Let the memory of Veronica be with us forever for she was taken from us too soon! Love You my Beautiful cousin!!
  • 35 years old
  • Born on October 18, 1975 .
  • Passed away on June 17, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Veronica Marie Elizardo 35 years old, born on October 18, 1975 and passed away on June 17, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Shanie Youngs on 18th October 2015
Missing you on your birthday Veronica. I wish you were still here with us but I know God is taking great care of you. I will see you again my friend. I think of you often, some sad but some happy times i remember that make me laugh. Also there is this thing that is out now called a selfie stick and when i started seeing people using a selfie stick, i was like this is a veronica invention. You were THE Selfie queen way before it became cool! Always a trend setter! Love you and miss you V.
Posted by Ramiro Elizardo on 17th October 2015
Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter . Your mom and I miss you sooooo very much, as long as we're alive we will always love you and never forget you. At least we get comfort that one day we will all be united and be able to celebrate birthdays together . Love always your Pops.
Posted by Ramiro Elizardo on 16th June 2015
My beautiful daughter it's been 4 years now since you left us to be with the Lord. Your Mom and I miss so very much. Our Lord has finally given me a peace knowing that he has you in his hands, and that gives me so much comfort and peace. The joy and good news is that he let me know without a doubt that one day me and your mom will be reunited with you. Until then we have you in our minds and hearts always. Love You your POPS!
Posted by PATSY ELIZARDO on 24th December 2014
Thinking of the last Christmas we spent together Veronica. Almost 4 years have past, it seems like it was just yesterday. I see you every day in Abby, the way she walks, makes gestures, she moves her shoulders and blinks her eyes ....your Dad says you were re-incarnated.... Merry Christmas Veronica, We love you and miss you dearly...mom
Posted by Ramiro Elizardo on 27th October 2014
Hello, Mija it's so hard for me to talk to you when I know you are not here with me. Every Birthday that goes bye and I'm not able to celebrate with you just put's another hole in my heart. I miss you dearly!! But as I age I know that one day we will unite again, then I know we will be able to celebrate our joys with our Lord Jessus Christ. Until then my sweet daughter. Love Always your Dad.
Posted by PATSY ELIZARDO on 26th October 2014
My Dear Veronica, another year goes by, which feels like it was just yesteday when you left us and it still hurts as much today as it did then. I remember all the Laughs and Crys we had together. You should see your niece Abby, she totally has your personality...lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY my baby and I wish I was with you in HEAVEN celebrating this special day....Love you, Mom
Posted by Ray Elizardo on 16th June 2014
Hello Mija, I was feeling so sad that you were not here with me on Father's Day, but then I started to remember the times we used to joke and kid around with each other then I cheered up. I always thing about you my beautiful daughter and I miss you. Love you always and one day we will reunite.
Posted by Shanie Youngs on 16th June 2014
Thinking about you and your family today. There are certain places if I drive by or go to where I am telling my husband that is where Veronica and I used to go. Just different places bring back different memories of good times we had together. RIP Veronica, gone way to soon but never forgotten.
Posted by Jessica Perez on 21st October 2013
hey cousin Veronica how are you doing in heaven i miss you so much not a days goes by that i miss u every year goes by fast for the future for a new beginning n everything thats coming for the family....i know all the familiy are warriors they keep their head up high n stay strong for each other
Posted by Ramiro Elizardo on 20th October 2013
Hi, Mija it's your pops I didn't forget your Birthday. It's just so hard for me to celebrate this very special day without you being here. But remember you're always in my thoughts and in my heart my beautiful daughter. I love you always Happy Birthday!!! The good news is one day we will re-unite.
Posted by Ramiro Elizardo on 23rd June 2013
Hello my sweet daughter it's your pops. I think about you everyday and I miss you terribly always will until my death when we re- unite. Love Always Mija.
Posted by Shanie Youngs on 16th June 2013
Thinking of you today. Came accross a picture of you last week in my old photo albums. Alot of things have changed in the 2 years you have been gone but one thing I know for sure none of our love for you has changed. Life does go on but you are always in the hearts and minds of the people who love you everyday. Peace in the souls of your family and friends today As we no God is with you.
Posted by Mac Blackham on 16th June 2013
Thinking of you today! I remember the great times we had often, I miss you terribly.
Posted by Veronica Rodriguez on 16th June 2013
I miss you V. I think of you often and all the fun memories we've shared.
Posted by Jessica Perez on 17th October 2012
Hey Veronica, i would like to say happy birthday to u i miss u so much i have ur pic on my grad picture on my wall.....i wish i can vist ur grave today but i was at work,i did something for ur i give it to tia n shell give it to Valerie but shell be happy wen she see it on her birthday I LUV U N MISS U SO MUCH
Posted by Shanie Youngs on 17th October 2012
Remembering you on your birthday, wishing you were still here and praying for comfort today for your family. Choosing to look back today and reflect on all the good times I had with you. Missing you always, love shanie
Posted by Veronica Rodriguez on 17th October 2012
Thinking of you today and praying that God will ease your family's pain.
Posted by Anna Sonnier on 17th October 2012
Happy Happy Birthday My Beautiful Cousin!!! Love you and Miss you!!
Posted by Valerie Elizardo on 9th October 2012
My beautiful sister, I dreamt of you the other night. You looked so beautiful and were smiling like always. I love you and miss you dearly! I told Tyler about the gift you got him for his birthday a while back and he tells everyone about it. I LOVE YOU!
Posted by Anna Sonnier on 26th June 2012
Just thinking of you today my Beautiful Cousin!! I miss Seeing your smiling Face! Love U xoxoxoxo
Posted by Ramiro Elizardo on 16th June 2012
Hello, My beautiful daughter. If you only knew how much I miss you and my heart aches losing you. But I know you are here today with me on this special day, and I also know that you watch over me every day. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Your Pops
Posted by Shanie Youngs on 16th June 2012
Was thinking about you yesterday when we were at the stadium for a Fathers Day outting. Missing you and praying for your family today. Its s tough day for all who love you, and I pray for God to ease their pain today. Love you V.
Posted by Rachel Woodall on 15th February 2012
So sorry to hear of Veronica's passing. She was such a loving, vibrant and fun person to be around. I have some pictures of her from back in the day that I would love to send the family. May God heal your hearts until you meet again in heaven. My thoughts are with you all.
Posted by Shanie Youngs on 29th December 2011
I thought about you alot on thanksgiving day and christmas day. I think about you every time the Cowboys play, and know you are up their rooting them on. I'm sure your probably one of the more rowdy angels on game day! I hope God can bring healing to the hearts that are broken. So tell God to "bring it". Love you, shanie
Posted by Patsy Elizardo on 29th December 2011
Miss your laugh, your jokes and especially your hugs... Love you forever..... Mom
Posted by Shanie Youngs on 22nd October 2011
I think about you all the time. I have a lot of great memories to hold onto. Rest in peace Veronica.
Posted by Veronica Rodriguez on 17th October 2011
I miss you V, but I know you are still with us.
Posted by Valerie Elizardo on 17th October 2011
My beautiful sister. Happy Birthday! We miss you so much, I can still hear your laugh and every time I eat cheese I remember how we couldn't eat a taco without it! I love you!
Posted by Anna Sonnier on 17th October 2011
My Beautiful Beautiful Dearest cousin!!! Happy Happy Birthday my cousin!!! I Miss you and Love You V!! I know you are not here with us, but you are in Spirit!! You will always be here with us and never be forgotten Luv!!! Till we are all together again!! I love you Cousin!!
Posted by Margaret Flores on 9th September 2011
Posted by Margaret Flores on 9th September 2011

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