Embarrassing moment with Dad

Shared by Josephine Monrose on December 23, 2011

Okay so sometimes i can say rude things without noticing it. I used to work in this corner store called Papa n Son, and Daddy told Jolivia and i that they were selling "TREE (three) CORNS FOR A DOLLA)!.. I admire roasted corns and at the moment i also couldn't believe the cost. I exclaimed, "YOUUU LYINGGGG"! which in my vocabulary meant that his statment was unbelieveable. He got upset, i saw his face red, like the beat's he always ate, and he actually slapped me. I know he didnt mean to embarrass me or harm me, but i can tell that he felt disrespected and from then on i used my words wisely for my father was not just a friend he was a man whom i loved and respected greatly! :) ... :(  I love you dad

funny story with my dad

Shared by jolivia monrose on December 23, 2011

I remember A few years ago my father, my sister josephine and i were in St. Lucia visiting family members. i was in his silver jeep and 4 dragon flies entered the car.. i was so FRIGHTENED AND SHOCKED, that i open the car while it was in motion. my father got so shocked himself that he immediatly stopped the car and said WHAT HAPPEN?(YELLING).. i said 4 big dragon flies came in the car daddy..

he said WTH!! I THOUGHT some one came to robb me with a gun... then he said just a little fly you scared of?

everyday till that day has happened he mentions that story to EVERYONE...funny part is he continuously says: it was a fly.. when i KNOW it was a DRAGON FLY.. big difference...

r.i.p daddy i love you

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