Pat went to St. Pisux  and McGill HS and Southern Mississippi University.
He loved to surf and listen to the Beatles.  He was also a good artist.
He was quite and shy yet he was funny and out going around his friends. 
His favorite color was red.

He wanted to fly so he took private lessons .  He would take me on dates to the airport where we sat at the end of the airfield on his 57 Chevy and watched BIG airplanes come in.  He wanted to fly jets but the Viet Nam War was going on and his number was coming up so he talked to the army and they said if he joins he'd get to select what he did instead of being at the whim of the military so he became a Huey helicopter pilot.

Pat had 2 daughters a two and a half year old named Vicki and Stacy a month old who he never got to hold at the time of his death.
 Vicki works at Denison University in Ohio and married Tom Scott and has a son Josh, and Stacy is a school teacher in Mobile county Alabama and married Jody Krause and has a son Patrick and a daughter Kamryn.

 As for me his wife Gay, I still greive his loss and think of him all the time.  

Our life began in 1966 and ended in 1971. Like this song says, GONE TOO SOON....

 He is my hero and should be your's because he didn't have to go to Vietnam because he was a soul surriving son. But he was a good Christian and loved his country and when I asked him not to go he held my face in his hands and said "Baby, my country needs me."