1940 US Census!

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Zane Sr.

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Zane (he wasn’t a Sr at that time) met Violet, and through their acquaintance, Zane was introduce to Carrie Lee. 


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I remember one of the last photos of Zet too on the tractor still taking care of the Tidwell land. -Cousin Judy 

-(still carrying on the Tidwell tradition with her land and tractor !..Violet ❤️ would haven been so proud!!!-❤️ Jazz and Carrie

Cousin, Judy Tyson!!!

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I remember Aunt Violet when I was small sitting on her lap. I thought she was so beautiful just like her mother who was stunning ❤️. I also remember the good ole days when Carrie Lee, & all of us older cousins were small. I loved it when my mom Carolyn, & uncle Alfred's older sister Betty Jean use to take some of us to North Carolina most summers to spend time with great grand daddy Joe, aunt Zetoria, other aunts, uncles, & cousins. Uncle Al use to drive us. He had this awesome 67 Lincoln, or was it a New Yorker... which I believe had  funny hedged rear doors that opened out backwards, where the handles faced each other. We all also piled up in an old Monte Carlo he owned. & long after the New Yorker wad gone. He would drive us to kannaplis. Sometimes aunt Betty would take several of us kids down on the train. Those times had a great impact on my life. I feel more whole because of them in many ways. It's sort of about the roots. -Judy!

Happy Valentines Day!

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Aunt Violet loved holidays!

Thinking of you -Jazz and Carrie

Cara Kelly !

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Cara Kelly sends her Condolences !:) ☺️

(Cara was one of my college buddies between 2005-2009 that had the opportunity and privilege to meet Violet!!..We became forever friends after graduation and she always remembered my aunt,  after meeting her for the first time! Cara would frequently ask me about her during our college days)

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus!

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Sabrazia (Bray)...says “I remember her when we would go to tucson. we seen here out there”...never forgotten Auntie you Bray and Jas

For those that are reading this, myself and my friends would always go visit with my auntie violet every time I visited Tucson. She enjoyed my friends so much so, most every time I go to Tucson I made sure I brought a friend with me so they could meet her or see her again. ☺️

When auntie Violet came to stay with me a couple days in Phoenix she got to meet most of rest of my college friends or church friends at the time. Most of these people if not all of them,  I am still friends with to this day ..and they all remember Violet :)

Thank you for being so special Auntie Violet when you were here on Earth:). You never turned me away, you never said don’t come visit me at my camps, you always said I’ll be here and if I am not here I’ll be at this place, and I’ll say okay Dont worry I’ll find you!:) You say okay jazz  and sometimes give me a thumbs up was unconditional love at its finest between us from our experiences together ...we always ended our visitations with you saying I Love You Jazz and I would say I Love You Auntie Violet. You’d kiss me and l’d hug you ...☺️ was and is God’s Beauty at it’s best

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