Let the memory of Victoria be with us forever
  • 43 years old
  • Born on November 28, 1970 in Camden, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on February 26, 2014 in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States.

For those of you who knew Victoria, please take a moment and share your fondest memory, photo and/or video.  There are several reasons for the creation of this page. Like all of you Greg and I loved Victoria so very very much and we are hurting terribly right now, but like Greg  said, our lives will never be the same now that she is gone, but will always be better for having her in it.  All of us can say that. V must be shared with the rest of the world.  He life, her energy her soul are way to large for just those of us who knew her personally.  That is something that is reflective of her life and her work. V wanted to make a difference in the world, and she did. Like her memory her vision for the world must live on and it is up to us to continue where she left off.  So to Victoria, thank you for opening my eyes to the world around me.  I am forever changed. You may no longer be here in body, but your spirit and vision will live on in my life and in the lives of everyone who knew you. Most of all your spirit and vision will live on in the lives of others that never met you, but because of your work they are forever changed.  Until we meet again my Queen, I love you, your devoted "Little Flower", Tony

Posted by L'Tanya Williamson on 26th February 2018
Dear, Dear Victoria, I still think of you and remember our cheerful conversations. You are still an inspiration in the many things I do. Rest well friend. LT
Posted by L'Tanya Williamson on 3rd December 2016
Victoria, I run across your picture often and think about how much you embraced life. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Happy Birthday in Heaven, you are missed.
Posted by Carmen Corsey on 1st December 2016
Happy Birthday in the Heavens, Love!!! Miss you!!
Posted by Carmen Corsey on 29th February 2016
Precious Girl...I still have trouble believing that your light shines elsewhere...and not with all of us who love you... I know that you've enlivened Heaven, quite a bit!!! May your soul continue to be joyous and May you eternally know that you are loved!!! Carmie ☀
Posted by L'Tanya Williamson on 13th November 2014
Victoria, you would have loved the Shoe Day Party :-) You were missed. LT
Posted by Ashley Robinson-Medley on 10th April 2014
Victoria, Thank you for being such an AMAZING person and mentor.I never had the chance to let you know how much it meant to me that you were able to take time out of your busy travels and visit me wh en I lived in Malaysia. Somehow I think you knew that I needed someone to just check on me and to see a familiar face because I was a little home sick. I think of all chats that was probably the best! Thank you for all you taught me and for being a blessing in my life. I had to give myself time to write this because I could never get past a few words without shedding a tear and I know you would want me smiling :)
Posted by Carmen Corsey on 8th March 2014
I have LOVED this Beautiful bundle of JOY,LOVE,BEAUTY,& INTELLIGENCE since before her birth.... I am JOYFUL that she had a LOVING family of friends with whom to share life,laughter,& love!!! I pray that somehow GOD is able to help us survive the loss of someone so entwined in our hearts... Tori,from the time you were a tiny curly-headed little infant with big brown eyes ,until the time you made your journey heavenward, you have been a Beacon of light & love!!! We Celebrate you.......we Honor you.....we LOVE you.....we'll miss you more than we can say...... Love Carmie Carmen Camille Corsey Newark,DE(formerly Magnolia,NJ)
Posted by Mumtaz Bari-Brown on 5th March 2014
After the tears, when I think about you, our chats and shared thoughts- I will smile and thank God for allowing our paths to cross, if only for a moment. Rest in peace my precious sister.
Posted by Theresa Hoover on 4th March 2014
My heart is saddened to know that I will not see her wonderful smile or experience her gentle spirit at future meetings and gatherings. The loss of Victoria causes me to shed tears for a life that left us too soon and affected so many of us. But now she has started a new incredible journey in which her new life will never end, the tears are wiped away and her smile is everlasting. I miss you my sister.
Posted by Michael Buscio on 3rd March 2014
There's a huge hole in my heart and I will never ever forget the times we've spent hanging out at 9C or our amazing music talks, or even our short walks home so I was sure you got home safe. I love you with all of my heart and I just won't ever be the same without my dear friend. Our friendship was short but very beautifully sweet. I love you !
Posted by Dionne Brown on 2nd March 2014
Words can not express the sadness and loss I feel..... my dear cousin I am still in shock and I have to continue to process what has happened. I hold memories of our childhood and most present in my heart. I always admired the drive you had to be successful in life and your career. If I never said it I am proud of you and I love you! Indeed God had a bigger plan for your life and HE needed you more. I find comfort in knowing that. Your cousin Dionne
Posted by Monique Perez on 2nd March 2014
Tori, words cannot describe how much we already miss you. Your sweet voice and your smile made this world a better place. You touched the lives of so many people and will forever be remembered by those who had the pleasure (if not luck) of meeting you. Today I feel blessed for the years we had you in our lives. Thank you and I look forward to the day we will be celebrating our eternal lives together.
Posted by Charles Mitchell on 2nd March 2014
Tori changed out lives. We grew to love and respect each other. She was strong, powerful and loving. We shared important and impactful moments together...and then she was gone. I will hold the memories forever.
Posted by Toi Sampson on 2nd March 2014
From the moment I met Tori, I loved her. Her smile was infectious and her spirit kind. We worked at MBNA in Atlanta and because of the tremendous amount of time we spent together, we all became like family. I admired Tori's drive, passion, commitment to excellence and sense of style. For those who know Tori know of her love of shoes- especially high heels. I remember being with Tori one day -it was a casual day. Everyone had on sweats or jeans and sneakers. Not Tori. She had on jeeans alright, but was accessorized and had on the cutest high heeled shoes. I went over to her and said "Tori, girl, why do you have on heels today?" She smiled and said, "You know I have a short complex, I have to wear my heels." I thought that so funny. She always wanted to be taller. To me, however, she was a giant because she had such a huge personality and positive outlook on life. What a wonderful soul and what a glorious life she led. Let us take the example of this "petite powerhouse" and live our lives to the fullest and in the manner which God expects us to. I will always miss you Tori. Until we see each other again... Love Toi
Posted by Lorraine Kitchen on 1st March 2014
From the first day Aunt Linda introduced Tory to me I knew I had meant a special young women ...... young, vibrant and full of all life had to offer. I felt like I had adopted a daughter. What a lose in this universe but God's kingdom is greater and so she is home living all the glory she deserves. .
Posted by Brandi Jordan on 1st March 2014
Victoria will be so missed. When I recall MBNA days, Victoria was one of those people that just made it a great place to work. Victorias smile illuminated every room she was in, she's was so amazingly gifted and sweet hearted.. It was an honor to be in her presence. Victorias legacy lives on, she will be remembered and missed forever.
Posted by Rick Engler on 1st March 2014
You captured the hearts of Tony and Greg and therefore you have a special place in my heart. I didn't know you well, but I know you lit up a room with your amazing energy, laughter and smile. I know you saw so much of this world and lived each moment. I know you will be missed by many and I know you have reminded us to cherish our moments together.
Posted by Diane Benvenuto on 1st March 2014
I'm at a loss of words...but what I can say and what I will always remember are my favorite times hanging out with you when it was just the two of us. Drinks on the deck, numerous lunches and dinners, hanging out at 9C, tennis in the park and my favorite days were when we played dress up in ur closet. Victoria, you are such a beautiful, positive, generous person, so full of life and love. I miss u and love u.... Your other little flower...xoxo
Posted by Carmen Pughsley on 28th February 2014
I had the pleasure of meeting you so long ago. I'll always remember your beautiful smile and wonderful presence. What a kind and loving heart you had. You will surely be missed. May you rest in peace.
Posted by L'Tanya Williamson on 28th February 2014
Victoria, I'll miss your smile, your excitement, your passion for life. I'll miss your voice, your expression of love, your challenge to live. You "are" an amazing friend, a joy to be around, I lived vicariously through you. You taught me to cherish each moment, to embrace my friends, to live life to the fullest, to leave no rock unturned. Sweet rest my friend... LT
Posted by Duanda Brown on 28th February 2014
Reading this page and seeing how you have touch the lives of so many people, and all of them have nothing but good to say about you, it is such a beautiful thing!! I have just been going over all my memories of you, although far in-between I have been smiling at them all. You showed us the BEST times when we came to visit both Florida and Jersey. I watched you from afar via Facebook and was so proud to call you my cousin!! Tori you are loved and will definately be missed. R.I.P. It gives me comfort to know You, Grandma, Todd and Cherly are all watching over us... XOXO...
Posted by Ralphie Navarro on 28th February 2014
I am at a loss for words. I know there is nothing for me to say that will make this loss easier. Tori was always good to everyone around her she will always be remembered
Posted by Candy Thibeau on 28th February 2014
My heart is heavy, I keep checking back to your page because it just seems so unreal and I so desperately want to see a post from you. They say God only takes home the best first, those who have done all they were to do here on earth and fulfilled their journey and their mission. I can see, reflecting on your life how you did just that. So many memories I will hold and cherish. Rest little flower - it's your time to live in eternal peace and joy in heaven while we miss you here. Thank you for helping me bring out my inner diva while singing way off key in karaoke! lol Oh Tori - Miss Tori - May you sing forever with the angels in all of God's glory! Sleep in heavenly peace, and be there with bells on welcoming me when it's my turn to join you! xx
Posted by Barbara Letu on 28th February 2014
Victoria you just can't imagine how much your friendship, your love your infectious smile and personality meant to me and to so many,many people. I loved you way before I met you just by the way Tony and Greg always talked about their Queen. And then the moment I met you you had my heart. And we had some fun times when we got together. You left us way to soon that is for sure, but one thing for sure your memory will live on for ever. I hope you know just how much your life has changed so many people and just how very much we loved you. Go rest in peace and we will meet again one day! You will always have a special place in my heart. Love you forever
Posted by Tanya Wingfield on 28th February 2014
So young, so beautiful, so ambitious ,the cousin you brag about.Been so many places n done so many things I cant beleive your gone so soon we're missing you already. But knowing we all have gained an angel to watch over us keeps us all sane, you are Gods child first R.I.P cousin LOVE YOU!! LIL LARRY
Posted by Sandy Slater on 28th February 2014
Victoria, I didn't get to know you for long but when we met your smile said "Friend.". I don't guess I ever saw you without that huge sparkling smile. Your leaving has left huge holes in all out hearts but we have memories to tuck in the holes here and there. You will always be missed I love you.
Posted by Renee Kendall on 28th February 2014
Victoria, wow what can I say?! Your spirit said it all. Thank you for gracing us with your presence and better yet your existence! I cherish the memories of us during our MBNA days. We were quite young and eager to take on what was in store for us!! You are truly missed but God needed another angel. Rest in Peace Queen V. Love you!
Posted by Greg Gude on 28th February 2014
Victoria, I'm so glad you came into our lives and quickly took them over. I'll always cherish our world travels, Fab 4 nights out, Super Bowl Sunday craziness and every other moment that we shared. My life will never be the same without you, but will always be better for having you in it. I love you.
Posted by Tony Frier on 28th February 2014
For Victoria. Thank you for changing my life. I wish we had just one more day together so I could tell you everything I should have. But just know I love you and I will not let you be forgotten. Rest in Peace my Queen. You are home.

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