Posted by Eno-Obong Edet on March 25, 2021
Auntie Vickie, it has taken a while to process your exit from this world. Hmm!, like they say, earth's loss, is heaven's gain!

I can't ever forget your very welcoming and ever infectious smile! You always had something nice to say to me in that your very beautiful voice. 

You were a true daughter of Zion, always radiating the joy of the Lord. You impacted many lives through your love for the Lord which you exemplified in your walk with Him. It truly made walking with the Lord a longing experience.

I thank God that He has called you to Himself; a place where there is no more pain.

Adieu daughter of God, until we all meet at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb to part no more.
Posted by Ibe Rapu on March 25, 2021
Tribute from Ogbueshi Ibe Rapu & Family (UK)

Our dear sister Vickie, with immense pain we have now accepted the fact that we cannot see you again. For those of us who have not been around for some years, we are left with a magnified pain for missing out on the opportunity to share your last moments with you.
Vickie, we will always remember you as our sister who was full of love, majesty, elegance, and who lived for Christ. You had an infectious smile that assured everyone you encountered, that you loved and cared.
You have left us in this world to answer to the call of our heavenly Father and to unite with our heavenly mother- Holy Mary. We shall take consolation in knowing that you have gone to a better place; a place where everyone will love to be, yet a place where no one can enter unless they lived a good Christian life before they die.
Our dear sister, you will be greatly missed but REST IN PEACE. 
May the Lord give the entire Rapu family, your immediate family members, and friends, the fortitude to bear this huge loss.
Posted by Julie George on March 24, 2021
It is said that angels seldom live amongst men. There's one less in today's world with your demise. Mrs. Victoria Agili you were a Boss, Sister and Friend like no other.

What virtue was did you not possess? There was none that wasn't second nature to you; effortlessly being selfless not just to me but to everyone dear to me and everyone you came across.

The ache I feel at your passing is indescribable. You'd forever be remembered for your elegance, grace, humility and generosity as I've never been found wanting of anything as long as you could help it. I'm forever grateful to you Mrs.Victoria Agili and although I'd miss the sweet sound of your voice especially with the way you fondly call out to me at National Museum, Lagos, I take solace in the Lord hoping that you're in a better place.

May you continue to rest in the bossom of our father Abraham in heaven and may the Lord our God grant us the fortitude to bear as we greatly live with this vacuum your demise has left us with.

Till we meet again to part no more, goodnight my Sister....

Mrs. Julie George
Posted by Justina Onwudinjo on March 23, 2021
Painful Exit
Death, where is thy sting?
Vick, your sudden departure from this sinful world was so sudden and painful. As people of faith, let us be comforted by this Bible verse in Romans 14:8.”If we live, it is for the Lord that we live, and if we die, it is for the Lord that we die. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord”.
Our relationship spanned over 30 years. We shared ideas.
You were ever so cheerful & ever so smiling. An epitome of black beauty.
Vick, you were dedicated to your family, the Catholic faith and Asaba Development Union(ADU). I wish to recall your exceptional dedication & cooperation in ushering numerous guests to Confraternity of Christian Mothers(CCM) bazaar stand at a particular harvest programme in Catholic Church of Assumption, Falomo, Ikoyi, That particular event led to a generous boost of the society’s purse and that of the Church
You were indeed a friend in a million.
I will sorely miss you but God loves you more.
Adieu ezigbo nmadu! May God grant you eternal rest. Amen.
Ogbueshi and I wish to commiserate with Ogbueshi Agili and his family and Vick’s siblings.
Tina Onwudinjo (Mrs)
Posted by Lauretta Talabi on March 22, 2021
Aunty Vickie was an awesome woman, selfless, meticulous, charitable, generous, sensitive to others needs and always had a smile for everyone.
She encouraged me to join the Lagos Island Unit of Asaba Development Union - Lagos branch.
She was a Past President (Nneanyi) and her home was our monthly meeting point for about nine years.
Aunty Vickie was a devout Catholic and was very active in many pious societies in the church.
She was a good wife, mother, grandmother, sister, in law, relation
and friend.
I love you Auntie Vickie but God loves you more.
Rest In Peace till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Chinenye Nzenwa on March 21, 2021
The news of your death came as a rude shock to me that I cried all day and am still pained I never came to see you after many promises, I never anticipated it no wonder I kept calling you on the 22nd of February only for you to pass on the 25th.

Mrs Agili was an angel in human form. Ever smiling, cheerful,kindhearted, a beautiful soul in and out.
Aside the fact that she was my boss (though not in the same unit )she was equally my friend and I benefited greatly from her kindness which I will never forget.
Elegant Mrs Agili was an unassuming lady, selfless and doesn't have an air around her.
I know for sure that Ma that you are in a better place where sickness and affliction cannot reign.

Rest on Ma , I pray the Almighty God will Console and comfort your beloved Family you left behind. it is well.
Posted by Chinenye Nzenwa on March 21, 2021
The news of your death came as a rude shock to me that I cried all day and am still pained I never came to see you after many promises, I never anticipated it no wonder I kept calling you on the 22nd of February only for you to pass on the 25th.

Mrs Agili was an angel in human form. Ever smiling, cheerful,kindhearted, a beautiful soul in and out.
Aside the fact that she was my boss (though not in the same unit )she was equally my friend and I benefited greatly from her kindness which I will never forget.
Elegant Mrs Agili was an unassuming lady, selfless and doesn't have an air around her.
I know for sure that Ma that you are in a better place where sickness and affliction cannot reign.

Rest on Ma , I pray the Almighty God will Console and comfort your beloved Family you left behind. it is well.
Posted by Justina Lewa on March 19, 2021
My dearest aunty Vicki,

I called you in January, 2021 to wish you a happy new year and to check on you. You said you were doing well and asked how my son and my sister were doing. Little did I know that would be my last communication with you.

Words cannot describe how sad I feel but happy that you prepared yourself to meet your maker.

I learnt a lot from you serving on the Harvest Planning Committee. You were meticulous in reviewing the Harvest brochure. You were humble and always willing to assist me. I remember one of the Sunday's I was to take the harvest announcements at the 9 a.m mass but could not make it to church and at the last minute called you and you cheerfully saved the situation.

I can go on and on testifying of your goodness and kind heart.

My lovely auntie, rest in peace until we meet to part no more. Justina Lewa
Posted by Uzo Onwuka on March 19, 2021
Dear Aunty Vicki,

Our ever smiling Osodieli Aunty Vicki. It is unbelievable that you have left us. Your sudden passing was a startling shock to us all. !

I remember vividly how you welcomed me warmly, at my first Asaba Development Union, (ADU), Island Wing Women's meeting. The sumptuous meal, you served us, with your ever beaming beautiful face.

ADU meant a lot to you, its advancement was uppermost in your mind and your unflinching support to ADU was not hidden. The short time I knew you was pleasant, which I will cherish...

I will miss you, ADU Island unit will surely miss you. God has called you to rest, and we cannot question Him!!!.
Rest in perfect peace dear Aunty Vicki!

Osodieli Uzo Onwuka
Posted by Josephine Adetinuke Balog... on March 18, 2021
The announcement of Vickie’s death on our group platform came to me as a rude shock and unbelievable. I still can’t get over it. We still chatted on feb 11th not knowing that would be our last chat! I am consoled that you are with the Lord whom you served diligently being a devout Christian. Vickie you will forever be missed but your sweet memories linger on. Until we meet in Glory. Rest In Perfect Peace dear friend.
Posted by Ngozi Hodder on March 17, 2021
My Dear Aunty Vickie. I remember when my family and I came to Nigeria in 2009. You were so hospitable, warm, caring and such an awesome cook. I also remember when you and Ifeoma came to New York; I was able to see your bright smile again and how you and your family are so pleasant. I miss you so much. May the Good Lord welcome His angel to the kingdom of heaven. Rest in eternal peace Aunty Vickie.
Posted by May Uju Okafor on March 17, 2021
 Continuation There's. only one word to describe Mother Agili,,wonderful, She was a great woman, Sister, Aunt,Grandmother ,Her love was unconditional, her smile everlasting and her presence memorable, she is the best Grandmother a grandchild could ever have,, may your gentle souls rest in perfect peace Amen,,
Posted by May Uju Okafor on March 17, 2021
Angels are rejoicing over the death of a saint,Sister Viky Agili you lived a good life and have gone to be with your Maker ,You were great Evangelist a prayer warrior who kept to the family ritual of observing, both morning and night prayer sessions, Talk of generosity, She was epitome of one, With her Angelic Smile always, I cannot thank God enough for a life well spent, You lived a life, A life worthy of emulation, Your legacy will always be  remembered by those you left behind ,Adieu Viky Ga Nkeoma ,God loves you more,Adieu Adieu ,
Posted by Ayoola Onajide on March 17, 2021

Auntie Vickie was many people to me: President of ASABA LADIES LEAGUE, my ASABA Auntie, and my big sister.

Auntie Vickie was a special woman because she had so many qualities in one person; 
Auntie Vickie was kind, approachable, easy to talk to, welcoming and smiling . When I had reason to see her at home, Auntie Vickie was keen to help without hesitation. Always giving sound and knowledgeable advice - both personal and about ASABA .

At our meetings Auntie Vickie was the expert Facilitator: she had the perfect balance of sensitivity, empathy ,open- minded , kind, and yet focused and firm. Managing a meeting where members ages ranged from “eighty-something” year olds to approximately “ forty-something” year olds . Auntie Vickie did an excellent job presiding over us as President. Truly proud to be from ASABA.

I am still in shock that she has gone. But God knows best. Auntie Vickie, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by OLUFUNKE OGEAH on March 16, 2021

My dear Aunty Vickie... dark, tall, beautiful, gracious and ever smiling. Smart, intelligent, elegant, eloquent in speech, spectacular to watch, admirable, encouraging and gently unassuming in her ways.'

You were gentle and firm in all your dealings.
You knew who you were and carried yourself as an assured and astute Lady of Poise, to God's glory.

Accepting that you are no longer with us, is such a hard pill to swallow.
We worked together splendidly as a think-tank duo.
We disagreed to agree.
I looked up to you as an older sister, friend and as my President, during our many, many, brain storming President-Secretary and older sister- younger sister sessions.
You had great plans for elevating Asaba Ladies League to greater heights.
You were encouraging, youthful, open to new ideas, to continue from where our dear, focused and patriotic, elderly members passed on the baton.

We gladly gisted on different topics for the seven years we worked and bonded together.
You calmed me down with your gentle chiding, whenever I got emotional.
I truly appreciate your understanding and wisdom which will live with me, for the rest of my life.
I thank God I told you many times how appreciative of you, I was.
But did I say it enough? Sigh...

Your demise has taught me to take noone for granted... and 'make hay while the sun shines.'

Aunty Vickie, I am still at a loss for words but reflecting on your passing, has made me truly realise, we all are saved by God's GRACE, even with our strong faith in God.
We have faith in God ONLY because of God's GRACE.
We are all living daily ONLY by God's GRACE, as stated in the Book of Ephesians Chapter 2, verses 5b and 8
and this blessing must NOT be taken for granted.

5b: "It is only by God’s grace that you have been saved!"
8: God saved you by His grace when you believed and you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God."

God's GRACE is truly sufficient, daily.
Father, help us not to take Your GRACE for granted, henceforth.
You left too soon Aunty Vicky but I cannot question God.
No-one can question God.
I am pained, hurt as there was so much we had planned to do, for our dear Asaba Ladies League and other projects we were mutually passionate about.
I had so much to discuss with you and was waiting for you to get well and stronger but alas, this was not to be.

I have learnt more surely to, 'Make hay while the sun shines.'
I have learnt to 'Do what you have to do today and not leave it till tomorrow.'

Never has it been more vivid in my mind that, 'Noone knows tomorrow.'

Aunty Vicky, you ran your race and ran it well.
Slowly but surely, I will heal. We all will heal.
Thank God for the many and still fresh-in-my-mind, lasting memories, I will always cherish.
Your life was glorious and your memory delightful.
I cannot but smile, when I dwell on our past interractions.

May your beautiful soul continue to rest in peace and I pray JEHOVAH GOD will heal, comfort, uphold, strengthen your dear husband, fill this void with the Holy Spirit presence, every moment and give him the GRACE to bear the loss of his life time companion, in JESUS name. Amen.

I also pray JEHOVAH GOD will continue to comfort, uphold and strengthen, your lovely children, your grandchildren, your supportive siblings, your whole family in general, friends and give them the GRACE to bear this painful loss, in JESUS name. Amen.

I pray JEHOVAH GOD will also comfort us all, in Asaba Ladies League, as you were a gem of a person, a true leader, our assured President, taking the storm and the calm astutely and with your signature smile.

Aunty Vickie, we love you but JEHOVAH GOD loves you more.
Rest on, in perfect peace. Amen.
Rest on 'Black Beauty', rest on...

Love always,
Olufunke Ogeah.
Posted by OLUFUNKE OGEAH on March 16, 2021
Tribute to a fine, elegant, humble and respectful lady. Vickie, rest in peace. You have fought the good fight. Now rest in the bosom of your Creator. You changed Asaba Ladies League meetings to a youthful society. The Lord God will strengthen your family.

Your ‘Special Aunty’ Comfort Hayes.
Posted by Toyin Fujah Adesanya on March 15, 2021
A Tribute To A Very Dear Friend
Boboyin as I fondly called you, words fail me.
Lots to say about my dearest friend, I still cannot comprehend the fact that you have passed on.

You were a friend -so loving, so caring and true! At boarding school in Holy Child College, we had so much fun, especially when we used to play netball I cherish those times! I treasure all the fond memories of boarding school, that I recall with nostalgia.

You had a beautiful life, you were a beautiful person inside and out.
I will forever cherish the time I knew you.
The fond memories linger. Saying I will miss you is an understatement.

At our 50th year reunion, we all had so much fun, you were ever so pleasant, with your infectious laughter! Your active participation on the set platform will be greatly missed, as will the private chats and discussions.

Sleep on beloved! Forever in my thoughts
Quoting Abraham Lincoln
" In the end, It is not the years in your life that counts, It is the life in your years"

Toyin Fujah Adesanya
Posted by Eguarekhide Longe on March 15, 2021
Aunt Vickie, as she came to be known in our LBS EMBA Class of 2001 -2002, was the epitome of propriety. She taught us, younger members of a very diverse and expressive class, the meaning of decorum, the right pronunciation of words, and so much else. She was never haughty at being significantly more experienced than many of us. She was one of the easiest people to relate to because of the true elegance and grace she exuded from within. When she told us of her illness at our Zoom meeting about May or June last year, we rejoiced with her on having made a wholesome recovery. Now I realise that an angelic figure like her must have subconsciously sought to be in 'like' surroundings. I will strive to teach my daughters to emulate the virtue of GRACE that I learnt from associating with the angel that Aunt Vicky is. May your further path be guided lovingly by the servants of the Lord.
Posted by Funke Iroegbunam on March 14, 2021
My Darling Auntie Vickie, ever so sweet, ever so loving, ever so caring.

Sometime in the 1900’s, while I was assisting Mrs. Bridget Itsueli on a youth program, “Why The Church” at the Lagos Resource Centre, I went to drop some things at her home and that was where I first met Auntie Vickie, an elegant and gracious lady with the most beautiful smile. A few years later, we met again on the MBA program at the Lagos Business School and our years of sweet friendship was birthed. Every time I saw Auntie Vickie it was such a delight; if she saw me from distance and I hadn’t seen her, she would always make her way to me with her beautiful smile and I would be so excited to see my darling Auntie Vickie.

My friendship with Auntie Vickie influenced my life and life choices more than she ever knew. I saw in her a woman who truly loved and served God with all her heart and soul.
Her devotion to God and the Catholic Faith was admirable. When ill health restricted her ability to attend Mass at her Parish, Church of The Assumption, Falomo, she was ever so grateful to God that The Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, was close to her home so she could still attend Mass and visit her Beloved Blessed Sacrament.
My interactions with Auntie Vickie, deepened my understanding and appreciation of the teachings of Jesus Christ. As if in confirmation of Matthew 6:26-34, it was always inspiring to see how every worry and concern that she mentioned to me was always beautifully sorted out in a manner that could only have come from God. Witnessing Auntie Vickie’s answered prayers and special gifts from God was an illustration of how God takes care of His loving children and redeems His promises to them.

Auntie Vickie’s loving family bond was exemplary. From the little she shared with me about her family life as a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Sister, I gained an understanding of selfless love. Auntie Vickie was always concerned about the wellbeing of others, her thoughts were always on how to better the lives of others. She had such a kind and caring nature and was truly blessed with wisdom and a large loving heart. With a strong commitment to doing the proper thing, she was fearless and very firm in her beliefs. Her strength of character was such that even when she admonished, it was never harsh or hurtful, but more of correctional.

When Auntie Vickie told me of her health challenges several years ago, I truly believed that it would end as another of those concerns that God would sort out and we would celebrate. In her typical dignified manner, Auntie Vickie carried her health challenges very well and it gladdens my heart that in God’s Infinite Mercy and Special Grace, she received the best of love and care from her beloved Husband, Children, Siblings and friends until her last moments with us.

A beautiful, confident, elegant, well-spoken and cultured lady with a spirit of humility and kindness, radiating a total trust and love of God…… that was my Auntie Vickie. I am certain that Auntie Vickie is at peace in Heaven and has joined the choir of Angels where she most definitely belongs.

We all love Auntie Vickie and will miss her but God Who loves her more has taken her to be with Him. Auntie Vickie, may your Gentle Soul Rest in God’s Perfect peace.

Funke Iroegbunam
Posted by Abah Oputa on March 14, 2021
You will forever be missed. We were in Port Harcourt as kids and then met in Lagos as adults after several years. You always had this lovely smile on your face.
My heartfelt condolences to the entire family. May God grant you all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Rest In Perfect Peace Vickie.
Posted by Ifeyinwa Onochie on March 14, 2021
I remember Sis Vicky as a very quiet and kind person. When I use to come over and spend time with the Rapu family at Ekololu in Surulere, my younger sister sometimes accompanies me, I had one of the best times of my university days with the family. The family was my family away from home, so i did not miss my family much.
The whole family was welcoming and Sis Vicky I remember was so quiet, a woman with few words. The few times she was home she will always ask me or my sister if we were ok.
Her kindness continued as testified by many, so it was not just a fly by kindness. May her gentle Soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name Amen 
Maureen Izegbu
Posted by MArtina Edebor ( NEE Gome... on March 13, 2021
Every set has its stars; members who stand out in everyone’s memory. For me, Vickie was one such star. When I Joined the set in Form 3, I quickly recognized the quiet calming influence that she had on the class. Without being overly dramatic or domineering, she would express her opinion and state her reasons. She was not one who could be pushed around, nor did she bend just to be part of the crowd. Vickie was Vickie; real and unpretentious, with a smile that assured you that her heart was pure.
I reconnected with Vickie during our 50th anniversary reunion in 2019. She had not changed. She was still strong, resolute and indominable. More than once, her commonsense reasoning brought us back on track, or highlighted something we had not thought about. When Vickie spoke, people listened because she was never frivolous. During the reunion mass, she led us in communal pray, with calm sincerity and devotion to the Lord. Throughout the reception, her laughter rang with pure joy, and her beautiful infectious smile lit up the room. Vickie dear, you were beloved, and we will miss you ‘til we meet again in Glory. Rest in Peace dear child of God!
Dr. Martina Edebor (nee Gomes)
Posted by Victoria Okeke on March 13, 2021
From the family of Mr. & Mrs. Okeke and family, we celebrate the passing on of our sister Mrs. Victoria Agili to the bossom of Our Lord.
We remember her standing tall at the alter proclaiming the word of God with her soft voice. We would miss you.
Eternal rest grant onto her Dear Lord, and let thee perpertual light shine upon her and all the faithful departed. Amen!!!
Posted by Lady Franca Baby Ajunam-H... on March 13, 2021
Posted by Funmi Atilade on March 13, 2021
Dearest Vicky. It’s so sad to see you leave us like this. We had just reconnected since 1965 during the planning of our Holy Child College class 50th year reunion in October 2019. You played your part on the committee so diligently despite your illness and also attended the event looking so elegant. You also led us in a song at the reception. We will miss your comments on the class chat group. We your classmates wanted to visit you recently but you declined. God knows best. Sleep well Vicky till We Meet to part no more. Rest In Perfect Peace.
Hon Justice Funmilayo Atilade
Posted by Deji Adeagbo on March 12, 2021
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.
Auntie Vickie as we call you in our MBA class will be sorely missed. Though you were much older than a lot of us , the way you carried yourself and interacted with everyone was exceptional. Respected by all and respectful. Soft spoken, elegant, always with the beautiful smile. At the last class meeting you attended, you told us a little of what you had gone through and we thanked God for your healing. Alas it was the last time we would see you.
You have gone to a better place where there is no sickness or pain. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. The Lord will comfort all the family and friends left behind. It is well.
Posted by Nkechi Adedejink on March 12, 2021
Mrs Agili was my boss at National museum Lagos. Working closely with her was truly rewarding as it accorded me the opportunity to learn from her and to know her on a more personal level. She loved giving , always using her personal resources to solve a problem
She was beautiful inside and out with a heart full of love .
She shall be surely missed.

Posted by Norma Nwoga on March 11, 2021
Mrs Agiliis was avery beautiful lady greatly admired by me
Long before I knew her name i knew her voice
When she read the lesson during Mass it was remarkable experience for me a clear golden smooth voice proclaimig the word of God
I later met Mrs Agili in the Confraternity of Christian Mofhers and in the Board of lectors I found her character worthty of emulation
Beautiful person in every sense of the word warm gentle peaceful welcoming sincere .
I was sad to learn she has passed to Glory
I Pray The Lord grant her Eternal Rest
Posted by Ibiene okeleke on March 11, 2021
My dearest Auntie Vickie I've dreaded writing this tribute, but I know I have to do it, because that's what you would have wanted me to do. That was who you were a true Auntie. We met at the LBS MBA program and we hit it off when we discovered the Asaba connection which meant I had a family member in class.
You are exactly what your Nigerian name say Let's make merry (rejoice) You were ever so joyous full of life until the last day. You always checked up on me and my family and became close friends with my mum and sisters. You followed my career with genuine care and love and when we spoke even after a long time, we would catch up on all that had happened in period we hadn't spoken. We spoke about your children and Uncle and you truly cared for them all. I am so proud of who they are today. A true mum to many.

You were the mother of our MBA class a true and committed Christian always ready to settle disputes amongst classmates with wise counsel. You were elegant graceful with the voice of Angel. I am confident that you are asleep in the bosom of the Lord and we will surely meet at the resurrection morning.

Sleep on my sweet Auntie
Posted by Patrick UGOH on March 11, 2021
There is nothing more certain than death & nothing more uncertain than the time of dying! "To everything there is a season & time to every purpose under d heaven, ' a time to be born & a time to die....' "(Eccl. 3:1-8). You lived a fulfilled life: Gentle, Kind, Contented, Humble, Peaceful & Loving! The Legacies & Examplary life u left will linger in our memory for a long time! Sleep on, in the bossom of our LORD & may God grant d family the fortitude to bear your Departure. AMEN
Posted by Ijeoma Okam on March 11, 2021
Aunty Vicky, your elegance and smile will be surely missed. Your life was an example of grace, humility and gratitude. I thank God for making you a part of my life's journey, You lived a wonderful life and we will surely miss you. May God give us the strength to hold on to the good times. Rest well till we meet again, send my love to my mummy. Keep smiling in the bosom of God. Good night AUNTY......... Sleep well.
Posted by Martina Dike on March 10, 2021
Lady Vickie Kanwulia Agili or “Sis V” as I fondly called her, was truly a “lady” in every sense of the word. She was warm, approachable and elegant with a dignified carriage and poise! She was well spoken with impeccable diction and intonation, she was truthful, sincere and real. With Sis V what you saw, was what you got. She was a very straightforward woman. She had a calm and logical way of analysing every situation and coming up with amicable and satisfactory solutions to any problems you placed before her. Sis V was a woman of God! She truly loved and trusted in His will above all else. We had a habit of touching base with each other every so often and our phone conversations on such occasions would sometimes run into hours. She was such a great conversationalist and I enjoyed chatting with her on various issues, particularly on religious matters. I will certainly miss those phone calls. She was a great listener and always gave true, heart-warming advice on any issue that may be bothering you. I remember sharing with her that she shared the same birthday as my late daughter soon after she passed, and she had such sweet words of consolation. Sis V had a great sense of humour and I will miss her warm, infectious laughter.

Sis V, words cannot describe the shock and pain of hearing of your passing, but I know you are now in a better place and resting in the bosom of the Lord. You fought a good fight and ran a good race and now you have gone to receive your well-deserved Crown of eternal bliss! Rest in Peace my dear sweet sister, and May God continue to console and uphold your family. You left too soon Sis V! But who are we to question God? Sleep on beloved.
Posted by Mary Iyayi on March 10, 2021

All men will someday die but no man can kill their great names. Though quite saddened by the loss of an uninterrupted friendship of fifty six years, I celebrate the passing unto glory of an icon, a woman of substance with a large heart. Her passing is painful to us all but certainly precious to God because precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Evidences abound to show that she was God fearing, thoughtful, peace- loving, confident, hard working, sociable, kind, truthful, strong and very principled woman, who served her God and humanity notably well. A true Catholic. Her ever-ready warm smile and majestic entry into a place made her so special as she always reflected elegance and decency. Her strong command of English Language made her diction a delight to the ears.

My friend was a great room mate, a true encourager, a confidant, detribalized but ever so proud of her Asaba connection. I checked my phone and I cherish her very last post to me..." Amen. Thanks. Love you too" . These are words I will always hang on to as I pull through my grief.

Vickie was a dutiful wife, a devoted mother and a loving grandmother. She truly loved her siblings, a closely knitted family indeed. Though memories are a poor substitute for the loss of her physical presence, remember, she chose to bear her pain and suffering by herself with courage, indicative of her deep love for all. All she kept asking for was our prayers.

May my darling friend's soul rest in perfect peace and may we find comfort and strength knowing she is now resting peacefully in eternal glory with her Maker.
      Sleep on beloved, till we meet at Jesus feet!!!

Mary Iyayi ( née Elebesunu)
Posted by JOYCE ODIACHI on March 9, 2021
Aunty Vickie as we fondly called you. When I remember you, all I see is your smile. Radiating warmth and welcome. I recall the first time I met you at Divine Mercy and I was introduced to you, immediately you heard my name, you promptly invited me to your house for the ADU meeting. And from then on, the rest is history. You always wanted to ensure everyone was satisfied. Missing you is not in doubt, I pray that God grants you eternal rest. And May He bless your family, the way you always wanted. Adieu Aunty Vickie. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Olutosin Karunwi on March 9, 2021
Can anyone tell me if they ever saw her not wearing her ever-smiling face? Christie, her immediate junior was a classmate from Form One right through to School Cert (1968-72) with whom I shared the same name, Christiana. Whenever I visited Christie and she was not around, Sisie Vickie would attend to me and she was always warm and welcoming. I liked visiting their home because it was always full and never a dull moment there.
Back to Sisie Vickie, as we grew older, our paths still seemed to cross; she still remained ever warm, ever smiling and never betraying whatever the circumstances may be. A woman with a heart of gold, beautiful in and out, charitable, down to earth, humane, a woman of pedigree, focused, charming, I could go on and on.
I pray for her Husband and Children (we've never met but Nke speaks glowingly of you for which I am glad), that though what we regard as a loss is a gain to Heaven, God our Father, Jesus Christ our Redeemer and the Blessed Holy Spirit our Guide will bring you deep comfort and peace which passeth all understanding. I sing a song for you "When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll, Whatever my lot Thou has taught me to know it is well, it is well with my soul." IT IS WELL WITH YOUR SOULS.
To Nke and the entire Rapu family (Sister B, Pastor Tony, Angela and lovely Marylene), I say take heart. You know the things you have done for and with our dear Sisie Vickie which should bring joy and happy memories but more importantly is where she has gone.
I pray that, in these present times, with every single and passing bereavement, we all will live with a question in our hearts and minds, "where will I spend eternity?" Very crucial to know. I pray that we will live the life worthy of the price Christ paid for our souls in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.
Sisie Vickie, sun re o, till we meet again at Jesus's Feet.
Y Olutosin Karunwi
(Nke Chizea's Friend)
Posted by Taiwo Lambo on March 9, 2021

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear senior and sister, Mrs Victoria Agili who was an elder sister to one of our year set, Christie Chizea (Née Rapu).

Remembering and thinking of 'Sisi Victoria' brings back sweet memories of a wonderful, caring and extremely warm person. She belonged to that breed of seniors who were not given to harassing and bullying students as they were too busy with their studies and more worthwhile responsibilities. As newly-arrived juniors in 1968, we came to know her and her peers as symbols of 'thoroughbreds'.

The uniform testimony by many of our classmates is that Sisi Victoria treated everyone who crossed her path with utmost respect; she treated her ex-school mates as - not only contemporaries -  but as friends and close associates. Her face always radiated peace and joy. Her smile was genuine from the heart and it warmed the heart. Through her demise, we know Heaven must have been missing an Angel. She has gone to join the Saints triumphant. Sleep on Beloved and take your rest, till we all meet at Jesus' Feet to part no more. We love you, but Jesus loves you more.

To her bereaved  Husband, Children and Grandchildren, and indeed the entire Rapu Family, we pray for God's comfort and consolation as only He can give. It is well.

Tribute by Classmates of Christiana N. Chizea (Née Rapu), Holy Child College Old Girls Association 1968-72 Year Set
Posted by Adenike Coker on March 8, 2021
Lady Mrs Vickie Agili was a co- Lector with us at Church of the Assumption, Falomo. A lovely lady of great pedigree and a seasoned member of the Board of Lectors. She was very dedicated and even persuaded her son Chuka to join the Board at some stage.

The news of her death was a shock because whilst we all knew that she had been ill, as far as I was aware, she had recovered fully and we had all thanked God for her full recovery. But Alas...

I fondly recall her lovely and full smile whenever and wherever she saw me and her always telling different people who whenever they saw me in church with my now very grown up children, felt I did not look like their mother that ‘ oh she started very young ‘! I always tried to correct her by saying I am not that young as in a couple more years plus, I will be joining her in the 6th floor club! A club she was still in before her early passing; early because she left before the biblical age of 7 score and 10 years.

Almighty God knows best and has called our dear sister to her rest. I pray that the Lord grants her eternal rest in his bosom, soothes & comforts her family & loved ones she left behind on their sad loss , with the balm of Gilead. Amen.

Hon. Justice Adenike J Coker ( Mrs)
Posted by Elizabeth Ifeyinwa Mac-Is... on March 8, 2021
1952 – 2021

Lady Vickie Kanwulia Agili and I have been friends for nearly four (4) decades. We met through her cousin, a good friend of mine, Florence Chineze Rapu in London in 1979. At that time, I was a student in North London Polytechnic now University of North London, NW9, and Vickie came to London on study leave from the National Museum Onikan, Lagos where she meritoriously put in years of service until her retirement some years ago. Upon my return to Nigeria in 1981, Vickie and I continued with our friendship. Asides been from the same town, Asaba, our friendship blossomed, up to when she got married and had her two (2) lovely children. We also lived as neighbors in Lawrence Road, Ikoyi.

I will always remember Vickie for her good disposition towards people. Just like water, she flowed easily and had no inhibitions interacting with people. She was quite warm, friendly, and an outgoing person with a good heart. Her leadership traits were second to none. Lady Vickie was always smiling; one could never tell when she’s unhappy. She was a good and loving wife to her husband, children, son in-law and her grandchildren.

Above all, her roles in church activities are worthy of emulation. She devoted most of her time participating in one meeting or another for the benefit of the church. Lady Vickie was a devout Christian, always ready to render helping hands. She really served God with all entirety.

Her untimely demise was quite devastating, sad and unfortunate. Death is real and inevitable. It will surely come to every living soul at the appropriate time. Sleep on our Elegant Black Beauty until resurrection day. You will be sorely missed. May your Beautiful Soul find everlasting rest in the Lord.

Good Night!

Affectionately yours,

Ifeyinwa Mac-Isuman (Nee Ogbogu)
Posted by Ngozi Iyio on March 8, 2021
Lady Victoria Kawulia Agili, you were a devote Christian, a virtues woman, a social icon, a jolly good fellow and your ever cheerful and captivating smiles made you special. You made your self easily accessible to us all and always enquiring about the welfare and development of members of the family and others. A pilar in the life of your Husband and the larger Agili family, always showing care and love to everyone.

Oh, indeed man proposes but God disposes. In May 2018 when you sponsored our son’s wedding with brother Ofili, you were full of life and we thought that your health challenges were over, but God in His infinite wisdom knows better than to leave you in this sinful world.

Adieu my sister of Isele-Azagba connection, go well our wife as we pray that the good Lord, who accepts the righteous to His kingdom in heaven will grant you eternal rest. Amen

May the soul of Victoria Kawulia Agili and the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest in Peace. Amen.

Ngozi and Ifeoma Iyio

Posted by Patricia Omene on March 7, 2021
Auntie Vickie,
You were always smiling , full of energy.Always wanting to know every detail of what is going on in one's life.
When I spoke to you over the phone , your voice was so stronge,never betrayed any weakness , hence the shock l felt .
Well sleep on my great amazon , may your soul rest in perfect peace and God comfort us all in Jesus name till we meet to part no more.
Patricia Omene
Posted by Irene Agbaje on March 7, 2021
Auntie Vickie was always smiling. She had a perfect smile. She was always very pleasant. I remember a few times she teased me about when my next baby was coming.
Growing up, I admired her height and wanted to be as tall as her. To my surprise even in my adulthood she was taller.
We will miss you so much, we love you.
Rest in Peace Auntie.
Posted by Omy Itsueli on March 7, 2021
My Auntie Vickie was true to her nickname, she was majestic, tall, dark skinned, elegant and truly beautiful on the inside and out. She was a woman of great character and belief in God, which was apparent in everything she did. She always was and looked her best and made sure that those she cared about were also at their very best. Which sometimes meant getting some very interesting put downs when you were not in her opinion at your very best. She looked out for everyone of us making sure we were eating enough and for us nieces and nephews also meant we had enough food in our cupboards when not living at home and meant that if she came to visit we had to eat when she thought we were not eating enough, even if we were not actually hungry ourselves, as long as she thought we were not eating right she would insist “we eat the chicken”

Obviously my auntie Vickie has known me my whole life up to this point and has mostly lived close by to me especially when I was much younger, thus as a child her home was like a second home to me and if I wasn’t in her house then her kids, my cousins were at mine complete with their jumpers, which they were not allowed to take off on pain of death as my auntie believed my house was always cold.

She fought like a warrior for the people and things she believed in and that often meant not accepting other people telling her what they thought was best for her and her family. She pretty much was my mum’s twin in looks and deeds and very much her partner in crime and I will miss her greatly. I will miss her voice especially when she called me by my nickname “scololo” as she was the only relative to still use that childhood nickname. I will miss her advice and her smile. She was amazing, she was magnificent and she was and always will be my auntie Vickie.
Posted by Anthonia Ogboro on March 7, 2021
Rest in perfect peace! Gentle lady. I will always remember your smile. I believe that the Sacred Heart of Jesus will honor HIs promises to you . May you find perfect peace. May God comfort your loved ones.
Posted by Bona Egboh on March 6, 2021
What a shame! Sister Vickie, my Sacred Heart sister... You were humble, kind, soft spoken...and God made you as beautiful as your heart. You have gone back to Him... May we and your loved ones have the required grace and fortitude, from God, to bear this irreplaceable loss, Amen.
Posted by Assoc. of the Sacred Hear... on March 6, 2021
We are so heart-broken at the passing of our beautiful and loving member - Sister Vicky Agili.
We thank God for the life Sister Vicky lived and we beg Almighty God to forgive any failing.

As members of the Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, we believe in our Lord Jesus’ promise to be our “refuge during life and especially at the hour of death.” May these words of our Lord comfort and console your entire family.

We pray that the good Lord will grant the Agili family the fortitude to bear this painful loss.
May the soul of Sister Vicky Agili and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace… Amen.
May the Two Hearts of Love continue to bless and protect the entire Agili family, Amen.

Glory to Jesus, honour to Mary!
Posted by Isa Omagu on March 6, 2021
Aunty Vickie is truly as described with the literal meaning of Aunty. She is kind and humble with a calming demeanour that helped stabilised our hot bloods. Some of our class members (Prep. 6 IESE MBA of LBS - January 2001-December 2002), including the author, were on the street in every sense of the word, hustling...We met in a seemingly dysfunctional class that ended up with 100% pass rate. We left no one behind! From tutorials in a house on Calabar Street in Surulere to tales of Group 5 (comprising of sundry members from the business school’s statutory 4 syndicate groups) members’ “waka” after classes on Friday, the class was well under check with the presence of Aunty Vickie and a certain pastoral coverage. There can’t be sufficient space and time to express her essence and so, I take solace in talking about her not in past tense because she lives right here in our hearts into the future. Good bye our dear Aunty Vickie. God bless your soul.
Posted by Ofere Tonia on March 6, 2021
May the sweet gentle soul of Mrs. Vickie rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Omotayo Adeboye on March 6, 2021
Tribute to an amazing leader and mother
Posted by Omotayo Adeboye on March 6, 2021
I lack words to express the painful feelings at the news of your departure oh precious soul. Ever smiling, kind and with your good disposition to make things right with others. You worked in our midst to set an example of a humane people centered leadership. We love you but what can we do when your God who loves you more said come home. We pray your gentle soul continue to rest in peace..Your memories shall forever be in our hearts. Rest on precious one
Posted by Justina Agili on March 6, 2021
Tribute To An Amazing Woman
The word of God says that in all things we should give Him thanks We say thanks for the good and happy life Lady Vickie Kanwulia Agili lived and for the Devine favours bestowed on you through your life time You are a home builder and have always been a happy woman from the way you always smile,bold, confidence and strong willed. The news of your demise came as a shock but we are consoled because our Almighty God knows why it happened You will forever be remembered in our hearts. We pray that the saints of heaven welcome your soul,lead. you safely and grant you perfect rest.       From: Mr & Mrs J. Nduka Agili.
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