In memory of our loving father, husband, son, brother, uncle and friend, Victor Okeke. Let his memory be with us forever.
  • 53 years old
  • Born on November 6, 1960 in Anambra State, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on December 18, 2013 in New York, United States.

Service of Songs: Saturday, January 4th, 2014 at The Redeemed Christian Church of God (1001-1005 Morris Ave, Bronx, NY 10456). The service will be from 6pm-8pm.

Wake: Friday, January 10th, 2014. The venue is located at 301 Pallisade Ave, Yonkers, NY. The viewing will be from 5-7pm. The wake will start at 8pm.

Funeral Service: will be on Saturday, Jan 11th, 2014 at Yorktown Funeral Home (945 East Main St. Yorktown, NY 10588).
The viewing will be from 9-11am. The service will start at 11am.

Internment: Rose Hills Memorial Park (101 Mill Street, Putnam Valley, NY 10579) . Will follow the service.

Please RSVP:
Oscar Okoli: (646) 387-1136 | Onyechi Okeke: (919) 523-0897
Larry Monwe: (914) 282-1650 | Larry Monwe: (516) 473-3000


Posted by ERIC ADESAH on 19th December 2017
From weakness to strength and from nothing to a mentor. Your encouragement and advice has led me to places I never thought I would go. The first day that I climbed those stairs to your White Plains road office, I struggle to swipe a metro card at the subway. I knew nothing. Now, I am a mentor to others, and for much of it I give you the credit. Big brother, THANK YOU and rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 18th December 2017
Hi Daddy, Just wanted to say I miss you and love you soooo much. The boys and mommy do as well. I know you're watching out for us every day. Best, Adaeze
Posted by Fabiola Dako on 6th November 2017
Forever in my heart. I miss your brotherly love and are certainly irreplaceable. Love you and continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Always Fabiola Dako
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 6th November 2017
Happy Birthday, Daddy. Love you always and miss you more each day. From your princess
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 6th November 2017
Happy birthday dearest brother. We love you and miss you dearly.
Posted by Jennifer Ajah on 19th December 2016
My Dear Friend, I miss you much and I think about your family you left behind. God is keeping and protecting them, and I know you are an angel guiding them from above. You are gone but not forgotten. Your love and consideration for mankind will forever be remembered. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by Kayira Momife on 18th December 2016
From your sister Ijey & neice Kayira. Dear brother and uncle, three years seems like yesterday and your loss just as profound. Memories of your goodness and love keep us going. We will never forget you. May God keep your soul in perfect peace and take care of your lovely family.
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 18th December 2016
It's been 3 years since you left us and it's still strange to come home with you not being there. We miss you everyday and there isn't a day that goes by without reminiscing on memories of you. There's still such a huge dad-sized hole in all of our hearts. Love you always. Your princess.
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 18th December 2016
My dearest brother, It's been 3 years, yet time has not made your passing any less painful. But fond memories of you keep us going from day to day. You will never be forgotten. Love you Bros, Adobi.
Posted by Fabiola Dako on 18th December 2016
My darling brother Victor still miss you dearly. Continue to rest in peace till we all meet in gloryland.
Posted by I-ffy Obienu on 18th December 2016
Uncle Vic, I'm sure your light is shining wherever you're. You're truly forever missed. My dear brother, continue your rest in the everlasting peace of the Lord!
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 6th November 2016
There hasn't been a single day that has gotten any easier. I wish we could celebrate your special day with you today. We miss you and love you so much. Happy Birthday Daddy.
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 6th November 2016
Yesterday as I was thinking about you, l realised how deep a void that your death left. I struggle with what to do and how to go about doing them. I do know that with time God will make all things beautiful again. You would have been 56 years old today. Happy birthday.Miss you so much. Adobi.
Posted by Ngozi Onyirimba on 8th June 2016
The last time I saw you was during our Coltech time. From the tributes here, you remained true to who you were. To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die. You left behind a loving family - your legacy will continue. Continue to rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord. Ngozi Ogu-Onyirimba
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 18th December 2015
Dearest Brother, Two years ago today you went to rest with your Lord and Savior. I remember you today as always with fond memories of your time here on earth. You are simply the BEST and I love you and miss you dearly. Your Sister, Adobi
Posted by Fabiola Dako on 18th December 2015
Love you much Brother Victor. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Fabiola Dako on 18th December 2015
Dear Brother Victor Nothing in world can ever replace you. You meant so much to me and brought meaning to this existence with your great words of advice and encouragement. Rest in peace and remember always that I miss you dearly. If only we could chose the ones to stay with us would be here with us FOREVER. You never know your treasures until you lose them. You were a GEM.
Posted by I-ffy Obienu on 18th December 2015
My dear Uncle Vic: This will mark two years since your departure from this life to meet our Lord. My dear continue to rest in the everlasting peace & glory of our savior Jesus Christ until we meet to part no more. You are dearly missed but all your beautiful memories are still alive. Love always!
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 6th November 2015
Hi Daddy, Happy 55th Birthday. I still can't believe I can't just call you up and wish you a happy birthday or come home and surprise you with a gift. I miss you every single day, more than anyone could ever imagine. I know you're still around and still protecting me like you always have. I hope you're proud of us. I hope you miss us the way we miss you. Love, Ada, Mommy, Nana, & Gozie
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 6th November 2015
Uncle Vic, my dearest brother, You would have been 55 years today. Still too young to be gone from us. I remember you today as I do everyday and although your physical absence is a constant reminder of the big loss your death has left, I am ever so grateful for the 53 short years we had together as siblings, priceless memories of you, the most caring and selfless person ever. Rest in perfect peace my brother. You will always be loved and dearly missed. Your sister, Adobi.
Posted by Bill Dandreano on 6th November 2015
I go to Salem Tabernacle where Victor went. I see, every Sunday, how good of a father Victor was, when I see his children go to The Lord's Table with their mother and receive the bread and the cup. The family is oriented the right way and that is a testament to what a father Victor was, and what influence he STILL has!
Posted by Obi Aniedu on 6th November 2015
Uncle Vic, celebrate with Thy LORD. You are 55 today!! You will ever remain green in our memory. REST IN PEACE WITH THY LORD.
Posted by Deb Wilks on 30th June 2015
Rest in peace Victor. You were such a kind soul.
Posted by Richard Blum on 28th April 2015
To my friend, It saddens me to learn of your passing my dear friend. It was my honor to call you my friend. God bless you in heaven and your family. You are greatly missed.
Posted by Chinasa Okon on 18th December 2014
Uncle V, I still can't believe you are gone. Memories of your good spirit, kindness and genuine love will forever be in our hearts and mind. You will never be forgotten Uncle.
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 18th December 2014
Sweetie m, My dearest brother, One year ago today you left this world. Hard to believe it's been that long already. I have missed you every day. The tears I have cried for you could flood the earth and I know you have wiped each one away. You live in my heart and there I hold you close. I have so much to say to you but I know that somehow you see my heart and you know the pain I feel. Thank you for the wonderful times we shared, for those memories I will cherish forever. Uncle Vic, ezigbo nwannem, nnam, I miss you!. You were such a good person, a great son, a big brother, a loving and doting husband, an amazing father, an enviable uncle and friend. Each passing day, is a day closer to seeing you again in heaven. Till then......... Love you always. Your Sister, Adobi.
Posted by Ijay Adimibe on 8th November 2014
Uncle Vic, Missed talking to you on your birthday. It hurts to know you are gone, but the memories will last forever. I cannot forget the day we met in 1981.Love you always, Fyne Fyne as you fondly called me.
Posted by Fabiola Dako on 7th November 2014
My darling Victor For the short time I knew you, it felt like were the big brother I never had.As we remember your birthday I want you to know that I will forever remember you also. Celebrate this day with the Lord, while I hold on to the memories. I will always love you my fellow Scorpio brother.sleep well my darling brother until we meet in gloryland.
Posted by Uche Emelumadu on 6th November 2014
Sir Vic, Today you are 54. As we celebrate with you a life well lived, we cherish the wonderful memories that never will be forgotten. Happy birthday my dear brother. You are forever in our hearts. Happy birthday. Chest.
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 6th November 2014
Happy 54th Birthday, Daddy. I love you so much and I miss you more everyday. You are my guardian angel, now singing in the Heavens. Miss you always. Love, Adababy (Daddy's Number 1)
Posted by Joy Mozie on 6th November 2014
We will forever miss you, but we will continue celebrating your life. Today you would have turned 54!. Continue resting in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 5th November 2014
Bros Me, You would have been 54 today . Happy birthday my dearest Brother. You will always be celebrated. Gone too soon but not forgotten. I love you and miss you dearly. Your Sister, Adobi.
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 10th September 2014
Hi Daddy, It's been about 9 months now. Today is my first birthday without you. I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. Thanks for being such an amazing dad. I love you soooo much! Until we meet again. Adababy
Posted by Asabe Waziri on 9th September 2014
My Dear Friend - you were such a light. May you continue to shine brightly in our hearts and we may smile up to heaven every time we think of u. Rest well in The Lord. The good Lord shall perfect all that concerns your immediate family, Amen.
Posted by Joy Mozie on 9th September 2014
We miss you so much. Still like yesterday, when I was telling you about my nursing program at the lobby of New York Hotel . Your smile, your voice, is irreplaceable. All I do now is to keep praying for your lovely family. We love you , and we miss you, keep sleeping in the bosom of the Lord most high.
Posted by Yvonne Obi on 22nd July 2014
Victor, it is sad to remember you are gone. Rest in perfect peace. From Yvonne Uzoma Obi and family.
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 2nd June 2014
Bros, I miss you so much. It has been almost six months since you passed on to rest with the Lord. The pain does not get any easier, but the beautiful and fond memories of you we share, remind us everyday that our time here is temporary and that we shall one day meet again in heaven to part no more. Love you my dear brother. Keep on watching over your wife and children.
Posted by Nimi Iyalla-Ipaye on 5th April 2014
Uncle Victor, where can I start? My heart is still so heavy and I am yet to fully come to terms with the fact that you are no longer here on earth with us. My family and I miss you so much. Despite the lack of understanding, I know for certain that you were unlike many, for you were truly an angel here on earth serving your heavenly father until the very end. It makes sense that God wanted his best angel back. While your parting was too soon for us, your legacy, your story, your impact, your life and your tremendous love shown for all you accepted as your family will live on forever. I hope you are having the time of your life in heaven. I know you are forever watching out for your wonderful, beautiful, kind hearted wife and children. You are an inspiration to my family and I. May your gentle and loving soul forever rest in peace.
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 1st April 2014
"Every step I take, every move I make Every single day, every time I pray I'll be missing you Thinkin of the day, when you went away What a life to take, what a bond to break I'll be missing you"
Posted by Adaeze Okeke on 1st April 2014
Hi Daddy, I miss you more and more each day. Hope you're having the best time in Heaven. The pain never gets better though, I wish you were here everyday. I know I'll see you again. "On that morning, when this life is over, I know I'll see your face."
Posted by I-ffy Obienu on 1st April 2014
Uncle Vic, You’ll forever be missed. May your soul rest in perfect and everlasting peace!!! Amen. We'll meet again to part no more. Adieus my dear cousin and a great friend!!!
Posted by Ebelenwa Chudy Nee Oraedu on 22nd March 2014
Victor, I remember your good and gentle nature,you smiles.Rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord. Ebele nee Oraedu
Posted by Ebelenwa Chudy Nee Oraedu on 22nd March 2014
Victor, I remember your smiles and good nature. I remember your expression of confidence in God for healing during our two telephone conversations.God's will has happened. Rest in perfect peace. Pray you are smiling in God's bosom. God will surely console your darling wife ,children,siblings, mum & dad. Adieu
Posted by Adaorah Amaechi Nee Adibe on 12th March 2014
Uncle Vic, What happened. I got the shock of my life. May your soul rest in peace. We can only hold unto the word of God that said; I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Uncle Vic " Ijeoma". It was least expected and May the God Lord Grant your family peace and mercy at this great loss in Jesus Name.
Posted by Myke Anazodo on 1st February 2014
Sir Vic, I still find it difficult to believe that you are gone. You bore your pain with dignity. Our tears will never bring you back. Only God knows why he took you at the prime of life. We love you but God loves you more. May you watch over your family from heaven. May God grant Uzoh and the kids His peace and sooth their pain with His incredible love. May you rest in perfect peace, dear friend. Myke and Tessy Anazodo
Posted by Ifeoma Ifeanyi-Ezeukwu on 30th January 2014
Uncle Vic, This is one of those times when my brain refuses to coordinate my thoughts and words fail me. I am still overwhelmed by emotions and still confused. It seems like a dream though I knew you were sick. I had trusted God for miracle, but you know, our thoughts are different from his. It pleases him to call you back home and I can not but thank him for bringing you into my life. You were a blessing to me. I still remember the day you walked me down the isle on my wedding day because my dad was late. It seems like yesterday. Adieu my dear friend and brother. Sleep well until we meet to part no more. Ifeoma.
Posted by Donald Akp on 30th January 2014
I was just down at home alone thinking, then it occured to me to come to your page. Sir u were a blessing when you were alive, and even in death your life is still an inspiration. I heard about how you fought through your pain, even when u were in severe pain, you still found the strength to smile and u went to work and provided for your family. Like you did when you were with us before the lord called you home, I will always fight and remember that no matter how tough it gets we will overcome with God on our side.
Posted by Adobi Ojibe on 27th January 2014
My dearest brother, It's 3:42 am and I have been up thinking about you and remembering your life. You were such a good person, so true with a pure heart. I love you and miss you so much. Adobi
Posted by Kenechi Ogbuefi-Okezie on 24th January 2014
Uncle Victor! I vividly remember when you came to visit me in Lagos after I had my baby almost 9yrs ago. It seems just like yesterday. Never saw you after that but always had you on my mind. You were a good man. You did not loose the fight. Yours was a victorious one. Rest in the Bosom of the Almighty. Adieu Victor! Adieu!!
Posted by JOE UGO-EMERIBE on 22nd January 2014
Sir Vic, Very difficult to believe you lost the fight. Last time we spoke when you came visiting Nigeria I was certain you would overcome the challenge. Great friend you were and I enjoyed every moment of the four years I shared with you while at school. Your cool disposition and excellent sense of humour did not dwarf your strong personality. You were such a rare gem, a dependable confidant, lover of family and a courageous guy as exhibited in your last fight. Vic, your life taught warmth, love, compassion, courage, and generosity. Good night my friend and see you again someday. Joe Blow

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