Let the memory of victor be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on April 23, 1937 in saltibus, saint lucia, Barbados.
  • Passed away on November 30, 2011 in brooklyn, New York, United States.

This Memorial Website is for my dad Victor Bousquet better known as "Rupert"... i made this so everyone can express their feelings for my father. Anything on your mind you would love to share feel free to visit this site.




Posted by Jolivia Monrose on June 18, 2012
hey daddy just wanted to ssy happy fathers day. i really wish yu were here.to help.me through all this drama im going through with thIs crazy family of mine. i love yu were n still are the best dad ever!!!!!!! ur words of wisdom will forever live in m since.yu were always a smart man. dont worry dad im.working on my bachelors and will be sucessful just like you! r.i.p gone but never forg
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on April 23, 2012
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on January 30, 2012
its been EXACTLY 2 months... n i cant get over it...i wish you were still here to give me your words of wisdom... sometimes i feel in denial and other times i feel guilty.. but i know your in a better place.. r.i.p daddy love you always and forever you are missed
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on January 19, 2012
hey DADDY.. still think of you everyday &night... i had this weird dream 2day about you. i was dreamig that i was walking outside,& everyone i saw outside looked SIMILAR 2 you, even the clothes they wore. but when i got closer it WASNT them.it HURT so bad cause i thoughtit was REALLYyou.that dream really woke me up in tears.But i woke up in the dream and searched online for a dream
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on January 19, 2012
(continuation)... i looked for a dream interpretion about the dream i  had IN MY DREAM but then it wasntgiving me any info i wanted to know, so i said let me call my cuzzin cita.. & then i woke up..DADDY if you are trying 2 give me some type of sign.. please dont be afraid. I am here to handle any unfinished buisness you may have. If i continue having these dreams idk if its good or bad
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on January 13, 2012
missing you always && forever :{ ... just woke up with you on my mind.. im about to make breakfast.. i remember when you always use to tell me to use the olive oil rather than the corn oil.... im deff gonna buy some today... you always new the right things. love you so much so tuff goin to sleep thinkin of you and what happened...but i will always keep u in my heart
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on January 1, 2012
Happy new years daddy.... I'm so mad youdidnt get to see 2012'.... I miss you zoo much even though we argued everyday... I just feel like it wasn't your time...:( and that if things were different what happened to you could have been prevented,... But it's a new year ..... My first year in this world without you.. But I know your in a better place now with no stress or worries..... Smiling
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on January 1, 2012
(continuation)... Of previous note... But yea I know your smiling down on me and Josephine.... Everyday I think of you... But this only makes me stronger... I guess... But yea I didn't do much on new years just went to church... O and tell grandpa I said hi... You will always be in my heart. <3
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on December 27, 2011
hey dad.. 2day was a crazy day for. me... ugghh i need your words of wisdom. i sooo miss you. feels good to have this website. knowin i can write my everyday feeling for you. love your daughter jolivia <3
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on December 25, 2011
SO SAD YOU DIDNT SEE THIS CRISTMAS :( :( :( :( OMG!! CANT BELIEVE YOU MISSED ONE OF THE BEST HOLIDAYS THIS YEAR I WISH YOU WERE HERE DAD.... even though we werent on good terms for god knows what .. i know you would have gotten a present from me like you ALWAYS DO .. every year FOR A FACT... merry xmas dad. i love you..
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on December 24, 2011
hey daddy ......... just passin threw showin some love. your still in my heart and soul.. im about 2 make some shrimp pasta...!!!!!! i know youre watching over me smelling that good food im cooking :) .... anyways ttyl
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on December 23, 2011
hey dady its me again Jolivia...... just thinking of you.
Posted by Josephine Monrose on December 23, 2011
I love you dad :(, soon i'l be going off to college. I know your going to be proud of me but i wish you could have been there physically :'( i miss you so much, sometimes i wish i did EXACTLY what you used to tell me so that i felt like you were ALWAYS proud of me
Posted by Nicelyn Monrose on December 23, 2011
RIP Rupert: I heard about you when I was living in St. Lucia, but never get to know you. During my stay in NYC, I met you and as always you're always willing to just have fun. You always want to help, but you have to get to know you first before judging. We had our agument at times, but I know how to handle the conversation. You'll be missed! RIP and hi to "DAD" your trusted pal.
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on December 22, 2011
HEY DADDY... was just thinking of you.... i pretty much just had a moment and flashbacks of those special times i have spent with you...I CRY EVERY night because i felt it just wasnt your time to go. i am still trying to accept the fact that your gone.. but one thing is you will never be forgotten.......ttyl <3 LOVE YOU!!!
Posted by Jolivia Monrose on December 22, 2011

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