This tribute was added by Justin LaRue on February 21, 2019
Happy Birthday to such a kind and amazing woman. I was always treated like a son. The years of looking out for me during difficult times will never be forgotten. You will always live in my heart and mind. You're greatly missed.
This tribute was added by Ron Czyzewski on February 21, 2019
Happy birthday aunt gigi,you are truely missed,Love u and miss you.Ronnie
This tribute was added by Melissa Czyzewski on February 21, 2019
I feel honored to be able to share a birthday with you. You are loved and missed by everyone. You were an unbelievably strong, good hearted, selfless woman and it shows through all the beautiful tributes on this page. I know you have been around, I’ve dreamt about you and you were definitely at our wedding Until we meet again xoxo
This tribute was added by Bridget Rothgeb-Caraballo on February 21, 2019
Happy Birthday mom, it still seems unreal that it has been over a year since you left us, I am so proud and honored to be able to call you mom, you were so special and one of a kind. You made all of us better people and I hope that I am even half the mother to my girl's as you were to us. I love and miss you more everyday. I know you had to go, I just hope you know how much you were loved and admired. I LOVE YOU MOM!
This tribute was added by Niki Poleski on January 12, 2019
Wow I’m speechless right now this page is beautiful just like my Aunt Everything that is being said is 100% true. Beautiful inside and out kind caring generous loving creative and definitely a mother June Clever would admire. She definitely lived for her children and family at all costs. She encompassed everything a Mother should be and then some. Bridget you Michelle and the girls are her legacy and she is smiling on each one of you and with each one of you everyday you will never be alone unless her and Grandma are at bingo in heaven Aunt lived her life quietly and simply she raised 2 beautiful intelligent daughters made a dollar out of fifteen cents when it seemed as though there were no options but always came through. I practically lived with you guys when we were little and every fight we got in your mother was always there to defend us no matter what every time! She was a tough cookie but did it with style and grace but don’t ever hurt her family. I loved your Mom she was there for me when we were younger and I had so much fun with her you and Michelle. I could never forget those days snuggled up on the floor on Washington st waiting for Michael Jackson’s Thriller video to debut your Mom making sure we were comfy with snacks. Great memories so many . She is missed and will always be I love you all ❤️
This tribute was added by Kylie Caraballo on January 13, 2019
Cannot believe it has been a year already time flies, still remember that day so clearly. I spent every single summer with her we always had a good time. Like the last summer I spent with her she signed me up for bowling and I sucked lol,but she got up and she told me "let me show u how really bowl" and the next thing u know she up at the alley bowling while still holding onto her cane. That same summer we went to the movies and just stayed there almost all day and seen 3 movies. She was in love with the new theater seats lol. We always had a blast no matter what. We miss u everyday mommom, I love u.
This tribute was added by Alexis Caraballo on January 12, 2019
we miss and love you so much mommom!!! We’re still going to go to Florida together in the red convertible and we’ll get you the Jessica Simpson extensions so your hair can blow in the wind. I know you’re up there rocking out with Elvis and singing that stop in the name of love song that you always had us sing and dance to on your steps. I am kind of mad at you because It’s going to be a long time before I get to eat your pot roast, meatloaf, baked ziti, crab soup, orange juice carrots, and every other amazing thing you made. I love you so much and know you’re looking out for me everyday! Best mom mom award goes to you! ❤️
This tribute was added by Ron Czyzewski on January 12, 2019
Aunt gigi was one of the most loving person,I was blessed to have her as an aunt and as a godmother,I will always remember her meatballs,the crazy animals she had,and the stories she told people how bad i was like the demon child lol.I know i will see her in my next life,she might be gone un this present,but in my heart and in the next life she will be there.We love you and miss you.
This tribute was added by Raquel Caraballo on January 12, 2019
I can’t believe it’s already been a year. It’s been one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to go through. But I know she wouldn’t want us to be sad & crying all the time. She was ready to go & that gives me some peace in the whole thing. But there was this one time when she went to go get her taxes & she was sitting in the little waiting area & there are these sliding glass doors & she had been talking about how clean the glass was. Well next thing you know she’s getting up & she’s walking right into the doors. Me, Lexi & Kylie could not stop laughing. She was so embarrassed but to us it was so funny & she was getting more & more mad at us. & those are the stories we choose to talk & think about. We want to think about the fun times. I love & miss her soo much
This tribute was added by Jose Caraballo on January 12, 2019
Gigi was a great woman and an amazing grandmother. She treated me like a son.
I remember one time Bridget and I took her to Broadway to the market and we were parked on the right side and she came out and walked right past us at first we thought she was going to another store, but she crossed the street and walked up to a black car like ours and opened the back door and sat down, there were 2 women in the front and Gigi sat there for like a minute and the women turned around and she finally realized she was in the wrong car. Bridget and I were laughing so hard and she got out and we beeped the horn, she got in our car and was so embarrassed and yelled at us for not telling her. But we were laughing so hard that we could barely move, needless to say she never made that mistake again. We all sit and talk about the funny things she did. I loved her and she is deeply missed.
This tribute was added by Janice Wolfe Campbell on January 12, 2019
Beautiful lady
This tribute was added by Bridget Caraballo on January 12, 2019

This was my mom's favorite song! Please listen
This tribute was added by Michele Rothgeb on January 11, 2019
Thank you Bridget, this tribute is beautiful. I can't believe it's been a year since our mother and mom mom passed on 1/12/2018. She was beautiful, amazing, giving, kind, fun loving and caring mother and mom mom and I miss her more than words can say. A piece of my heart died when she passed and my life has never been the same. I think of you mom everyday and miss and love you deeply. Until we meet again. LOVE AND HUGS!!!!!!!
This tribute was added by Bridget Caraballo on January 11, 2019
      I can't believe it has already been a year since you left us, I know that you would have stayed forever if you could, I know that you were ready to go and you were in pain, and you are the strongest woman I have ever known and I am not saying that just because you are my mother but because it's true. You taught your daughters and granddaughter's the meaning of strength, if anyone ever questioned whether a woman could do both a
mother's and a father's job you proved that you could, even when you had nothing you managed to give Michele and i everything, and when your granddaughter's came along you taught them as well and you are a significant part of why they turned out so awesome, you were so proud of them and they knew it, they loved you like no other and you loved them like no other, and you accepted Jose and treated him as the son you never had. You meant the world to me, no you were my world, and the world does feel a little empty now that you are gone and I will miss you and think of you everyday of my life, but I know you were ready and I wouldn't take back anything that has happened because I know how much you were suffering. But when I think of you now we like to think of the good times, the goofy things you did like always grabbing the girl's butts and saying DIT, then when you got your cane you starting using that to continue doing it, even though I have lost of part me when you left, I know you would want us to go on and show you how awesome of a job you did raising us, by watching me raise my daughter's and Michele being strong. Mom you truly were one of a kind and I couldn't imagine anyone else being so strong, so hard working and so accepting of me having Raquel at 18, but I know that my girl's were your everything and I know no one else could be a better grandmother than you. I know no one could be the mother that you were. I never left your side when I was younger and never wanted to, you even took care of kids that weren't yours but you treated them like they were, you cared for Helen (Niki) and especially little Ronnie he is more of a brother figure than a cousin. You would help anyone you could. You were such a huge influence and a big part of everyone's lives that no one could say anything but the best about you. Just know that everyday we think of you and will always remember the good times and the funny and crazy times you showed us. You taught all of us how to be strong independent woman and fro that and everything you have accomplished in your life, you will forever be in our hearts and in our minds.
I LOVE YOU MOM AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY! I hope you enjoying bingo with grandma and I am sure grandma and pop pop are are keeping you busy. Until I see you again, just know you are the most important woman in this world!

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