This tribute was added by Donna Jason on February 23, 2020
Dearest Vicki,
You are in my heart today, all day, as your loved ones celebrate you. And from the islands of Hawaii, lush with the bright colors you loved to paint, I am praying for you with laughter, joy, and a love for all things beautiful. I wish you could have come to Hawaii with me sometime. You would have painted and painted and painted your way to bliss. Today I saw a small dog, about the size of Lucy, surfing. May the waves take you to the joy, peace and beauty that is your essence. Love you, Donna
This tribute was added by Katherine Saltzberg on February 23, 2020
Dear Vicki,

I wish that I sat and had tea with you! We talked on the run, as many neighbors do. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for being so kind to my stepson Jordan and for giving him his first job-watering your backyard! You were so wonderful with Elai all the time. Always encouraging. You were beautiful and talented and had so many gifts. I remember when you showed me your studio. Wow! Your home was so perfect. It was warm and inviting and beautifully decorated and I admired all you and Michael did with it. Such a talented artist you were. Your Gingerbread house always brought me such joy. Little Henry. My heart aches thinking that you are no longer here.
What I remember most about you is your smile. Your bright eyes when we'd talk. Your vulnerability. Thank you for your kindness, Vicki.
This tribute was added by Bonnie Nesheim on February 23, 2020
Thinking of Vicki today on the day many are gathering in her remembrance. Hoping the stories and love being shared by those closest to her will be a strong comfort to you Michael.
Although I didn't have the opportunity to see Vicki much in person through the years, I will always remember her warmth and radiant smile on the occasions I did. Rest in peace Vicki.
This tribute was added by Marlene Dantzer on February 16, 2020
A Tribute to my dear friend Vicki.

I met Vicki when I was 20 yrs. and in-between my Junior/Senior year at
Ohio University. Vicki was 19 yrs. old and my sister Elonne's friend. Vicki
and Elonne had both been a part of DIRTY FEET, Vicki with a "starring" role
and Elonne designing and drawing all the artwork for the Record jacket,
the movie credits, etc. Elonne, at the time had a little upstairs studio apartment in a 3 story rental on "B" street on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. Elonne had generously invited me to come and spend the
summer with her. Vicki, Elonne and I had a really fun evening together with
Vicki spending the night. Elonne's upstairs tenant was a single guy and he came home about midnight that night with a "friend." You know how some
things can just "hit you so funny?" The more the overhead bed moved
the more Vicki and I became hysterical...with Vicki you couldn't stop laughing.
We were up all night talking and laughing and adding more and more
commentary about the length of the time the noise went on...when we saw
the upstairs neighbor the next day we burst out laughing all over again.
Those were really fun times, wonderful, lazy days at the beach...over the
years one or the other of us would recount that night that we became
friends laughing our hearts out at a springing bed that seemed to move
up and down for eons.

I came from a small town in Ohio... you know, quiet neighborhoods, no traffic except maybe a couple of cars on a turnpike...I was definitely and totally
unprepared for driving around downtown Los Angeles with Vicki in her                                         Karmann Ghia! OMG I was terrified and she was just "sooo-at-home" with it
all. In and out of big trucks, us low to the ground, the hood down, I just
hung-on. Elonne and I were chatting about Vicki the other day and all her
cars...I remember her LOVING her YELLOW V.W. THING. Sure not a sports
car but a super big fav of hers always.

When Vicki went to work at KISS RADIO the idea of doing a small cartoon
in the newspaper was sold-in to management. Vicki asked me if I would
like to create a nebulous character to illustrate the copy?
My degree is in Fine Arts, I had never done any commercial art so I was
really a fish out of water. But I tried and came up with a rather strange
little guy (which he turned out being as they wanted a girl also down the
road). They called the small cartoon KISSABLES.  Vicki liked him from the
start and all the fans the little cartoon generated...Vicki was always very
positive about everything I submitted which really was the BEST part of
the job.

Vicki and Michael's Wedding Day was my husband of 30 years and my
"first date." She was such a beautiful bride and soo happy! I was always
so happy that the day was so extra-special and wonderful for both
Vicki and Michael. Still a very clear and wonderfully romantic memory of mine!

The last time Vicki and I "really got-together" for a good period of time was
when I took the train up for her 60th Birthday party and spent the weekend.
That night, once again sharing a bed, the years melted away as we talked
and laughed for most of the night...this time without the impetus of a bouncing bed!

Vicki was the strongest woman I have ever known. In spite of all her bodily
challenges she continued to smile and laugh and be positive. She didn't
get bitter or self-pitying, she just did her best to take what she was given
"in stride." Vicki was Brave, Courageous and Strong. Vicki was a lot of other
things as well...She was Glamorous, Sexy, Thoughtful, Warm-hearted, Loving,
Talented, Independent, Passionate about Life, Playful, Generous, Giving,
Delightful, a Great Hugger and a Most Wonderful and Irreplaceable Friend to me.

I miss you Vicki but the sound of your laughter (and we laughed together
a lot.) I will always carry in my heart. You were and still are a "Sparkling
Light Beam Spirit" who enhanced my world with the Essence of your Soul!

Love, Marlene

This tribute was added by Jennifer Hauge on February 13, 2020
My deepest sympathies are with you, Mike, in losing your precious wife and soulmate of 45 years. Vicki’s creative talent and love of animals resonated very much with me and, as my sister-in-law, there was a loving bond between us. I will miss her as well but think back fondly on the memories we made together over the past 20 years.

With love,
This tribute was added by Vivianna Z on February 12, 2020
Dear Michael, I still remember that in our very first meeting, when I asked what you would love to do if you had more free time, you said it would be going to watch a movie with Vicki more often. It's a small incident but it makes me feel the love between you two. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. I know you two must have a lot of precious memory. My thoughts are with you.
This tribute was added by Diane Fox on February 12, 2020
Sweet Michael,
We cannot imagine your pain. Please know our hearts are with you.❤

Mitch & Diane
This tribute was added by Lisa Jarrett on February 12, 2020
We are so sorry for your loss.
Please accept our deepest condolences from our family to yours.
Vicki will be remembered well as a warm and wonderful lady!
We wish you and your family all the support and comfort at this time!
This tribute was added by Rem And Crystal Oculee on February 11, 2020
Dearest Michael, We can’t even imagine what you must feel. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we know that you have an angel now always watching over you.
This tribute was added by Ritza Bloom on February 10, 2020
Vicki had such a great sense of humor! I remember we would chat for hours each visit and she'd light up when telling me about her love of iconic films (Wizard of Oz - that her uncle was in! & Gone With The Wind). We chatted about her favorite Jewish recipes and she was also so supportive of me and my husband. She was a doting dog-mom to Henry, and she was so sweet in how she cared for Michael!

Love you, Vicki, you're deeply missed but I know that you're looking down on all of us and playing with Henry right now :)
This tribute was added by Roger Hopkins on February 9, 2020
We love Americans, and we loved Vicki most of all. Vicki and Michael brought laughter and fun to our home in England and gave us happy memories that we’ll cherish forever. God bless you Vicki, you will always be in our hearts.
Rog and Helga 
This tribute was added by Elonne Dantzer on February 8, 2020
I met Vicki at the Prison of Socrates in Balboa in the 60's.  I had taken a sabbatical from greeting card illustration to make fancy coffees at the Prison.
Suddenly Ted Nikas was making a movie about Tim Morgan, a young talented
local singer and Vicki was his female co-star. She was a terrific actress and we became close friends...and have been for over 40 years! Visiting her mom
at the retired Actor's home was wonderful. I remember her driving fancy cars
like her jaguar and always being fun to be with. I loved her very much.
This tribute was added by Patricia Fripp on February 8, 2020
Dear Michael, I can't imagine how you must feel losing the love of your life. What I do know is that you have the joy of knowing that you could not have been a more loving spouse or a good friend to her. I knew Vicki through your conversations and enjoy the happy photos of her here. My thoughts and prayer go out to you.
This tribute was added by Michael Fogel on February 7, 2020
Vicki was the first “new” person I met when I moved to L.A. (funny story). Her sweet, caring and compassionate friendship has been a constant in my life no matter where I might physically be living (for the past 35 years in Vancouver). 

Vicki will always inhabit a permanent place in my heart.
This tribute was added by Heather Hale on February 6, 2020
I'm so sorry I can't join you all but I'm sending so much love from Savannah. I'm certain the day will be a beautiful celebration of a life well-lived and so loved. May all of you be immersed in warm-hearted reminisces and wonderful camaraderie, albeit in grief.
This tribute was added by Eric Edson on February 5, 2020
Thank you Vicki, for your love and friendship, joy and generosity, your artistic vision and examples of courage in the hard face of pain. You gave us much and taught us well. Along with love we offer you our deep, deep gratitude. Goodnight sweet lady and sleep well.

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