Posted by Paul Efobi on June 5, 2016
Life is so short. it hurts to see people who impacted so much in ur life when ur were small go without saying even a bye. Mama chiboy!!! Bye mama ikenna!mama ngozi!mama chinwe!mama uche, mama ifeoma, mama ugo!mama chiboy!!! U were truly a mum to emulate from. Good night Ma' RIP

My condolences
Posted by Wilfred Sampson on April 25, 2016
I can't say I know how you feel but know that God knows and understand and I pray that He will strengthen you and the families to bear the loss. Mama you'll be greatly missed. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by blaise ekechukwu on April 24, 2016
May your gentle rest in peace mama. We miss you
Posted by Ngozi Umeh on April 16, 2016 dear in law its so painful that all we planned about our children and how to assist them with care for their children in Canada was cut short by your demise,,, remember your children and husband anywhere you are, but i think that God's time is the best...adieu oke ogo...
From Your in law Esther Umeh
Posted by Buike Umeh on April 16, 2016
.....with a heavy heart I write this tribute to my beloved mother in law, I was waiting for you to be with us here in Canada as we planned but the inevitable came sweeping away all the plans and shattered all the dream. I will never forget how you always encourage and support me and my wife from the very day I stepped into your house, I remember how you address me " CHI MY SON, UNU ANA ENWEKWA ANULI,.. NE ENWE KWA NU ANULI NA IHE GA ADI MMA'" You are always praying for us and never allow us to be worried about winds of life.
It hurts me so much that you didn't see your latest grand daughter CHIMAMANDA ..... I know we owe you a lot in life, the vacuum your demise has created in our life is immense, you are an encourager, a lioness and a virtuous woman but as you pass on, your legacy will forever live with us. may you rest in the bosom of the Lord as we meet to part no more...A M E N
Posted by Ngozi Umeh on April 16, 2016
Mummy love....i still find it difficult to believe that your demise was real.I never knew that after receiving your call, prayers and blessings on my birthday March 21,2016, that you will leave this world in the next 2 hours.
Big mama, what about all the recent plans and discussion i had with you? Nnee.. your little baby is asking? Someone please tell me this is not real,
Who will clean me up again in life without counting the cost? who will stand and encourage me even when everyone says am wrong?
Distance was not a barrier for the extension of your love and cares so much if i and my husband are happy at every moment,
Mummy you believed God so much in me always remind me of my name NGOZICHUKWUKA,Why leaving without reaping this fruit completely.
Finally, Nneoma, you have left a big vacuum in my heart,but i stand firmly to say i still love you and will always make you proud.
Rejoice with the angels, am very sure you are with the lord.
Ijeoma Mummy
ijeoma Erico Nwanyi
I love you but God loves you more,
Rest in peace till we meet to part no more.

Ngozi Umeh(nee Umeh)
Posted by Eeneemphorn Abner on April 14, 2016
Rest on great mother!
Posted by chukwuma ujunwa on April 14, 2016
A woman wit a large heart... Mummy ur death still leaves me in shock. Bt I do believe you are in a better place. Send my love to my mum cos I knw you pple r resting wit d Lord. We love you bt God loves you more. You will b greatly missed. Rest in peace sweet Mummy till we meet to part no more.

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