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Aunt Conn

August 31, 2019
Word cannot express the lost presence, the missed conversations and the loud laughter that goes along with the death of a love one.I kept praying for a healing and a miracle. So my daughter came into my room and gave me the news with a gentle hug and soft words. Mom, Aunt Conn just passed- passed- passed is what I just heard her say. What did you say, without speaking a word to my daughter? Memories of when we were children flashed into my head, sharing the same bed, playing house and you letting me pay you ½ of my allowance for washing  my weeks dishes. You always made me feel special when you would create & design clothes for me to wear, made from your Singer sewing machine. I still have and can wear your latest designs you last made for me. Even as I became an adult, wearing those clothes to work gave me pride in being your first top model. Thank you for that moment in time. People at work would say Sheila, you always looked like you’re in a fashion show coming to work. All those wonderful pictures you have painted in my mind to cherish and the love I have for you will gives me peace of mine. I want to thank you my Sister Constance, for being my sister, my friend, and my support. Thank you for joining me and our brothers and your son, for recording the song, “Its Christmas”. In the song as an Angel you announced the star in the sky. Now, whenever and wherever I see a star, I will think of you my Sister as the Angel with a shining star. Give a hug to Mommy & Daddy, Queen and all our family and friends. I Bless your Sweet spirit, until we meet again, know that I will always love you.

Love For Ever,

Waterbury Memorial for Constance

August 30, 2019
Aunt Conn, on August 31, 2019 your oldest Brother Aaron, Joe, family and friends will come together and celebrate your life with a memorial.  Lots of family and friends will be there.  I am so happy about this special day for you.  I love dearly.  Sheila

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