his Life


Vethathiri Maharishi was born in 1911 in an indigent weaver's family in South India. Though he had very little formal schooling, in his later life he became a qualified physician in Ayurveda, Siddha, and Homoeopathy. Several years of intense meditation led to his enlightenment at the age of 35. Vethathiri led the life of a householder until he was 50, and then changed the course of his life from being a businessman to teaching and writing about his experiences of divine revelations. He published many books in English and Tamil. Between 1972-1993, he visited the USA, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Mexico. He conducted courses; educational curricula need to include the teaching of the “cause and effect” as a law of nature, (e) a world without war must be ensured to fully utilize all the available resources for the benefit of humanity and to eliminate untold suffering that wars cause.

Deep understanding of nature is essential for living in harmony with the law of nature, while balancing material well-being with spiritual progress. Vethathiri’s profound revelations led him to propose that the primordial state of the universe, which he called Absolute Space, has two inherent attributes that are latent: (a) Force or Gravity: Inexhaustible self-compressive force, the source of all forces, which acts everywhere, (b) Consciousness: The omniscient order of function in everything. As a result of the self-compressive nature of the absolute space, an infinitesimal volume of space begins to spin in a whirling motion, called a fundamental energy particle. The spinning action propels an outward repulsive force. The co-joining of the two forces, attractive and repulsive, is defined as fined as ned as Universal Magnetism. It fills the universe as a wave. It is the first phase of self-transformation of the absolute space from being to becoming. As a result of self-compressive force, fundamental energy particles group to form atoms of different elements that produce different masses in the universe with all their wonderful attributes. In living beings, the fundamental energy particles form Life Force. The associated wave is called Bio-magnetism. It constantly transforms into pressure, sound, light, taste, smell and mind, and maintains all the physical and psychic functions.

In summary, the existence of universal and bio-magnetism is the consistent element that permeates throughout the universe and connects all of its manifestations. Magnetism furnishes the foundation for unifying self, society and nature, for bridging the gap between modern science and India’s perennial philosophy, and for humans to balance their material lives through spiritual progress.