Posted by Jagdish Patil on July 1, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

It was very shocking to hear that I wont get to see you again. Indeed sorrowful and sad news, I still can't believe it.

I remember the numerous fruitful conversations and discussions we had on HMAC. Learnt a lot and enjoyed talking to you on technical and non-technical topics. You were always smiling, kind, and helpful.

I am sure you must be in a better place now.
Rest in Peace and may God give strength to your family!
Posted by Mayank Mittal on July 1, 2021
Dear Vibhav,
It is difficult to believe that you are no more with us. We had a lengthy chat when I last visited the office. We used to have chat daily as we share the same row cubical in office. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. It was a joy to work with you and I will never forget the warmth that you brought to the office each and every day.
Posted by Nagesh Chatekar on July 1, 2021
Dear Vibhav - you were a true champ - on or off the field. A person who would hit the ball straight - on TT table or in any interaction with people. 

I still can't get adjusted to accepting that you wont be knocking at our office at 3pm every-day and call for a coffee-break. That used to be our friend circle's time slot for going to office terrace and discuss the office grapevine, banter, laughter, weekend-plans, talk of family and friends..

What I'll miss the most is your 'no words minced' talk, highly practical advice and friendship. While your loss is irreparable, we have your fond memories to cherish..

शुभास्ते पन्थानः ।

Posted by Purva Joshi on June 30, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

I never thought there would come a time when I would be writing this!
You have played multiple roles during my career at Marvell and now NXP as a friend, mentor and manager.
You were not just the person I would go to for technical doubts but also for personal issues and you were always eager to help.
As a mentor you have guided me during tough times and as a friend you have stood by me throughout our journey together.
It doesn't feel like you are gone already.
We all miss you, you will be cherished in our memories forever.
It is impossible to fill this void, but I am sure you are at better peace.
May god give immense strength to your family during these tough times.
Posted by Hemal Shah on June 30, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

It is hard to accept that I will never get to see you again.

You have been an inspiration to me, a very humble personality who was ready to help in almost every topic. 

You were always ready to discuss anything technical/non-technical, you were a very good mentor.

Rest in peace!! Miss you always!
Posted by Ashish Bhattad on June 30, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

I still can’t quite believe that you won’t be coming back to our work family. NXP Pune has lost a beautiful person and a colleague who worked tirelessly in times of so much uncertainty.

This is a tragic loss to our profession, rest in peace!!
Posted by Annie Acharya on June 16, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

Its a loss we can not share in words. Your smiling demeanor and calm nature is what I would always remember when I think of you.

May your family find the strength to deal with this inconsolable loss...

God Bless You wherever you are! Rest in peace...
Posted by Sabarish Potnuru on June 12, 2021
Dear Vibhav,
I still can’t believe that you are no more with us. You’re my team lead and manager in my journey in Marvell and NXP.
You are a very professional, friendly person and a good mentor. You’re there to clear all my doubts and ready to discuss about any issue irrespective of time whether it’s related to work or not. You have a great knowledge in verification and you’re always ready to share it with the team. You rectify my mistakes and you’re also very eager to learn from the team as well if you don’t know that part.
I admire you the way you play TT and you’re a champ.
May your soul rest in peace and I pray god to give strength to your family.
Posted by Chandrakant Umate on June 10, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

It's still hard to believe that you are not with us any more.

I remember your style of working, the thoroughness with which you would look into any problem and your desire to solve it. We had a great time as colleagues and friends.

I will miss your company….

Our prayers are with your family. I pray to God to give enough strength to your family in this tough situation.
Posted by Ken Yeung on June 10, 2021
Dear Vibhav,
When I saw the sad new in that weekend early morning, I thought it was just a nightmare. Unfortunately, it was real and I just realized we lost a great leader and very talented engineer. The group lunch photo when you were in US has brought back some good memory when we first met face to face in Marvell building.
We all missed you so much, but I am sure you are in another parallel world where there is no sickness and sorrow but only have peace and joy.
Posted by Parag Joshi on June 10, 2021

I never thought that I have to write such msg, but one thing for sure and we need to accept that life is fragile, and we can control only a few things.
I have many great memories associated with Vibhav as we used to talk every day (lunch break, coffee time… ) on technical and non-technical things as well.
He was a unique person full of knowledge, not only on technical fronts but also on non-technical front. He was not just a technical mentor to us, but we used to know many things from him on politics, sports...
We together travelled to the US (Marvell) in 2018, That was my first visit to the US, in fact, first visit to any other country, as I had never travelled out of India before.
The travel plan was decided suddenly, in interest of project closure. But that time, I remember, Vibhav helped me and guided me a lot in each and every aspect, AMEX card filing, booking air tickets, booking US hotel tickets ect. The things went so easily and I never felt any difficulty in that trip throughout.

Thank you to Vibhav for all that !!

Vibhav ... , I will definitely miss your company

This time is to pray for Vibhav to Rest In Peace, and also pray almighty to give great strength and courage to his family to bear the biggest loss.
Stay safe and more importantly stay Strong !!

Posted by Xuming Zhou on June 8, 2021
I was so shocked and saddened to hear about Vibhav's passing. When I first heard Vibhav got ill in our weekly meeting, I thought he will recover soon. It's still hard for me to believe that he passed away.

Vibhav and I worked together a lot. He knows the work very well and helped solving a lot of challenging issues.He is really a nice person and a professional and reliable team contributor. I also met Vibhav in person several years ago when he visited USA office. We used to talk about delicious Indian food during lunch time. The memory is still vivid now.

To Vibhav's family, I can't imagine the sorrow and the pain you have been through. Please take care and stay strong. May Vibhav rest in peace.
Posted by Prashant Banhatti on June 7, 2021

The news of Vibhav's death has come as a great shock; it has happened all so quickly. Vibhav was one the hardest workers I had ever met and it was this work ethic that led to his success in his carrier life. I will miss him as a friend as well. We worked for the same company, client and project in 2003 also ( from different locations ) . I pray Almighty God to give enough strength to his family members to overcome this situation. May his soul rest in peace. A loss to many of us.. a great human being and a fabulous team member ,will miss you. ... I pray to god that his soul will remain in peace.
Posted by Abhijit Sinha on June 7, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

In this saddest time there a silver lining that you are at a better place.

But mostly, since the loss of you, I’ve learned a life can be taken in the blink of an eye.
And only Heaven really knows when that person will have to say “Goodbye.”

Rest in peace.
Posted by Shankar Durvasula on June 7, 2021
Dear Vibhav,

Its hard to believe you no-longer with us. Your can-do attitude and taking challenges to closure with utmost quality, brought so much momentum to the way of work, its just un-stoppable. Your smile and infectious compassion of execution are always in my heart. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with your beloved ones. Wishing you peace.

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