Shared by HELEN SISK on September 29, 2015

Alabama - Angels Among Us 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE. You are never very far from us, always in our thoughts.

Love Helen 


Shared by HELEN SISK on July 12, 2015

Alan Jackson - Livin On Love

Six years have gone by. You are missed and loved more every day.

Love Helen ❤️
Shared by HELEN SISK on July 12, 2013

Slim Whitman - Beautiful Dreamer

I think of you often as the long hours go by.
Thinking of the things we used to do and say, just you and I
Sometimes they make me smile,
Sometimes they make me cry.
But are precious to me alone,
The memories of you and I.

Shared by HELEN SISK on March 16, 2013

Daniel O'Donnell - Forty Shades of Green


You may not have worn green everyday but you sure did on March 17th, right down to the socks.

I Love You 


Shared by HELEN SISK on July 2, 2012

Charlie Pride - I'm So Afraid Of Losing You

A song, a saying,(which there were many), a picture, a Birthday, an Anniversary are a few of the memories that you left for us. You are forever in our thoughts.


Shared by HELEN SISK on May 9, 2012

Hank Williams - A Mansion On The Hill

A while back Dave called and told me about this Hank Williams CD to purchase on Itunes, which I purchased. As I have been listening to the music, I can not believe that Vince knew the chorus and some of the lyrics to most of these songs. I have many fond memories of Vince singing with Hank Williams, whether he was listening to a song on the radio, singing around a camp fire or singing on a trip, driving down the highway listening to music on (8 tracks). 

Shared by HELEN SISK on May 4, 2012

Hank Williams - Let's Turn Back the Years

It is lonely here without you, I miss you more each day, for life is not the same to me since you were called away. If I could have one lifetime wish, one dream  that could come true, I would pray to God with all my heart, FOR YESTERDAY AND YOU.
Love Always 

You Smell of Sleep

Shared by Mary Henry on May 1, 2012

One morning I got up hungry and went directly to the table.  Vince took one look at me and said, "Go wash your face.  You smell of sleep."  He was well known for his weak stomach.  The one time he went on a Ferris Wheel he said the people in the seats below him were very unhappy with him!

Shared by Mary Henry on September 13, 2011

One time Vince made the mistake of telling me that the sound of feet on a frosty snowbank made him grit his teeth.  I started reciting the poem, "I walked on a snowbank that squealed like leather,  Or two wooden spoons that you rub together..."

Sorry about that Vince.



Shared by HELEN SISK on July 14, 2011

Hank Snow - Now and Then There's a Fool Such as I

It is hard to believe that two years have gone by. Yesterday David, Nancy and the kids, Ann and myself met at the Mausoleum. We shared a few tears and a few stories. I brought a small arrangement of flowers even though Vince thought flowers were a waste of money. Needless to say I didn't receive many flowers in our 43 years together. A few dandelions were on the table once in awhile. LOL. Forever in our thoughts.

Papa, Brendan and the Psychiatrist

Shared by Dave Sisk on June 15, 2011

Any one that truly knows Dad knows that he had a saying for everything. Growing up many of my friends had no clue what Dad was saying but they knew it was funny and they laughed and would ask me about it later - only to laugh even harder. Here is the best one ever to be shared. When Brendan was younger he was a very energetic and demading individual - he always had to have his way and look out when he didn't get it. Being first time parents we wanted to know if this was normal or should we be concerned, so we decided to take Brendan to see a psychiatrist. Here the doctor talked to Brendan (with us in the room) "about what he liked to do, how he liked to spend his time etc?" Brendan quickly piped up that "he liked to spend time with his Papa." Well you can imagine how proud I was - this seemed like a normal answer, actually it seemed like a great answer to me. So the doctor asked "what did he like best about the time he spent with Papa?" Again Brendan quickly answered "he had funny stories and funny sayings." I thought nothing of this other than I thought again this was a good answer. Then the Doctor asked him "about a funny story or saying." Now I'm slightly concerned because all I can think of in the back of my head is please don't say "Boy your knee high to a ducks arse" - (Dad said this one alot to Brendan). Brendan starts talking about Papa and him spending time in the pool - O.K. no big deal, dodged that bullet. Then Brendan talks about getting out of the pool and being cold when he got out and that is when he shared one of Papa's best sayings "Boy your shivering and shaking like a Dog shitting razor blades." Both Nancy and I wanted to just vanish at this point, but it really did sum up Dad at his best. To this day Nancy and I still love to share this story. Leave it to Dad to still be making people laugh. Enjoy everyone. We love you Dad.

Shared by HELEN SISK on June 15, 2011

Alan Jackson - How Great Thou Art.

I was sitting here thinking how pleased Vince would be to have this Memorial Site set up in his honour. He would love the pictures,the music and the stories that we might share. I am sure that he has a tear in his eye but a smile on his face.

This Tribute will be here forever for all to enjoy.

Shared by HELEN SISK on June 15, 2011

Charlie Pride - Crystal Chandelier

This song had to be Vinces most loved song. It had to be, I had to listen to it all the way to New Brunswick and back. The tape got lost once and would you know it, it got replaced.


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