Let the memory of Veronica be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Veronica Giessler Nicholson . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Liz Loring on 7th April 2019
My mother was a good person, loving, funny and she led by example. Sometimes I felt she was a hard act to follow. She had a way of pricking our conscience. Guilt may be a result of that but also compassion. Mom consistently supported me by encouraging my violin lessons with Manfred Bloom, visiting grandmama who taught at Westtown School and where I later attended, taking me to plays, operettas, the Richmond Symphony at Earlham College, surrounding us with her art, artists, books and playing her shortwave radio so we were exposed to opera, Theodore Bikel, eventually Bob Dylan and the need for political protest. Mom was a fish out of water in our home town of Richmond IN. NYC was exactly where she needed to be, in a cross section of the world and with her soul mate. In the past month, I have felt her presence and spirit on a daily basis which gives me strength. I know that mom wanted us to be happy and value our uniqueness. In her last year, she would ask me, "you are doing good? " and my answer was. "Yes mom, I love you" ...(too).
Posted by Paul Gibby on 6th April 2019
I was one of many kids to go to a Roni Nicholson art class held in her home on SW 5th st. (the H street neighborhood). I recall how exotic and beautiful she seemed. I think she was one of the first people who made me realize that artists have a special courage to be different from people in the mainstream. I am so sorry for her loss, and since I saw Nanette years ago, I realize how difficult this must be. Sending hugs.
Posted by Dan Nicholson on 5th April 2019
Aunt Roni and her group of amazingly impressive beautiful artistic creative women are among my earliest memories of growing up in the shadow of her world. Living on SW. H St., just around the corner, from my aunt Roni, uncle Dav, and my remarkably handsome (and so much older) cousins Liz, Tom, and Nanette in the small ranch at 401, built by my father Ed and his brother Dav, meant our lives and family were entwined. Roni Nicholson, Hope Nagle, Jane Stephenson and Rachel Benfey presented a world of color and art to all the children of our neighborhood lucky enough to be a part of their world. I wish I could have known my wonderful aunt Roni, even more, as we both grew older and wiser... but I am grateful for the beauty and light she was able able to inspire in so many. Much love and deep embrace to all who knew and loved her.
Posted by Lisa Nagle on 5th April 2019
My deepest condolences to the family. Roni is at the top of my list of beloved and admired people. I have innumerable fond memories of her, as she was a frequent visitor to our home on H st., and then College Ave., and Mom and I visited around the corner on 5th st., just as often. She painted a portrait of Mom and me when I was about 4. Her artwork always graced our walls, Mom and Evan's 2nd H. St. yard (a sculpture), and I have a picture in my home in Colorado now, as well as the portrait which I treasure. She was creative in many ways. I always loved her bohemian style of decorating her homes. Once she created a cookie recipe for me made with non-allergenic ingredients she named "Lisa Cookies"; they might well have been the first cookie I was ever able to eat, so are certainly unforgettable to me. Her smiles and laughter were contagious. I well remember her Japanese rock garden and little gold fish pond on S.W. 5th. She loved pets, too; among them, Sinbad the siamese cat, Sailor, the yellow lab, the little dog she later had at another 5th street house. Once she moved to NYC she and Mom used to meet up each year with Sharon Noyd, and then Mom would return home with various hilarious stories, about how they had dressed up in unusual dresses and hats, or had sat in restaurants gossiping about fictional characters to shock other patrons sitting at nearby tables; they'd do something crazy and fun each year. She was so wonderful to come to be with Mom during Mom's final weeks, and of course she and Roy flew to Richmond to attend Mom's memorial service. Roni will live on in my heart, always.
Posted by D Sue Roberson on 5th April 2019
I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I am sending you love and praying for you and your family.
Posted by Nanette Holliday Chartier on 5th April 2019
I will always have a deep hole in my heart with the passing of my mother and my best friend.

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