Let the memory of Victor Gene be with us forever
  • 18 years old
  • Born on February 17, 1983 in Hollywood, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 28, 2001 in Orange County, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Victor Brown II 18 years old , born on February 17, 1983 and passed away on April 28, 2001. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Mary Green-Hosea on 29th April 2018
Vic....I wasn't sure how I would feel mentally 4/28/18 for this is year 17 and you were only 18 when you went home to glory. I spoke with Anntawn and Victor yesterday; they were ok. Well, Victor was chilling (laying around doing nothing). He is still my best friend who sits on my nerves. Well, to make a long story longer I did just fine and so did babies (Vicky). Vic, I truly miss you...not one day has gone by in 17 years where I've not thought of you nor mention your name. I just purchase another automobile in blue, your favorite color. I didn't feel your presence near me yesterday, however; your grandfather stopped by for a quick moment. Baby... I'm fine and (babies) are scheduled to graduate college again, September 2018 we know you will be there and proud of her...I will find time in the near future to add more photos, music etc. Love always and forever (mom)
Posted by Patricia Thomas on 17th February 2018
Pacman another year with missing your presences. I know that you are there, helping all of the newcomers.there are some clowns out there killing up school kids, and other clowns (the po po) taking us out. What has happen to this world. Well continue to kick it with the rest of the family, until we meet again. So you and miss you so much. We got your mom and tortor.
Posted by Patricia Thomas on 28th April 2017
Hi Pacman, another year has gone. We love and miss you so much. Gary jr is a music teacher. Nana has two degrees, working on three. They love and miss you so much. I and they think of you everytime that we pass by the lake. We are also very proud of vicki, she is doing it. Your mom needs auntie of the year for pushing cece to keep on keep on. This girl graduated from H.S and now in college and working. Big up's to both of them. Take care of everyone up there, you will see us all one day. Much love from the Thomas Family
Posted by Mary Green-Hosea on 21st February 2017
Vic, This birthday was difficult.... It doesn't get easier. Age 34, I Recall being 34...I was 35 when you went to your heavenly estate. There is so much I want to sit and speak with you about. Babies is a junior in college now... You're dad and Anntawn need you desperately. Mommie is with you now and I expect to see many doves. Not one day has gone by without my thinking f you. I loved you from the day I laid eyes on you, and loved you more and more each day. This year make 16 years being away from you...I will be with you for All ETERNITY. You are with the Best...our Heavenly Father. Love you mommie
Posted by Patricia Thomas on 18th February 2016
Pacman, i cant believe you are 33 today. Boy are u getting up there. I know that you have really gotten to know all of your awesome relatives up there. You guys keep watching over us, until we join you all. Love and kisses from The Thomas Family. Auntie Pattcake
Posted by Lashawnda Green on 18th February 2015
Hi Victor, you know that I miss you. I think about you alot. I went to visit you yesterday for your birthday, I know its been forever. I remember when we were younger you always wanted to race somebody. And how when ever yo momma / mary berry would make u go to bed youwould just bump your lil head against the wall until you fall to sleep. Lol I do miss that. Well I will be back to visit you again soon. I love you always. Xoxoxoxo.:-) :-) :-) :-)
Posted by Patricia Thomas on 18th February 2015
Happy Birthday to my godson Victor Brown AxKxA Pacman. I miss you to pieces. Our favorite song to sing was Chain Of Fool. I would hum to start of the song, and you would have the biggest smile on your face, before we start singing. You will forever be in my heart and soul. I think about you each day. Thank you for all the joy that you brought to my family. I have so many fond memories of you. Thanks you for having your spirit around us each day. I know that you are showing them how to run, and all the other talents that you have. We will see each other again but im not in a rush. Hopefully a long time from now. Love you forever Auntie Pattcake
Posted by Essencie Green on 17th February 2015
Hello my dear cousin..... Boy how I miss you. How fast the years pass, all of these years since GOD called you home and you became an Angel. When looking at your pictures I am brought to both smiles and tears, the feelings become automatically fresh and I realize how fragile life is and I rejoice in the memory of you. So you see that Moe, is a little you. Can't wait for your mom to meet him. FOR EVER MISSED YOU SHALL ALWAYS BE. LOVE YOU ETERNALLY!!! YOUR COUSIN....Essencie.
Posted by Barbara Taylor on 17th February 2015
My dearest Victor you know I talk to you all the time and mostly it's happy things, but I cannot fool you my love your b day and your omega are very hard on me. But because you brought so much love and happiness to me and so many other I will keep smiling and tell myself that you are with some wonderful people. I cannot be selfish you are with your grandmother, grandfather, waldrena and most importantly the big cahuna! !!GOD!!! How can I touch that. But until we meet again run like you always did. Ride your Lil bike that made you look like a giant. And most of all keep smiling that wonderful, handsome, beautiful smile until I can touch your precious face and say vic I am here! !I love you so. Aunt Barbara. Happy Birthday my baby.
Posted by Brittney Madison on 17th February 2015
Hey there, so Unfortunately I never really had the chance to be close to you but I've always admired and looked up to you, I've also ALWAYS wished you were my Brother. It's funny because I've also been impartial to to death b it when you had your accident It cut me deep, it hurt me and It bothered me like crazy. None of us understand and we will never understand but God wanted you. So I love you,I always will and I really can't wait to see you. We have so much to talk about lol.
Posted by Mary Green-Hosea on 17th February 2015
Happy Birthday Son.... Today is your 32nd Birthday and I miss you dearly. I was going to cry and cut up however, I could hear Babies (Victoria) voice from 14 years ago saying "Mom you're not going to cry or act out because Victor wouldn't want this". So today I choose to celebrate you life and love. Thank you for choosing to come to earth and be my son and Vicki's brother for 18 years.P.S. your dad and brother miss you. MGJ
Posted by Mary Green-Hosea on 16th February 2012
To the Angel who walked amongst us....Thank You for your love, award winning smile and always positive attitude. You've given me 18 years of yes mom, love peace and joy. Thank You for protecting me and Victoria. Love You...See you sooooon

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