Love your grand baby ❤️

Shared by Meg Mcphee on 1st February 2019

 Nan was kind, giving, and supportive.  There are many words that could be used to describe her but these words stand out to me.  I didn’t realize how hard it would be missing such an important role model and figure in my life until now.  However, Nan wouldn’t want me to think about this in a negative way she would want me to take the lessons I can away from this and become a stronger person because of it.  I am lucky to have had such an inspirational person by my side to teach me everything I know today.  She always helped me in any way she could but never felt as it was enough and I’m here to say because of you I’ve learned empathy and compassion and am able to forgive and love. There is nothing I could be more grateful for than your counselling and our memories.  Love you xoxoxo

Verna niece Karla Adams

Shared by Deanna Gionet on 28th January 2019

Auntie Verna is: Loving, Strong, Smart, Funny, Fun loving, Compassionate, Caring, Genuine, Affectionate, Understanding, Nonjudgmental,  Authentic, In it to win it,  Selfless, Determined, Big hearted, Fearless.

I have a ton of memories with Auntie Verna - lots of visits to the house with mom, where we would eat treats, shoot the breeze and tell stories. Like Poppa, she would never let me leave empty handed! Literally everytime I seen her, as long as I can remember - right up to present. When I was little singing with her and Aunt Evelyn. Couldn't sign for shit but boy oh boy they loved me singing with them, and so did I She was always one of our biggest fans when me, Mark and the neighborhood kids would put on backyard plays Never missed a birthday, holiday or special occasion She held my champagne birthday party for me She randomly called me to tell me she loved me, even when it was long distance Every time ever in my life that I felt important, Aunt Verna was there to make sure I knew I was! But my most favorite, precious and heartheld memory of Aunt Verna ran the course of time that spanned years. . . Shortly after Poppa passed, the family had decided not to give Christmas presents anymore. To just make sure we spent time together over the holidays. However Auntie found a way around that! And for years she would buy us gifts from "Nanny" I honestly can't tell you one gift we got, but I can tell you I so looked forward to the notes from Nanny in the cards! Not only did Auntie buy us gifts, but she went to Nannies and got her to write us a card - every year! That type of love is one only few experience. The memories she gave me with her doing that are forever. I have every single card and I will forever, they mean the world to me! I have tons of cracks from life but Aunt Verna always had the glue I needed to keep the cracks from breaking and for that, I will forever be grateful.

Love your son Vince

Shared by Deanna Gionet on 28th January 2019

To my mother, Jan 27, 2019

From the first time you held me you brought me comfort
You held my heart in your hands throughout our lives together 
You let me fail, so I could learn to help me in my journey. 
But you never failed with me with your guidance and advice.
This is what truly moulded me into the person I am.
You taught me thing that truly mattered in life.
Patience, compassion, understanding and respect, 
And music and it’s importance in our family bring everyone together.
It can’t be summed up in words the impact an influence you had on me 
I can only say that I will miss you, 
Knowing that you will still be with me for the rest of my life.
And for the last time you held me last night, 
You still brought me comforted to my heart, soul and mind.
Without words you told me that I’ll be ok.
As I said to you last night, I will love you forever. 
I take comfort that you are truly at peace now. 
Love Vince

Verna described by niece Suzanne Williams

Shared by Deanna Gionet on 28th January 2019

Verna described by niece Suzanne William's

“Hero. Sacrificial. Nurturing. Tough as nails. Humble. Amazing counselor. Contagious laugh!
Fom the kids:  “A Legend” Sweet. Generous.”

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