed strong and was taking all the pain in a composed manner with hope. He was given Toclizumab, after which he got better and his oxygen requirements came down. All of us believed he was on the path to recovery. But next day, he developed shortness of breath, lost his patience and in few hours went on to a mechanical ventilator. He still fought for 5 days , but the infection got the better of him and he lost bravely on his battle with COVID. His thoughts were always about family during this time especially the kids. We all realized the cruelty of this pandemic firsthand.

Treasured Childhood in Challapalli!

Born into a family of hardworking and caring parents in Challapalli, Andhra Pradeshhe was the youngest of his three brothers. He had most joyful and loving and pampered childhood. He was instilled with roots of family values, love for family and respect to his elders and zest for life. He enjoyed playing a lot of cricket in his childhood. It was his favorite sport till today. He went on to finish his schooling there and was prepared to go out of town for higher studies. He always cherished his childhood memories as being the most joyous, fun and memorable. He shared a very strong family bond with his parents and brothers though they were studying at various places.

Higher Studies and Beginning a Career!

He later studied High School In Vijayawada, stayed in hostel away from home and developed a liking for Maths. He went onto pursue Engineering in Hyderabad and made it his second home.
Later he took up his first job at HCL Hyderabad and it was also the one company he worked all his life. He shares a special bond with and respect for HCL, felt supported, respected and cared for in tough times. He desired to work abroad in the US, for which he was able pursue an opportunity with the company and he has successfully fulfilled his dream. He was ecstatic when he got the VISA, the joy of experiencing his first flight and thrilled to experience a new country and life. He also developed a passion to learn about trading in stock markets. He pursued his hobby very fondly. He made few friends for life along the way and always stayed close to them. He always worked hard with a smile, felt content with how his career progressed. and knew the importance of work-life balance and strived for it. But he always wanted to settle back at home in India close to family and did so in 2020 continuing his work with HCL.

Wedding & Beginning of a life journey!

Though our marriage was arranged through our families, it was love at first sight for us. We bonded quickly like unknown cousins. We felt we were meant to be together as family  and belonged to either of our families. Our wedding was a magical experience for us and our families as it spread so much love and care in our lives. We were so grateful for our parents and extended family and we counted on our blessings. He grew to be my friend, confidant, father, mother, devoted husband and the son i don't have. He loved and cared for me and always supported me in my career. 

We have been blessed with two precious girls Aadhya & Nayana, only bringing us closer and they have given us hope and dreams for the rest of our lives. He was the most doting father and cherished the kids. He had the best bond with the girls and re-lived his childhood memories with them,dreamt of caring for them as they grow in their lives.It is an irreplaceable loss for the girls, they will miss him terribly but i'm sure they will cherish the little time they spent with him. We were in the process of building our dreams,everything halted abruptly. He began to feel more in place at life to pursue interests. He is an ardent fan of cricket. His new found passion for all things Space, Electric cars. He closely followed NASA for updates on their current MARS exploration. He was thrilled about the first first fly through exploration on MARS. He started reading and watching a lot of space resources and enjoying outer space based movies and documentaries like never before. He was in a happiest place in his life

 He left our story unfinished, he did not want to go either,he fought hard till the end and i wish life has been fair to him and us. His spirit will always guide us in life. Grief, I've learned, is all the love i want to give but cannot. Its being without him that i ll never get used to but will learn to live with.