Shared by Kena Flaxton on September 6, 2013

I am still in shock that my good friend right from the days of Bellview airline flights into Amsterdam is no more. It has been a while since we saw each other probably sometime in 2002 just after you opened your Lagos office where we used to hang out when you were in town. I have been meaning to get in touch with you but had no means of doing so since I left Naija. But this evening, Sept. 6th, something made me google your name and this is the first page I opened.

I am short for words, where do I start. Totally did not expect this. Vic what happened? Oh Jehova in heaven please let it not be true.

Vic, I remember when I used to go drop of messages and packages from you to your lovely wife in navy quarters across the Badagry expressway from Festac town. The good times we had together both in Amsterdam and in Lagos. The lots of friends I met through you in Amsterdam.

You were truely an amazing human being.

Vic you were a strong tower of the Nigerian community in Amsterdam. I am witness to the lots of people you helped and who looked to you as a big brother in a strange land.

I still recall the laughter, the wonderful meals I ate at your house and there was a birthday for your wife that I attended in Lagos.

I remember the blue Ford Ka you had when I first met you in Amsterdan. All the fun I made of you trying to get into it and the difficulties we had trying to load cargo into it

Big bros Vic, the good Lord would guide your soul to eternal rest and protect those you left behind.

Henry Kena Chuba,


Lake Forest



A memorial was held for my lovely father in Europe. a great nite to remember ALL IN WHITE. I LOVE U DAD.

Shared by VICTORIA ASIBOJA on December 6, 2011


Shared by VICTORIA ASIBOJA on December 6, 2011

i snap this when my dad was busy in his office VIC-BIZ

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