What my mom taught me - Love Deanna

What my mom taught me (Love Deanna):

To give although she didn't have a lot she always found a way to give to those less fortunate.  she would make sandwiches for the homeless and was a regular blood donor and taught me to do the same.

She was our personal family counselor.  Mom was always able to comfort and advise everyone else in life events and challenges.  although she faced depression and her own emotional stability she was a source of strength for her friends and family.

not to complain there is always someone less fortunate than you.   if I would complain because I had a mark on my leg or stretch mark from pregnancy she would be quick to remind me that there are people who don't have legs and are not able to have children.  

make memories family is priority.  mom didn't have a lot of money for fancy trips and luxuries but some of my fondest memories are the simple things we shared.   Our trips to Larry's river, trips to the commons, sliding on citadel hill, family kitchen parties and much more.

to keep my kids involved.  Mom always had me involved in activities swimming, horseback riding, skating and summer camps.   She said I may have had Kraft dinner on the table from time to time but said regardless of her finances she found a way to prioritize our activities.

That you are never too old to learn something new. Mom learned to drive and to swim later in her life.  she was very proud of these accomplishments.

Music helps and is therapeutic and was and still is a strong bond our family shares.   Mom loved to sing and share in our family gatherings. she has passed the love of music to her children and grandchildren.

Mom taught me to never miss a birthday or life event.   She was extremely organized and even in the last few years when it was more challenging for her to get around the was still a birthday card in my mailbox for all of the kids and I.

She taught me honesty and to be a woman with integrity.  Her memory and values live on with me and my children. She made me the mother I am today.

If something doesn't feel right it probably isn't follow your gut.  If a relationship isn't right walk away and put yourself first there is no point in watering a dead flower.

when someone does something wrong don't forget everything they did right.

Actions speak louder than words but words are pretty loud.

You don't have to be perfect you are human just do your best. She was proud of us all no matter what.

Taught me that I can't be wonder woman and do everything for everyone all of the time.   Its OK to leave a drink full of dishes and go play with the kids.

She taught me how to be thrifty. we would bargain shop and yard sale and find some amazing things.   

It's ok to make mistakes as long as you don't let them define you.  Learn from them.

Thank you, Mom for being a caregiver, a teacher, a single parent, and a smart, independent woman to look up to. Whoever I am today, and wherever I go, it's because of the lessons you instilled in me, and the love you provided.

You were an amazing mom, Love Deanna XO