MRS VICKY Julia Ama Ampomea

My Love
  • 59 years old
  • Born on October 11, 1958 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on September 26, 2018 in London, St. Thomas’s Hospital, United Kingdom.
This lifetime memorial website in honour of Mrs Vicky Addai-Diawuo (nee Baah) has been created at
Vicky was called home to be with her Lord and Maker on Wednesday September 26, 2018 at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, UK.
Indeed Vicky was a blessed child of God, a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, sister, auntie, cousin and niece; a loyal family woman; a true lovely friend, work colleague, prayer warrior and a joyful companion to know.
Please kindly visit the Justgiving weblink below to donate in support of Vicky’s chosen charities GHAFES, Scripture Union (Ghana), Renew West Africa (Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast and Hornchurch Baptist Church (UK).

Vicky was buried on Friday October 19 2018 at the UPMINSTER CEMETERY, Ockendon Rd, Upminster RM14 2UY. The Committal service which started at 1245 pm was marked by a spontaneous celebratory atmosphere of graveside singspiration”

DRESS CODE: Black & White (where possible)

Details of The Service of Celebration were as follows:

Date: Friday 19 October 2018

Time: 10am prompt.


The Service of Thanksgiving followed, at 1:30pm in the ROMFORD BAPTIST CHURCH HALL, by music, Tributes and refreshments UNTIL 4PM. Clearing up and shutting RBC was completed by 5pm.

The traditional Ghanaian “one week celebration” took place at Vicky's family home in Hornchurch on Saturday 6th October 2018 from 4pm- 10pm in a lovely atmosphere, listening to some of Vicky’s favourite Christian inspirational songs in the pleasant company of the many well wishers.

Many thanks to all friends, loved ones, church family, neighbours, work colleagues, and acquaintances who were able to come in their numbers to mourn with Vicky’s entire family. 

“Indeed, The Lord turns our sorrow into joy as we gratefully receive His strength for each day”

Posted by Albert Hackman on 24th December 2018
We encountered her only for some few days in Ghana. We engaged her in earnest prayers trusting God to restore her to good health. Unfortunately, our expectation was embraced with an unpleasant news disclosed to us personally her beloved husband, “My wife has passed away, thank you for the prayers.” We were shocked to here that. Nevertheless we admit that the ways of God are not our ways neither are his thought ours. May her soul rest in Perfect Peace. We love her and the family much. ALBERT H. SAKYI For PATMOS Prayer & Retreat Centre Staff
Posted by Mary Jemima Amoako 13715 on 28th November 2018
I thank the Lord for knowing Aunty Vicky and the family. She was a woman of God and always lovely to be with. Indeed,she was also a woman of substance.You will always be remembered and missed.
Posted by Osei Tutu Agyeman-Duah on 8th November 2018
What a shock!! Akwasi, may the Great Lord sustain you in this trying time with His constant assurance and lovingkindness. Vicky, you will certainly be missed. I remember all the times and seasons of laughter you easily created and the warmth you brought to those times. I can't find the words to express what I really feel within but He who loves us best has whisked you away from us to Himself that he may enjoy you. Enjoy His presence and when He deems it fit we shall certainly see each other and celebrate Him together who has made us all one in Him.
Posted by Comfort Afriyie on 26th October 2018
Vicky we didn't get in touch with each other as we should or tried to find out what was happening in each others life as we ought to and now you are gone. It's been hard for me to take it in and I am sorry. I have been moved by all the good testimonies people have been given about the life you led on this earth and I am proud of you. Vicky you've left this earth but you've become a guardian angel for Kwasi, Afuah, Abbie, Jeremiah, Joshua and Sofia and will always guard and protect them. Rest in peace Vicky
Posted by Prince Obiri-Mainoo on 20th October 2018
Beloved Vicky, We don't remember ever meeting you in person but through our relationship with Akwasi, you became part of the global Chrife family and therefore our own when the Lord brought you together in holy matrimony. Through the many posts by Akwasi on social media, emails, phone calls and whenever we got the chance to meet with Akwasi, we got to know who you truly are as a wife, a mother, people's friend and a unique Christian to all who got the chance to interact with you, even for a brief moment. To this, we are proud of and to read more about after being called home by your Maker. May your legacy live on for children everywhere and generations to know about. Akwasi, as we celebrate Vicky's life, may the Lord Himself be your pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night while she rests comfortably in her Lord's bosom! Vicky, together with May, we wish you a blissful rest till we all meet on the beautiful shore someday! Adieu!!
Posted by Vida Guinn on 20th October 2018
Sister Vic, you & your 1975 mates at Aburi Girls did a fantastic job in settling us down in to our school annexe Metico when we started our 5 year secondary school education. You were gentle, funny, but firm with us & have made us who we are today. We are all so lucky to have met you. Vida Aidoo 1979 yr group AOGA
Posted by Sarah Williams on 18th October 2018
My dearest Vicky, you started as my Manager and then became my friend. You are a true inspiration and my life is much richer having you as a part of it. I will miss you terribly God bless x
Posted by Claudette Harding on 18th October 2018
Vicky was a loving, caring and Godly lady who I feel privileged to have known. I thank God for bringing Vicky into my life 30 odd years ago. That casual social meeting with Vicky and Akwasi, marked a pivotal point in my life. I can honestly attribute my being here in the UK, to God bringing them into my life at just the right time. When we later met in the UK, Vicky was her usual thoughtful and caring self as she enthusiastically helped me with my wedding plans. She was like family, willingly offering help with arrangements and being there for me on the day itself with her little daughter who was my flower girl. Over the years we drifted as work and family life ensued. However Vicky was always willing to offer advise and help wherever there was a need. Vicky, you will forever hold a special place in my heart. I'm so glad I met you and Akwasi all those years ago in Freetown. I believe that you are in a good place now, no more pain, just pure peace and joy in the presence of our Lord Jesus. May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Emily Masters on 18th October 2018
Dear Vicky, Some of the happiest times of my life were spent in your house (usually making a mess of the kitchen!) and I will always remember the way you asked how I was and what I was up to with a smile, usually followed by a laugh when I told you! I remember a friend referring to you as ‘a wise woman’, and that always stuck in my mind when I thought of you. To echo Katie’s words, that now lives on in your daughter, Afua, who I am proud to call my friend. Many of the things I know and love about her I can see are from you, and I am eternally grateful to you for that. With love, Emily
Posted by Martha Wade on 17th October 2018
Sister Vicky, I saw you as an example of the Proverbs 31 woman; I admired you from a distance; it is just unfortunate that I never got round to making this known to you. Perhaps I represent the many lives you touched that eternity alone can one day reveal. I am grateful to God for you - Rest In Perfect Peace!
Posted by Elizabeth-Ivy Adomako on 17th October 2018
1 Corinthians 15:55 (KJV) 55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? Dear God, When my heart is overwhelmed, please lead me to the rock of consolation that is higher than I. Vicky my sister, Vicky my dear friend, Vicky the peaceful lady, Vicky the prayer warrior. Why now, Vicky? This good bye is too painful to forget. I remember our times together as kids and young ladies- our times we spent together, the bed we shared together and the many stories you told me. You were such a great sister and a role model. You were always full of laughter and ready to listen to me. I’m honoured to have been a part of your life. Memories of your kindness that had no boundaries will remain in my heart forever. I am glad I witnessed your God-fearing life while we were young till your departure- I vowed to teach my children to know, believe and trust in God just like you did. Death has laid its icy hands on my sister. This vacuum can never be filled. My heart is deeply broken but I take consolation in the fact that heaven has finally met that wonderful, cheerful, entertaining and charming soul the Father always spoke of. He knows what is best for you. Thank you for giving the world the chance to know you. I love you my sister. I love you Vicky, and I always will. Rest In Perfect Peace Till We Meet Again.
Posted by Francis Arthur on 16th October 2018
Paul said," I'm torn between two desires: I long to go and be with Christ, which would be far better for me...…" (Philippians 1:23) My Great and Dear Sister Vicky, it would seem that you chose this path. My Sister, you had been wonderful in every way and you have lived a great life. Your hard work - putting your all in all that you undertook, your gentleness and uprightness were very emulative. Your smiles were always infectious. You were gracious and your personality was wonderful. Even though you have left holes in your beloved hearts, we are heartened by the life you lived - just as the Lord wanted/required.
Posted by Marian Affoh on 16th October 2018
Sister Vicky! was how we your maternal cousins affectionately knew and called you. Though you were several years our senior you never made us feel as if we did not count or matter in your presence. You would call each and everyone of us by name whether present or absent to enquire about how we were faring and even till your last breath when it was evident all was not well you still carried out this amazing roll call asking about each relative and how they were faring. Alas! Little did l know that it was to be the very last one. Words will never be enough for me to tell the world what you meant to us. Your spring like and feisty gait so full of life, your ever ready smile even during serious family deliberations, your funny expressions of " hmmm" "l see", " is that so?" "Really" "no problem" will forever resonate with us. What amazed me most was how you could pronounce certain words as if the words were being literally written out in your speech. You could say for instance, "hmmmm this is v-e-r-y i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g" and one could hear each vowel and consonant being prounced separately, a voice l always mimicked whenever l remembered or missed you and cousins n relatives would say "yes that sounds like Vicky" Despite your long stay abroad your humility and simplicity was absolutely amazing! It never ceases to amaze me when on one of your regular visits to Ghana l went and bought kenkey a typical Ghanaian delicacy normally consumed for breakfast and l bought corned beef and sardines for you and certain tiny specie of fish or"woevi" or "one man thousand" as is popularly known in local parlance for myself. Upon presenting you with the meal you immediately selected the fish which was of inferior quality to the corned beef et all and ate it with relish all the time saying " this is what l really want". Sister Vicky, though times spent with you were few and far between, we find our experiences with you very enriching and fulfilling. Your approach to life, your 'never giving up' attitude, your uprightness, forthrightness, concern, for family, the extent of care for others even in moments of suffering such as regular texts to me to check on uncle Brown's health, will forever leave indelible marks and create footprints we shall forever seek to follow. Sister Vicky, l shall forever cherish the great effort you made to see me, hug and chat with me during your last moments on Mother Earth. Our dearest and most cherished Cousin Vicky, you are gone but you remain in our hearts forever. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of your Maker who made you, gifted you to us for an appointed time and called you into His eternal rest at the appropriate time. May heaven's Sweet dew fall gently, very gently on you. "Sister Vicky! Wure! Wure! Wure!. De Okose!
Posted by Francis Adjei-Mensah on 16th October 2018
It's so difficult to let go of a loved and close member of our family such as Sis. Vic, as we affectionately used to call her. It really still sounds unbelievable, because memories of her visit to us in Ghana, to Accra and to Kumasi, and the time spent with her, are so fresh in our minds. Our lunch together in Accra, the visits to family members, the time of prayer in Kumasi, driving with her around to get a few things, the gifts to our children, the farewell at the airport; these memories are so fresh, we simply find it really hard to say a final goodbye. We really have no choice though. Oh... if we could turn back the clock of time, wouldn't we have done that for you, Sis Vic. We did pray earnestly that you will get well, but our God knows what is best for you. Thank you for your time spent with us, for all the support, love and care shown. We will miss you greatly. From Ecclesiastes 3:4 we are weeping, but we know you are laughing in heaven. We are mourning but you are dancing in heaven. You have fought a good fight and left us an example to hold on to. Thank you, valiant soldier of The Lord. To everything, there is indeed a season and a purpose. Till we meet again, fare thee well, our dear Sister, Auntie, Friend and In-law. From Francis, Vida and the entire family.
Posted by Matthew Kyeremeh on 16th October 2018
What a shame to lose a very lovely and hospitable lady in Vicky. I was privileged to know you through your husband when we visited your home and on other social occasions of support for me and for pleasure. You showed yourself to be adorable, gentle and a real lady of grace and substance. Unfortunately I will not be able to be present to support your husband and the family at this time of your departure. But I pray for God's loving and everlasting kindness to you and comfort to the family you have left behind. God be with you till we meet again.
Posted by Lacey B on 15th October 2018
I am so very sorry for your loss. Our Creator purposed for us to live forever, so having to cope with the death of a loved one feels very unnatural. Soon, we will be able to experience d truthfulness of Gods promise "And the last enemy, death, is to be brought to nothing" (1 Corinthians 15:26). What better hope than to know that God will very soon bring an end to death and all the pain we face (Revelation 21:4). My sincere condolences to all who knew and loved Vicky.
Posted by Kwaku And Mary Aboagye on 15th October 2018
Vicky was a very calm and intelligent lady. She was a stable and prayerful Christian. Also she was kind to all and a very supportive wife. Vicky, we will miss you dearly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Akwasi and the family.
Posted by Mark Felstead on 14th October 2018
Greatly saddened as I am to hear that dear Vicky has left us, I also rejoice that she enjoys the glory of Eternity with her Lord Jesus. I cherish the memories of love and fellowship I enjoyed with you in Hornchurch, dear Akwasi and Vicky, and ask for the Lord’s deepest blessings of comfort and peace upon all the family at this time. Vicky was a beautiful lady who touched and inspired many with her kindness, hospitality and Christian example. Her legacy is the many lives she enriched in all she was and all she did. ‘They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.’ Isaiah 40.31
Posted by Simon Baah on 12th October 2018
My dear sister Vicky was a hardworking Christian,who made a lot of positive contribution to society. She was good-tempered and had a calm and gentle spirit which I know many would testify to. I spoke to her a few days before we heard the dreadful news,and I remarked on how well she sounded.The call was to be followed up with a visit within days,but she heard a higher call and answered to it. I have fond memories of the time we were growing up together in our family home....memories which I will cherish forever. The last time I saw Vicky was in Accra on the 16th of August when we had a meal together. little did I know it was to be our last meal with her. We love Vicky dearly and will surely miss her a lot. May she rest peacefully in the loving arms of Jesus. Kakra A Baah
Posted by Judith Beckford on 11th October 2018
Vicky, today you would have turned 60 years old. A day I know you would have embraced, celebrated and enjoyed. Enjoy your day Dear Vicky...Happy Heavenly Birthday.x
Posted by Kofi Owusu on 11th October 2018
Vicky, it pains me to think that I would not see you again this side of our world. When Gladys and I bid you and your family goodbye on Wednesday, 22 August we had no idea it was our final bye. The pain is much and I still shed tears. The comfort is that you are in a better place where you're free - free from illness and pain and medication. You touched many lives and you will be remembered fondly and missed greatly. Rest in peace beautiful sister. You have fought the good fight. Ayekoo!
Posted by Akua Kyere-Diabour on 11th October 2018
Oh my darling Vicky, today the 11th of October would have been your 60th birthday. But you are not here with us. Oh how I miss you very much. With so much tears flowing down my cheeks, I thank God for the precious times I spent with you. You are remembered today my dear. Rest in Peace
Posted by Joyce Bee on 11th October 2018
Your 60th birthday is here my dear friend, but it's sad to recall that you are not here to celebrate it with your loved ones. As you dance and rejoice in heaven, we are remembering you and celebrating your life on Earth. May your loved ones in heaven and the angels, sing with you a song of joy to praise your Redeemer for a beautiful life shared on earth with us all. Happy birthday my dearly beloved friend. We miss you.
Posted by Cristina Oliveros Calvo on 9th October 2018
Posted by Fiona McLurg on 8th October 2018
I can still hear Vicky's dulcet tones of "Hello, my dear" that were always so warm and inviting. She has championed me and my sister for 22 years, encouraging us, giving advice and becoming like an aunty. She was not afraid to speak directly and challenge me about a matter but always in a gentle and caring way. I am grateful for all the advice she gave. Vicky and I were both recently part of the team recruiting for a new youth worker at church. Her experience and insight was so valuable, and she was full of joy when she met Hollie, who we employed. I know her desires for the future were that the youth work would grow and flourish. She absolutely believed in raising faith levels to beyond what we can see in the natural, and she believed in the future of the church. Ever an inspiration to me and she will continue to be. Everyone should have a straight-talking and kind-hearted woman like Vicky in their lives. To me, she was an absolute treasure and I miss her deeply. I love the Addai-Diawuo family and I'm blessed to know them all.
Posted by Emmanuel Awuah on 8th October 2018
Sister Vicki, sad to see you leave this earth suddenly and so young. You life was short, but your soul lives on forever. May we all be comforted by God's protection and preservation of your soul for eternity. That's perfect peace. Priceless. May Brother Akwasi, the children and the entire family be encouraged that God is proud of Sister Vicki's Christ-like life on earth, albeit so short. She is now in her Father's house enjoying her full royalty as a beloved daughter. Shalom!!!!!
Posted by Katie McLurg on 8th October 2018
I didn't have an official godmother and wished I had. I remember asking my mum and dad when I was younger who mine was and not getting an answer that satisfied little Katie, stubborn and single-minded as she was. I wanted a godmother and they had not provided one. You saw that little girl and you prayed for her, you lifted her up and encouraged her, you loved her and laughed with her as she grew from a silly teenager who wore jeans to a wedding to a little chat that neither of us expected to be our last the week we lost you. Thank you for putting up with my nonsense, mummy. Thank you for all the times you chose to extend me a warm chuckle instead of a clip around the ear. Thank you for buying me books and memory systems to nurture my spiritual growth. Thank you for the prayers you spoke over me, the ones I heard and the many I did not. Thank you for always taking an interest, for getting me a summer job and providing advice that will last a lifetime; memorable often because it reduced me to fits of laughter. I promise you that when I meet a man I will make sure we have more to talk about than pizza, that he won't be a fly by night Christian and that he'll be washed in the blood, not just the water! I can't help but feel as we go through losing you that what would make it better would be that mischievous glint in your eye and the quiet comfort you always provided by merely entering a room. I looked forward to seeing you the most every Easter, for our hot cross bun and counselling sessions in North Street Halls. I long to hear one of your stories now, get a solid dose of that advice and have one of your lovely warm cuddles. Thank you also for raising my beautiful best friend into a sound and loyal partner in crime. I am so thankful that your memory lives on through Afua, in the laughter and the faithfulness she daily brings to my life...not to mention that self-same weary amused shake of the head that you both offer me so liberally. You have truly left a legacy on this earth and you deserve every bit of credit for it. I am humbled to read through the tributes of the many lives you touched through your patient and faithful service. It is inspiring. Most of all, thank you for choosing to be my godmother, we adopted each other in that way, and I'm so so grateful to Papa God that my mum and dad didn't choose one for me but that He did. Goodbye for now mummy, I love you.
Posted by Sam And Evelyn Onwona on 8th October 2018
Akwasi As I informed you via phone conversation we were shocked to receive the news of Vicky's departure to glory land from Rev. Kofi OWUSU. We visited with you, Vicky and the little children, now adults, some 30 years ago when we overnighted in London on our way home on leave. When I called you, your first comment was SHAHUR! You and I know the fond memories from Legon Hall behind SHAHUR. The vibrant life and sweet smile of Vicky is still a strong memory of her. The tributes here reflect a gathering of the saints.... A true family reunion including my Legon Room mate JAM. Akwasi, take heart and be comforted for we shall all meet Vicky again in the Resurrection if Christ should tarry. She is temporarily, not forever, missed. YAAKO. SIS. VICKY. REST IN PERFECT PEACE TILL WE MEET AGAIN.
Posted by Kwasi Sampong on 8th October 2018
Vicky was like a sister to me, Akwasi was not only my secondary school classmate, we were like brothers. Vicky was a gentle, graceful, selfless, smiling and praying woman. A person who bore her pain bravely and without complaining. Even though we grew apart and across continents, anytime we met it was a grand reunion! Within 2 months of her departure I had the opportunity to fellowship with Vicky and Akwasi in London and briefly in Accra. If I had known that it was our last meeting.... Fare well Vicky. We’ll definitely have a final Grand Reunion soon.
Posted by Sheena Frost on 7th October 2018
I shall remember Vicky's gentle spirit and how much she glowed with the Holy Spirit. She was an inspiration to us all, never dwelling on her sickness, but praying for others and supporting the Healing Rooms ministry, where we met. I am thankful for her and Akwasi and for their kindness to me in recent months.
Posted by John McLurg on 7th October 2018
It was with huge sadness that we received the news of Vicky's death. What springs to mind about her as we write this short tribute? Firstly, her Christian faith and love for God and her Saviour, clearly displayed over many years and in many situations, some of them difficult, but always expressed with a solid and steadfast faith and belief. She had a Godly wisdom which of course could be trusted and she brought that insight and clarity to many situations. We are sure that Hackney Council where she worked with such commitment and diligence for so many years would have been the beneficiaries of that wisdom on countless occasions. She never appeared to persue anything of her 'own agenda', instead seeking to serve others first with a lovely, gracious, servant heart. Even when she had a personal achievement to celebrate she would be the first to share it with others who had been part of the team who had supported her. She was a person to look up to was a loyal and loving wife to Akwasi and a wonderful mum. She displayed an outstanding example in both roles to others. Oh for more wives and mothers like Vicky!! She was also someone who acted as a mentor to many others in the most natural of ways and a lovely encourager to younger people and adults alike. She had a lovely smile and sense of humour. You could stand in a room watching her chatting to other people and it would not be long before the conversation would be punctured with laughter. She brightened any room with her presence. In her employment with Hackney Council, we don't know everything she was responsible for, but we do know of her incredible commitment to her job and her colleagues. She consistently sought the best for both her colleagues and the Council. Whatever condition Hackney Council was in when she started, along with fellow management colleagues, she will left it in a much improved state. I would encourage those of her colleagues who remain, to continue that good work and solid foundations. In her role, she was tremendously hard working, a person of talent and perseverance - three much needed qualities in any pressured environment like a very busy Council. Her death leaves a big and permanent void. Most particularly this void will be felt in the lives of her immediate family and closest friends and colleagues, as well as those who knew her well in Ghana, who she loved and supported with Akwasi in a wonderful generous way on so many occasions. This said, the ripples of her absence will go much further and many more, including ourselves will say quietly but very appreciatively "thank you God, that we knew Vicky." Stewart and Helen
Posted by Linda-Jean Hammond 9 on 7th October 2018
To my Dearest Aunty Vicky, words cannot quantify the pain and grief I feel knowing that you are gone. I will forever cherish my memories of you and you will always live on in my heart. Thank you for gifting me with such precious memories of laughter and joy as a child. I love you dearly and wish I did not have to say goodbye. Until we are reunited. Linda-Jean xx
Posted by Shannon Forte on 6th October 2018
Words cannot express how dear a friend Vicky was. I met Vicky in 1988 when we joined Hackney Benefits Service. We became friends and this friendship blossomed over the years . I loved Vicky's positive attitude and ability to encourage even in the most dire situations. She has supported me in so many ways providing invaluable advice and accompanying me to many events. Her love for Christ and compassion for others has spurred me on to reach out more to others.
Posted by Gerald Assifuah-Eshun on 6th October 2018
My thoughts are with the family. Mrs Addai was approachable, pleasant & reasonable and It was always nice to see Mrs Addai embrace my boy, her grandson Paakwesi (Joshua). The rest of my family concurs. May her graceful spirit be with the family as you are taking your call in the higher abode.
Posted by Jennifer Wynter on 6th October 2018
Vick Vick, I miss saying good morning to you and hearing you call me dearest. I miss the funny stories of life in Ghana and ‘records night’, of your first pop concert, Jamiroquai, when you got the dress code so wrong and many more. I miss your stern looks and sighs of ‘oh Jennifer!’ And your caring ways for our team. You have left a big hole, irreplaceable. You changed the world, for the better, for many people. I feel privileged and proud to have known you. Akwesi, and family, my prayers are with you x
Posted by Miranda Sunu on 6th October 2018
Vicky, I am lost for words. My heart is grieved. You mentioned that you will be away on holiday for 3 weeks in August. I cannot believe you have gone but I am comforted knowing that you are at peace in God's presence. Vicky, a God fearing, prayer warrior, hard working, conscientious, caring and loving friend. You will be forever missed. Rest in peace. By Miranda Sunu
Posted by Marion Roberts on 4th October 2018
My dear friend Vicki. I think of you every day and can't believe I won't see you again. It was lovely to be able to share with you, to laugh with you. Your prayers were amazing. You were an inspiration to many by your faith in our Lord. I know we will see each other again and Akwasi my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family . May you feel His Peace.
Posted by Val Harding on 4th October 2018
My love and prayers to Akwasi and family at this very sad time. Vicky was an amazing woman who will never be forgotten. May you know the peace of God which passes all understanding.
Posted by Akua Kyere-Diabour on 4th October 2018
Oh my dear Vicky, we are still finding it hard to accept that you are gone. You were an exceptional woman of faith, courage and love. Even in your pain you still administered real love, compassion and care to others. My family and I were also beneficiaries of your sacrificial love and care. When I lost my dear husband, you and Akwasi were there when we needed you. You always had a solution for us when we faced life challenges. Although we are saddened to loose you, but we are grateful to God that you are in a better place where there is no pain or suffering. Your memory and your sacrificial love as well as care for us will remain with us forever. Kofi, kwabena, Afia and Kwasi are devastated but convinced that you are in the best place. Farewell my dear sister. Rest in perfect peace till we meet again.
Posted by Angela Dale-Powell on 4th October 2018
Dear Vicky, I am proud that you called me 'friend'. I can hear your voice and your laughter. As I think of you, I see your smile. Thank you for the many Friday evenings spent in prayer. Thanks to you, Akwasi, Afua and Abbie for all of the birthday celebrations we shared. Thank you for all of the love. You will always live in my heart. I will see you in Glory. Angiexxx
Posted by Jan Miley on 4th October 2018
I have not known Vicky for very long - our meeting was through Healing Rooms. I remember her beautiful smile and gentle spirit, but also know she was a prayer warrior and we so appreciated knowing she was praying for us and for the work. One of my favourite memories is seeing her joining in and dancing during a Healing Rooms conference in Halifax . Her joy was infectious and the sense of victory that she had done it was wonderful. Treasured memories of a lovely woman of God.
Posted by Florence Brantuo on 3rd October 2018
The last time I saw you sister Vicky, was at the Roneo Tesco in Romford with your dear husband, we had our little usual chat about our children. How little did I know that, it was going to be my last time of seeing you. My heart is aggrieved. But God knows best. Rest in peace my dear, God be with you. Til in heaven we all meet again. Love always ....Florence xxx (Martha's sister)
Posted by Ofosua Ammah on 3rd October 2018
The news of your passing Is more than sad We do not mourn As the world does But it doesn't make it less painful We know you rest In the bosom of our Lord But you will surely and sorely be missed The words we have of you now Are gemstones of our memories And the influence of your impact We celebrate your life As we mourn your passing Auntie Vic Damrifra due Da yie Till we meet again Rest well
Posted by Gavin Lee on 3rd October 2018
It was with great sadness that I heard of your passing, but I know that you have gone to be with Christ. I am reminded of Philippians 1:21-22 and know that you are enjoying the many eternal blessings in heaven that you built up faithfully following Jesus. You are deeply missed.
Posted by Martha Wade on 3rd October 2018
TRIBUTE IN HONOUR OF MRS VICKY AMA ADDAI-DIAWUO BY APOSTLE JUDE HAMA (Former Senior GHAFES Staff & General Director/CEO Scripture Union Ghana) “Absent from the body, present with the Lord!” is a Bible text that assures me of where a loved one like Vicky is after going through the portals/gate of death into eternity. Our beloved Vicky is present with the Lord – perfectly free at last: free from the presence of evil and sin, free from sickness and disease; free from pain and decay. She is now sharing the most comfortable company of Christ Jesus – her Saviour and Lord in Heaven! Yes, Vicky has taken the lead to perfect bliss and peace!! On my first GHAFES ministry trip to Britain, about 30 years ago, and while in London, Vicky went with me to STL – Christian Publishers, in Sussex to look for books for the students ministry back in Ghana. That was followed by numerous practical services and support for me as GHAFES staff. And for twenty years as CEO of Scripture Union, Ghana (1990-2010) Vicky was to us a queen of Christian hospitality when we were in London. Infact Vicky and her beloved husband Akwasi ran a Ghana Missionary home in London. Their two daughters lost count of the many Christian uncles & aunts from Ghana they hosted in their home. Each of my visits with Vicky and Akwasi were unique. A few stand out in my memory. It was the year 1994; I was on visit to Britain with my wife Judith to attend Scripture Union International Leaders Conference in Northampton. While in the conference, Judith went to see Dr Felix Konotey Ahulu at Cromwell Hospital, London. Dr Konotey Ahulu rang me the following day and quipped, “Judith had a challenge that landed her on admission in Korle Bu Hospital earlier in the year … on my medical review, she would not survive another bleeding. She needs immediate gynaecology surgery”. We needed to think about funds and a host in London. Vicky and Akwasi without hesitation agreed to host us and in a few days drove us to the London Royal Hospital for surgery. That medical intervention was successful, Thank you Vicky. Thank you Vicky for the evenings we had together on my visits to London on news update, prayer, and project visions and dreams for the years ahead. Vicky, you loved Christ genuinely and served Him and the brethren. The “Chrife” brothers and sisters celebrate your love for Christ and for the brethren. We will miss you greatly. Beloved Sister, enjoy your well-deserved rest in Christ our Lord. Rest in Perfect peace!! Amen.
Posted by Abigail Baah on 3rd October 2018
A week has gone since your death, Aunty. This still seems unreal. As I sit and reflect your life, I'm thankful to God for the life you lived, I'm thankful to God for the lives you impacted, I'm thankful God for your honesty and all the encouraging words you gave to me. You will truly be missed. May God strengthen all the family as well as friends. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding rest upon each of us as we grieve. John 14.27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.
Posted by Kofi Asante - Larbi on 3rd October 2018
VICKY was compassionate,truly loving,caring,kind and affable.She was amazingly intelligent,well mannered and extremely friendly. Friends /family and workmates close to her benefited greatly from these attributes and we are proud and feel privileged to have known her. Time is too slow for those who wait Too swift for those who fear, Too long for those who grieve, Too short for those who rejoice, But for those who love,time is eternity. May her soul rest in eternal peace. I will miss you.
Posted by Sandrine Chopra on 3rd October 2018
My family and I first met vicky and husband Akwasi when we went to Hornchurch Baptist church In 2011. Our friendship developed over the years and they both became a great influence in our lives and also in our Christian faith. Vicky was such a great friend , very caring , sincere in her love and wise . She was a prayer warrior, full of the Holy Spirit and always there for us as a family . One of the last scripture we share together was this ; But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall. - Malachi 4:2 To which we both said Amen . Well vicky you are certainly in a better place now , dancing in the presence of your saviour in glory . vicky we will always remember you, we thank Jesus for the many blessings of having shared friendship and fellowship with you ,Goodbye for now .. Until we meet again in eternity . Our prayers and thoughts are with you Akwasi and the family , may you find comfort In the arms of the Father . With love Sanjeev, sandrine Mimi and Shayan.
Posted by Florence Mante on 3rd October 2018
Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the spirit they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them. (Rev. 14: 13) Vicky, many have gathered to mourn your transition to a better place prepared for you by the Lord. The news of your passing away was a blow because we were together a few weeks ago in Ghana. Little did we know you visited to say good bye to us. You were a true friend. You opened your home anytime we visited the United Kingdom. Amazing Grace School in Ghana is grateful for your contributions and sponsorship of some of our students. You loved to see the students get proper education and so you and Akwasi visited the school and promised your continuous support. We love you and cherished our times together. We know the God we serve knows better and everything He does is good. Fair thee well our dear sister. May you rest in the bosom of our maker. We will surely meet again in eternity. REST IN PEACE, VICKY DA YIE.
Posted by Senyo Tetteh on 3rd October 2018
Tribute to A Dear Sister Vicky Julia Ama Addai-Diawuo My first time of meeting Vicky was when in 1986 our two families coincidentally moved to the United Kingdom, we from Liberia and the Addai-Diawuos from Sierra Leone both countries in West Africa. I was immediately impressed by her quiet spirit, humour, energy and ready smile. As I got to know her better, I realized that Vicky was a committed Christian, who loved to pray, had great faith and loved Jesus passionately. She together with her husband Akwasi would often take the initiative or seize any opportunity to serve the cause of Christ and make Him known. Our two families were linked in a very close way by our Christian faith, background, similar circumstances, mutual friends and our commitment to provide leadership to the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students Associates in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, we met quite often at Christian fellowship meetings and socially. Through our interactions, I observed that in addition to the above mentioned qualities, Vicky was also a very loving and a generous person who provided hospitality to all and sundry in their home, this she did together with her wonderful, indefatigable and affable husband. I often stayed with them during my recent visits to London, and I will like to testify that very few of us Christians, can make so many people feel so much at home in our houses. Vicky would be sorely missed and our consolation is that she is better off in heaven where she belongs rather than on earth. Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.” Revelation 14:13 NIV

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