Vicki Jo Ford
  • 66 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 30, 1947
  • Place of birth:
    Russell, Kansas, United States
  • Date of passing: Feb 15, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Tucson, Arizona, United States
Let the memory of Vicki be with us forever

Memorial and Celebration of Vicki's Life on June 14, 2014
A celebration of Vicki's life will be held on Saturday, June 14, 2014 in Austin, Texas. Exact time and location to be announced later. If you'd like to share a testimonial during the memorial, contact her son Glaston Ford.

Vicki's wishes were to be cremated, and not made a fuss over. We will honor the first wish, but not the second. 

About this Site
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Vicki Ford, 66, born on June 30, 1947 and passed away on February 15, 2014. We will remember her forever. To learn more about how she passed, read one of the early posts by Glaston Ford. To learn about how she lived. Read the testimonials. Please feel free to add your own. No matter how much or little you knew her.

Vicki J. Ford of Austin is survived by her only child Timothy Richard Glaston Ford and his wife Deanna; five grand children, Brittany Belvin and her husband Brad; Victoria Powers and her husband Chad; Gabrielle, Elisabeth and Benjamin; two great children Kayleigh Belivin and Mason Powers; her sister Ginni Harrall, brother Mike Harrall and his wife Vera; in-laws; Richard Dickson; Jim and Shirley Ford; Bob and Gerry Ford; Joanne and Ron Schavey; and John and Angela Cox-Ford. She is also survived by several children of hear heart notably Shelly, Christy, Monica and Karen.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Vera Harrall on 30th June 2017

"It's your birthday.  I remembered.  Miss you."

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 30th June 2017

Happy Birthday, may your spirit soar into the arms of God. It's fitting that on this your birthday that Benjamin and I leave on a father / son trip, just as you and I had many Mother / son adventures - from macrobiotic cooking and peace dancing to movies on a work night, and Montana. Benjamin and I have also become fond of a neighborhood pool and every time I'm there it makes me think of Hefner Village"

This tribute was added by BRITTANY BELVIN on 30th June 2017

"Happy birthday, grandma! Love you tons."

This tribute was added by Jana White on 15th February 2017

"Vicki, I miss you so much my Dear, Dear Friend and Sister of the Heart.
I pick up your fabulous cookbook all the time and make a dish you always made us in Montana. I then remember our wonderful time with you and Glaston in Glastonbury! Then I go back to first meeting you and Glaston here in Norman, Okla. so many years ago. You will always have a very special place in my Heart Vicki. Thank you so much for being in our lives for so long Vicki."

This tribute was added by Rocio Berny on 15th February 2017

"Vicky, on this anniversary. We unite with your family and friends to remember a life that impacted those around her! Blessings and love!"

This tribute was added by BRITTANY BELVIN on 15th February 2017

I'm trying to write this at work without crying. I miss you so much. I bought some chocolates today in memory of you, the good expensive chocolate.
Missing you everyday. I share your memories, stories, humor, and love every chance I get. There is a rift in the universe with you gone.
Wish I could hear your voice. I'd even take one of your scoldings.
Love you so much."

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 15th February 2016

"Dear Mom,
May angels of peace, healing and mercy continue to bless your soul as you journey in God's kingdom. We miss you. So much has happened the last couple years. Your grandson Benjamin, 8, and great grand children (can't believe I'm writing that) Kayleigh, 4, Mason, 3 and Isaac 1, have all gotten so big. It's cute to see little kids playing in the back yard again. And while it was difficult at first, Benjamin is growing nicely into a big brother/uncle role.

You'd be so proud of Deanna. She was accepted into the coordinated program at the University of Texas, a very prestigious accomplishment, that will allow her to get her degree and her registered dieticians certification through UT. She will be done in August 2017. Praise God.

Brittany and Brad bought their first house. We had Thanksgiving there and watched a number of football games. You'd like it. Funny story, their house backs up to open land and there's an abandoned car on the vacant property. On Thanksgiving, we set a ladder over the fence and all decided to explore it. Of course, we were navigating around some dead vine that was thickly growing around the fence. Turns out the vine is poison ivy and you CAN get winter poison ivy from the leafless vine.

Speaking of football, Elisabeth, Benjamin and I made it back to Norman for a game. We hadn't been since that big trip Gabrielle's freshman year in high school (2010) when everybody came including you and Aunt Ginni. (Remember Benjamin trying to push your wheel chair across campus.) It was great to be back on campus. My biggest mistake was deciding to save money on the hotel, something you would never let me do. Well, guess what, when you get a cheap hotel room, you get a cheap experience. Dirty sheets. Cigarette smoke. Yuck.

Gabrielle is an over achieving sophomore at Texas A&M majoring in economics and Chinese. She is doing well and very involved in various student groups - Fish Camp (freshman orientation), Mock Trial, a campus tour guide and she's working part time at the visitor's center. She's planning on studying abroad in China this summer.

Elisabeth is rocking it her junior year at high school; loaded up on advanced placement classes. She is also painfully aware now why everyone said Jr. Year was the hardest. (The thought of repeating a Jr. year in high school - and all three years of middle school - is reason enough not to want to reincarnate.) She's dropped out of theater this year and focused on clubs and service including NHS. Your Nissan Cube, the purple toaster on wheels, is her car. It fits her perfectly.

Remember those teen retreats we used to have at Camp Capers in Texas -Well Elisabeth and Gabrielle were the spark to help bring them back. It took a couple years, but we pulled it off this last New Year's Eve. And they were the teen leaders on the planning team.

Benjamin continues to be as precocious as you remember him. I swear, he thinks I'm a human Google or Siri. He'll ask me questions about the temperature of the sun or life on Mars. It's sweet although sometimes it can be exhausting, and I know I'll miss it when he doesn't ask me anymore. Yesterday, he asked me if rich people spend their money unwisely and become poor. Earlier in the day, he asked if poor people can have kids. (which seems an odd question until you hear the follow up). Then he asked how do they afford to raise their kids? I guess it's not completely surprising my 8 year-old-son is already thinking about money; doing cost benefit analysis etc. Soccer is still Benjamin's favorite organized sport to play. But for goofing around we play everything from four-square, to chess, to frisbee golf to longboarding. He's become quite the fan of football and student of the game. In addition to the OU game, we made a Texas A&M game, and several high school football games, including the state championship game, which our team won. Like many boys in this area -he's caught the fire and wants to play for Cedar Park some day. (During one football game he asked me 100 questions in one half)

There is some difficult news, Mom. Victoria and Chad are getting a divorce. I ask you to pray for them and Mason and Isaac. Pray for resolution and healing. We've been seeing a lot more of the boys during this process and I've enjoyed getting to know the boys better. Isaac gave me several, unsolicited awesome, melt-your-heart hugs this weekend. Mason loves to ride his scooter on our deck (sometimes I feel like we built it for him) or jump on the trampoline with Benjamin.
Aunt Ginni moved to San Diego last summer to be closer to her grand kids. We miss her but understand. She visited over New Years and having her around was like having her and you around. Deanna doesn't really want to be the family matriarch yet so it's nice to pass the torch. We plan to have her out several times a year.

Various & Sundry
Your home office furniture is now my home office furniture. It's the best my home office has ever looked. I always liked your furniture and it makes me think of you in a positive way.

I'm still making it through mementos and what not. I didn't just want to throw them in the closet without seeing what's there. I can't believe you saved two of my choir albums from Wiley Post Elementary school. I've learned a lot. You were smart in high school - you weren't just making it up. I never knew how close you were to Aunt Ronnie. I see that Aunt Bobbi had her sense of humor and wit at an early age. And then there's what I've come to call the box of doom - all the letters, cards, and notices related to Dad's death in Vietnam. Going through that...it's like you packed up all the stuff, and pain and grief in 1971 and put it in a time capsule. Reading those letters is slow going, requiring lots of pauses and prayer. I've read the joy of your young love and the pain of your loss. I was reading this letter you wrote to Dad while he was in Vietnam. You hadn't heard from him in a bit and were starting to get worried. Then I looked at the date of the letter. Dad had already died, you just didn't know it yet.

On that cheerful note, we are all one in the body of God, and though this vessel will perish, our spirits will endure.
Glaston, Tim, Timmy, Timothy"

This tribute was added by James Ford on 15th February 2016

"Two years ago I stopped in to see you just a few hours before you slipped away. You seemed ok, I still can't believe your gone. Missing you still."

This tribute was added by James Ford on 30th June 2015

"Missing you on your birthday.. See you soon"

This tribute was added by JANE FISHER on 30th June 2015

"Dear Vicki,
...Of course I'm thinking of you today, Dear Heart!  Happy Birthday!  I'll bet you're enjoying being able to draw a full breath of sweet, pure air!!  Oh, Vicki, I've thought of you a zillion times in the last almost year and a half, wishing I could pick up the phone and talk with you, hear your laugh.  I like imagining that you can hear my thoughts, so I'll go on having conversations with you in my mind.
...Much love,

This tribute was added by Rocio Berny on 30th June 2015

"We don't realize the impact that we can leave on the world Vicky Ford not only impacted others through her presence but throughout her extension of love she has left in her grandkids and her son Glaston! In this day I want to light a candle for a light that still shines wherever she is! Blessings to her family and friends!!"

This tribute was added by John Cox-Ford on 17th June 2015

"Dear Glaston,

I just saw the photos on your Mom's Memorial Page again tonight.  She was a really  beautiful person.  I am proud to have known her, and to have been her "Little Brother" from Indiana.   I know she was proud of me in her own way.   She gave me the courage to go on and to choose my own path, even as she was forging ahead to find her own way with you.  

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that Vicki's best work in life was YOU,  Timothy Glaston Ford!   Don't you ever forget it.  I am positively certain that your Mom would have said it herself, at her graveside, given the opportunity.  She  loved every minute of being your Mom.  That is truth.

Glaston, there is just so much said in the little time in the course of our weekend visit here.  Then much that we would like to say is left unsaid, and what we wish we could said or done seems lost in the joyous, sad, exhausting, and beautiful emotions that Vicki conjures up in all of our hearts.

You words at the graveside, Tim, were perfect.    Please know, they are the first prayers I have ever heard uttered at your Father's Graveside, and I have visited that cemetery for years; and yet Dick had received no graveside committal or prayers.  Your words were an elegy for your Mother, but closure to me for Dick as well.  They contained something your Mom would have appreciated, more so if she could have been there to hear it herself. Something of love and eternity that she embraced in her own special ways throughout her life.

Thank you for them.  Thank you giving you family to you Dad's family again, as she did over the years. You all remain in my heart!

Love to you always,

Uncle John Ford

P.S.   I have just received a message from the Veteran's Memorial Site from an enlisted man, Buck, who served under your Dad.   Here is the link:  http://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/16695/RICHARD-W-FORD.  

The spirits of the dead seems so close to the living that we seem to be aware of their presence years after they have left us. Buck remembers your Dad in a few words."

This tribute was added by Mike Harrall on 15th February 2015

"Vicki, I have been thinking about you a lot and know I will never stop missing you.  I look at your photo in my office frequently, and have kept all those e mails in my computer to read when I need to.  I know you would be pleased by some of the changes we are currently going through, and know you're pulling for these to work out.  I'll never stop loving you, and look forward to the day when I'll see you again.

Love, Mike"

This tribute was added by James Ford on 15th February 2015

"It's hard for me to believe it's been a year already. I miss you so much. I still catch myself thinking, I need to call Vicki about that. Then reality sets in and I pause. Not a day passes and I still think about you. I hope to join you someday. We'll have lots to catch up on. No matter how long it is though it will be as if we just spoke the day before. Love Jim"

This tribute was added by Jana White on 1st February 2015

"My goodness. I have been thinking and thinking of Vicki a lot and missing her so, so much. When I go through her cookbook...  When I see her still in my email contacts, and yes, she will stay there... When I think of all the times we spent together laughing uncontrollably... When I feel her in my heart of hearts, always with me, always helping me, always guiding me. I miss my dear, dear friend more than words can tell. God bless us all who are trying to live in a world without Vicki."

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 31st January 2015

"Hi Mom,
Many times this past year I've thought of posting an update here, an open message to you as if this were some live e-mail exchange between us. As the anniversary of your passing, and return to heavenly realms comes, I thought it a good time to comment. So much has happened that past year that would bring joy to your heart - graduations, and births and important milestones. So many things I would have texted you or told you about. Small stuff and big stuff, quiet moments. Your passing, and that of some other dear friends this year, have reminded me how uncertain and short life can be. I think you'd be proud that I've turned the dial a bit and am not living, planning working toward the future quite so much but savoring more of the now.
As I write this, Brittany, Elisabeth and Benjamin are playing the Shooters dice game you introduced us to. Benjamin seems to have your luck with the dice. Deanna is online furniture shopping - something I've had to become much more involved in since you are not here to give her feedback. Same with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I never realized how much you and Deanna were a team in planning these events. By the way, where is the gravy recipe?
Last fall, Aunt Ginni and the Kansas family completed one of your wishes and spread half your ashes on your Mom's grave in Kansas. This Spring, Deanna and I will head to Illinois/Indiana to complete your second request and spread your ashes on Dad's grave.
We love you and miss you. But are moving forward in God's grace.
Your son,
PS "Thanks" for the box of "despair" you saved me, that mysterious black, metal old ammunition case tucked in the far corner of a closet, full of memories and letters from Dad's death. I can imagine you over the years, moving that from house to house, or occasionally seeing it when you reorganized a closet, and musing to yourself, "should I clean it out, Nah, I'll let Glaston deal with it." Well I'm only being half sarcastic. I am slowing making it through the letters and notes, including the letters your wrote Dad, after he was dead, but before you knew he was dead. If anything, it gives me a greater insight into the pain of the loss and greater admiration for how you moved forward, to continue finding, and giving love and joy."

This tribute was added by James Ford on 30th June 2014

"Happy Birthday Vicki.."

This tribute was added by Vera Harrall on 30th June 2014

"Happy Birthday, Vicki."

This tribute was added by vicki thurman on 13th June 2014

"Vicki, I have put this off as long as I could, I have not the words to express my feelings. I am mad because you and Danny and Dick are together, I am happy because you three are pain free in such a better place and have left me behind and I am grateful because God brought all three of you into my life. I know the health issues you and Danny endured and I am so happy for you both to be beyond that. Save a place for me and we shall all four be together soon. I cannot come to your services tomorrow, it would be to difficult on me and I am still struggling with Danny's loss, but I know You and yours totally understand. I love you."

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 12th June 2014

"Posted on behalf of Ginni Harrall, Vicki's sister

Sister Mentor Best Friend Companion Room Mate

How do you put into words what someone who fulfills all these roles has meant to your life?  In a nutshell, I would not be the person I am or living the life I am today if not for Vicki.  She taught me about life, love, strength, respect and being the unique individual I am today.  To say I will miss her is an understatement.  Life will be very different now with her gone but I know she is right here with me, that voice that keeps reminding me, “Yes I can do it”!  I will always remember the many good times we had and the fun things we did together and I will always love and miss her.  Vic, I hope you are soaring high, seeing and experiencing all you have dreamed of and someday I will join you!  
Love you Sis!"

This tribute was added by Noble Willingham on 5th June 2014

"I find it hard knowing you are no longer here with us but I cherish the memories I have of you and everyone. You will be forever in my heart and mind. To Uncle Glaston and the rest of the family I am praying for yall everyday and praying blessings over yall as well."

This tribute was added by Vera Harrall on 4th June 2014

"Vicki hated me before she even met me. She thought  I was corrupting her baby brother.  The first time I met her, face to face, I came out of that house and told Mike there was no way I was marrying into his neurotic family  But, I did, and we grew on each other. We became  very good friends. She was there when I needed someone.  We had so many fun times at Tenkiller, her house, family gatherings, and those wild trips with Jack and her to Hot Springs to the race track.  Even though I saw her health declining, I never saw Vicki as a weak person.  She fought the disease so valiantly, and was such an inspiration to all that knew her.  The bond she had with her brother was incredible.  She has left a hole in all of our lives that can never be filled.  She will be forever loved by all that knew her."

This tribute was added by Crystal Ford on 3rd May 2014

"Aunt Vicki,
  I am still finding it hard to believe you're gone. It hits me every once in a while when I think of the upcoming Memorial. In my life, I've never felt comfortable around most of my family members. In fact, I don't feel comfortable around most people. There are very few people that "get" me. You always made me feel comfortable. I would always think "As long as Vicki is there, I will have someone to talk to..."
  Now that Sophia is older, I see the same thing in her. She is very uncomfortable around strangers and family members she doesn't see everyday. You were the one exception. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you always accepted us for who we were inside, and never tried to change anything about us, I will always treasure that. Thank you for making us feel loved. We miss you terribly."

This tribute was added by Valerie Silveira on 29th April 2014

"Vicki, Through many family gatherings,I have gotten to know you.You always were welcoming to me with a beautiful smile and great conversation. We are sadden by your death but we know you are in heaven in peace with no more pain or suffering. We will see you in the future as promised."

This tribute was added by James Ford on 20th March 2014

"She was more than a Sister in Law. She was my best friend. Since the loss of Dick I refused to use the In Law part. I could discuss anything with her. We were supposed to re-connect this year in Arizona for a month or more. It just wasn't to be. It seemed that no matter how much time passed when we got together or spoke it was as if we had just spoken a few days before.
In the early 1970's when I was going through difficult times I would drive 800 plus miles and arrive at her door unannounced and be warmly welcomed.  I miss her so much. I will never forget you Vicki. Thank you for being part of my life."

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 8th March 2014

"Three weeks since my Mom’s passing.

Although my mom’s health and vigor had waned considerably the last few years, she managed it well and her spirit was still, young, joyful and fun. She and my Aunt Ginni, her long time roommate, even spent the night Christmas Eve so they could be here for the early morning rituals. My mom had a full loving life, overcoming some great personal tragedies. And I have a deeply held conviction her spirit is at peace and doing whatever it needs to do. I just miss her, much more than I thought I would.

By age 24 my Mom had buried her mother and her husband. And she went on to live and love. I can do no less. So we cry. We laugh. We celebrate new milestones like Gabrielle graduating or Benjamin losing a tooth.

Then a passing sadness comes as I realize she'll never watch a sooner game with me again. Or as the other morning- when I was about to share some silly meaningless life event that only a mom could appreciate and I remembered she's not there to read my text.

Some things bring happy memories of her. Her car for instance. Even though I never really liked the Nissan Cube, when I drive it I feel her putzing around town, headed to a movie with friends, our house for cards, Outback for a family dinner, calling me from her hands free unit while she went through the drive through at Starbucks. I guess it's my version of the country song "I drive your truck."

Other things just remind me there will be an empty chair at holiday gatherings."

This tribute was added by JoAnn Schavey on 6th March 2014

"Dearest Vicki,
My memories are plentiful, I've known you since I was 9 years old. I remember the first time you came and stayed at our house, the many wonderful cinnamon rolls you made home made for us in the cold of winter time.I remember when we went to Arkansas together with mom and dad and the two of us were so car sick. I remember the trip to Canada with you and Dick, mom and dad and John it was wonderful. And of course you and mom decided to go rowing around the island and the current took you  out across the lake to another island. John and I saw you and Mom waving at us at least we thought that's what  you were doing but Uncle Charles knew better.Uncle Charles took the boat went out and towed you back, you guys have been stranded,John and I didn't know any better.
I could go on and on I have many many wonderful times with you Vicki.
I'm so thankful that my brother Dick met you and married you. This gave me a beautiful extended family I wouldn't have had without you.The two of you were blessed with Tim and now he has a beautiful family as well, it's just better and better all the time.
I love you with all my heart and I miss you with all my heart, till we meet again.
I love you"

This tribute was added by Ritas Smith on 1st March 2014

"Oh Vicki I'm so sorry.  We were looking forward to getting together in January but due to my forced stay at home couldn't make the drive to Arizona.  I had no idea you were hospitalized after you arrived in Arizona.  
We met in college, first day, as I remember and became life-long friends although losing touch for years on end.  So many of those early memories involve you and later on  you and your love Mr. Richard Ford.  
I am so sorry that the world has lost you Vicki.  You were one of a kind and a force we were lucky to have."

This tribute was added by Shelly Abbott on 28th February 2014

"Vicki was a second mom to me.   She was so loving and caring and accepting of me and my brother, Shawn.   Even after my Dad and her divorced she was always there in my life.  Every Summer,  I would go to Oklahoma City and spend weeks with her and Tim.  I have so many fond memories of spending time at Hefner Village and Lake Tinkiller.

No doubt about it, she was a kind spirit.  I don't think I have ever met someone so open and accepting of others faults or mistakes.    She was always there with great words of wisdom and advice.  She will be missed....

This isn't goodbye Vicki...its a see you later!  Much love to you always and forever."

This tribute was added by Victoria Brailsford on 28th February 2014

"So sorry to hear of Vicki's passing. I know how much she was loved. Deepest condolences."

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 27th February 2014

"I love you Grandma. I hope you could come down and see us again. Have a great time in heaven.
From her grandson Benjamin Ford, 6,"

This tribute was added by Robert Ford on 24th February 2014

"Vicki and I live over a 1000 miles apart but she was always close to me in my heart. Not a day goes by I've not thought of her, my brother (her husband),or Glaston. I remember her fishing, sailing and around the campfires in Michigan. Lots of laugh and stories. I feel I have been blessed by having her be part of my life."

This tribute was added by Karen Hendrickson on 23rd February 2014

"So much can be said about Vicki and the long talks and times we shared together. It seems like yesterday she was an everyday part of my life, and it was actually half a lifetime ago. Always young at heart and with a smile and kind words. Such a loss for those near and dear to her, my thoughts and prayers all around.  We're all better for having her in our lives. She always accepted my family as her own and I always thought of her as a mom and Tim as a little brother. It's with a heavy heart I try to write in words the impact she had on my life. I know she's definitely without pain and no longer has to struggle to breathe.  Love to all. Karen"

This tribute was added by Rocio Berny on 20th February 2014

"A departure is easier on the departed than the friends and family. I am grateful of having meet Vicki ! Her peaceful presence will continue to permeate her friends and family! Now on her next journey in the name of the Berny's family-We wish her a smooth transition and more victories for her in the next journey. She completed a chapter...but the book will continue be written. Blessings and Love to you all !!"

This tribute was added by BRITTANY BELVIN on 18th February 2014

"Grandma. I miss you SO much.

Thank you for adopting me and Victoria as your "instant grandchildren" when Glaston (dad) married Deanna (mom). You were the most welcoming and generous person I've ever known. I am going to miss our texts and chats about football games, laughing until we cried over Hand and Foot, and running to Starbucks. Most of all, I am going to miss your big hugs, and stopping by to say hello and to peek inside your freezer to see what ice cream you had.

I love you. You have shaped my life from the day you "adopted" me as your grandchild. And you have been an inspiration to me as a grandmother, a woman, and a military wife. I love you, always."

This tribute was added by Christie Burns on 17th February 2014

"Vicki was like a second mother to me, dad & I were lucky to have you both in our lives. Another angel has been called home, my thoughts are with you all during this time. Love you always Chris"

This tribute was added by William Throckmorton on 17th February 2014

"Vicki was one of the sweetest, nicest people to ever grace this earth. We laughed and ribbed each other about football and her beloved Sooners. She will be missed greatly."

This tribute was added by bobby costello on 17th February 2014

"Vicki was the sweetest person and while we forged a friendship late in life I will cherish it forever.Truly an angel who has moved onto join her flock.
Love You Vicki"

This tribute was added by Rush Blakely on 17th February 2014

"Vicki will be missed but never forgotten.  She was truly one of the great ones."

This tribute was added by Sara Milleson on 17th February 2014

"Dear Vicki,
       I will always remember your sweet smile. Thank you for being a great mom...it shows through Glaston's heartflame"

This tribute was added by Jana White on 17th February 2014

"Vicki, you were a fantastic Soul Sister for so many years and in so many ways. I love you with all of my heart and Joe seconds that sentiment as well. I am so glad I got to thank you at Thanksgiving for the wonderful macrobiotic recipes you shared with us years ago.  I used three of them at Thanksgiving and use them all the time. Of course, you will be cooking with me from now on as I need your help in the kitchen and in so many other areas of my life and now you will be with me instantaneously as I bring your essence close.

The years we got to live together with Glaston in Montana were some of the most precious years of our lives.

Upon Glaston's call on Saturday, I was devastated to say the least. Grief overtook me and I could barely function. It took me about 4 hours to finally remember that I was supposed to be holding a balance for your passing Vic, so I did what I know to do and shattered the miasma of grief that had a strong hold of me and the sensations of pain in my head immediately ended and I could be about my Father's business for you.

We will never forget your love and joy and fun spirit; Your total giving nature and unconditional love that you shared so wonderfully. Your style and flare were incomparable and you taught me so much about being a compassionate person.

I will always hold you in my heart Vicki because I couldn't get you out of my very being if I even wanted to try.

Of course my head knows you are in a better place and this was your time to go there but my heart is still catching up with the news that you  are not just a phone call or an email message away now. However, I feel you so close and I know enough to let the tears flow whenever they need to come.

So many memories...great memories...I am so thankful for these memories...

You shared love and were so loved my friend.


This tribute was added by Noble Willingham on 17th February 2014

"Ill always cherish all the hikes we all went on and the swimming at the lake or creek. How she was always happy. Love you all."

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 17th February 2014

"Memorial Plans
I had tried many times over the past few years, especially after my Grandpa’s passing, to find out if my Mom had any special wishes for her memorial. She always said she didn’t want one. To which we’d reply, we’re having one anyway.

So we will be having a wonderful celebration of My Mom’s life. But we are not going to make the scheduling of that celebration a crisis. We’ve been through a lot the past month, and need some time to settle down.

We are conducting private spiritual work with her prior and during her cremation. We expect to schedule a public memorial in late May or early June in Austin.

In addition, my Mom has asked to have her ashes spread over her mother’s grave in Kansas and her husband’s grave in Illinois. Those events will also be in the summer and will be small and informal but open to anyone who wants to come.


This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 17th February 2014

"How am I doing? My Answer
I have received many questions about how I’m doing since news of my Mom’s passing has spread. I’ve run the full range of emotions. Her death is not a complete shock, given what she has been through recently and her long-term health condition. Still even when someone has a degenerative disease, you never quite expect death to come. Below are some insights into my processing.

February 16, 2014
Today I climbed Mt Worthington, a 9400 ft peak outside Green Valley, Arizona where my Mom had come to spend a couple months this winter. The hiking was a way for me to process my Mom’s passing yesterday. I reached the summit in 3:35 coming off 8 hours sleep the previous two nights combined. Below is what I wrote to my Mom while alone, high above the dessert.

Would to God you had the health to be with us many more years. You were cheerful despite your illness. You left a legacy of joy and love that continues on through you grandchildren, great grandchildren and the many others you touched. I'll miss your laughter, good cheer and wit, watching OU games with you-how about that win over Alabama-Starbucks runs, and Outback. And so many other things. I want to pretend you are not gone. Just on one of your walkabouts cruising the highways of America to see friends and family. Home in time for birthdays and Mother's Day. We will save a seat at the table for you.

I could sit on this mountain til the sun goes down. Cause here, free from the crushing burden of life's responsibilities, I feel the pain of your passing. I feel it open and raw without habitually pushing those feelings away, so I can focus on the duties before me. It's not that I won't be fine, because I know I will. But I want to drink this full cup of sorrow that I may better hold the joy of your memories.

The day is moving on.  I have 2.5 hours of hiking  to get down and 1.5 hours of light. Alone. A free spirit. What better way to honor your memory. Tarry with me awhile mom as night falls on the valley. Let us swap one more story. Come walk with me on the trail as you would when you were younger. A spring of tears will water our path. If you grow weary, I'll carry you to the bottom. And with one final hug, one final boomer sooner. You can go free. Say hi to Dad and all the others. Love

Timmy, Tim, Glaston"

This tribute was added by Glaston Ford on 17th February 2014

"Details on My Mom’s Passing

As many of you know by now, my Mom, Vicki J. Ford, died Saturday, February 15, 2014 at a hospital in Tucson, Arizona. For those of you who are interested, below are more of the medical details.

For the last several years my Mom has been managing a degenerative pulmonary disorder called COPD, that gradually wreaks havoc on her heart and lungs. She managed her disease well despite only having 30 percent lung capacity and tiring quickly. She had traveled in recent years to see family, gone to Lake Tahoe with my family in 2012, and was still full of life and joy. This winter she drove herself  1000 miles to Green Valley, Arizona to spend a couple months here during the winter.

On Jan 17, she went into the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs and an infection. She was in the intensive care unit for two weeks on life support heavily sedated. Any time doctors lowered the sedation. She became delirious. We thought we were going to lose her then. But on day 10 she finally became alert and made rapid strides toward recovery. She got off life support and was moved to a rehab physical in Tucson. We considered it miraculous. During this first ICU stay, her siblings, Deanna and I, and all  her children and great grandchildren came to Arizona to support her

She made great progress the first week. But was very, very week. Tired easily. But much of her humor came back even if she wasn’t always thinking clearly. We were hopeful about her recovering and were making arrangements to transfer her to a rehab facility in Austin the week of Feb 17 to complete her recovery.

She took a turn for the worse the night of the 14th and morning of the 15th. She had a partially collapsed lung, which caused great difficulty in breathing. The rehab called 911 and she went to the ER. While in the ER, they tried to insert a breathing tube to help her breathe. At that point, her heart stopped. She flatlined for 5-10 minutes before they could resuscitate her. They determined later that morning that she was brain dead. She died at 6:22 pm MT. I had just landed in Phoenix and was on the phone with doctors as she passed."

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