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Shared by Elaina Gonzales on April 9, 2022
Where do I even began. Jennifer and I became friends when I was only four years old. We share so many memories to this day! The night, I got the call from Jennifer saying they were taking to the hospital because you stopped breathing our lives forever changed. I asked why, why you? You did everything right! You had the best smile and laugh, you had the best tickles on my feet in the morning,  you were never mad when did stupid things, and you were always there! I’m glad I texted you one last time!  I will forever remember our conversation and will always share stories about you to keep your spirit alive with us. RIP you were a beautiful soul! I love you!


Shared by Jennifer Jensen on April 9, 2022
With Herbert graduation right around the corner I remember when I graduated and came home to a thousand little confetti's on my floor and how I picked up each and every one. At first I was like really, but now I think about how special this was, my mom always does something know one else would. I love you mommy forever out memories we will live on, some will make me smile and some will make me cry and some may even make me angry but they are my special memories and I hold them dear to me. 

Happy Birthday

Shared by Jennifer Jensen on April 9, 2022
Today is your first heavenly birthday and #65 on earth. Happy Birthday to you  my mommy! You are missed so much it is hard with out you but we celebrate you in so many ways.
Smile, laugh, cry, dance and celebrate for this is what we will be doing down here. 
I love you!


Shared by Jennifer Jensen on April 24, 2021
You are truly my inspiration, when you were called home my heart broke. I can only hope I am half the women your were. Everyone needs a mommy in there life like you. You will be forever on my mind and in my heart. I will use our memories and the stories I heard today to smile and take it 1 day at time.

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