Violet's memory will live with us and in our hearts forevermore until we meet again on the other side. We love you mom <3
  • 81 years old
  • Born on March 18, 1935 in Bangka Island, Indonesia.
  • Passed away on October 7, 2016 in London, Shooters Hill, United Kingdom.

In Loving Memory

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved mother, Violet Chen Tet Liam, 81, born on March 18, 1935 and transitioned too soon, into her new life in Heaven on Friday 7th October 7, 2016.  

Those that knew her, loved her dearly and we will remember her forevermore, until our paths cross again on the other side.

Violet loved to pose and take photographs, as you can tell by her gallery; and a lot of her younger photos were taken professionally. She was very photogenic and was very beautiful up until her last moments on this earth, posing beautifully with grace and style, which brought a smile to her daughters faces.  Mom would have been proud to go that way.  

We hope she is proud of her beautiful photograph album which she was very possessive of as it was her treasured possession!  Please do enjoy her photo gallery and videos in celebration of her life on earth.   Now that her photos are digital, they will last through to her next generations with relatives.  Please feel free to add any photos you have with her.  

Pls feel free to light a candle, share any photos or videos you have of Violet and any stories to celebrate her life.  

For those that are stuck for words, it is ok to just leave your condolences for the family just to leave your mark that you've visited.  

Mom's cremation will take place on

Date:  Monday 17th October 2016
Time:  9.45am
Venue:  Eltham Crematorium.  

Mom's ashes will be kept with her daughter Chrissie.  Any family members who may wish to have any ashes to glass jewellery made from Violet's ashes, or for any other personal reasons, pls kindly contact Chrissie and/or arrange directly with Ashes to Glass (use the link above).  They will deliver overseas.  

The cremation will be broadcast live to friends and family   

Prior to the webcast it is advisable to a test run for Microsoft Silverlight on Internet Explorer.  Pls kindly get in touch with me re the username and password details.  The webcast is not viewable on ipads, ipods, tablets or Google.  Only on a laptop / computer on Internet Explorer that has access to Microsoft Silverlight.

Susan and Chrissie
October 2016 

Posted by Chrissie Chen on 7th October 2018
Two years today since you left us mom. Your memory lives on strong. You were a remarkable memorable woman in spite of your quirks and you have left a huge hole behind by many who miss you and your presence. You touched a lot of people especially towards the last few years of your life when you mellowed and allowed people into your heart. Love always mom xxx
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 18th March 2018
Thinking of you on your birthday mom; and sending you lots of love and hugs. WIsh you were here as always in person to celebrate though hope you're having a ball in heaven <3 xoxo Love always
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 6th October 2017
It has been a numbing year since you transitioned over mom It's been hard to adjust to life without your presence and energy. I miss you every day and think of you all the time. To be able to just be with you again in the same room, to feel your energy and presence would be priceless. I asked you to show me a sign(s) that you're still around me recently which you did with white feathers in the garden and a butterfly flying around me :-). Thx! You did it again a few days later when I asked you to repeat it! That was lovely especially when I felt your energy around me for a while after you crossed over,, in the house; and the dogs kept staring at something that wasn't there or that I couldn't see, for days. We've had our ups and downs throughout life as mother and daughter but in the end, love was all there is and what we take with us when we leave; and I hope you know that you take with you a lot of love from people who love and miss you. You're one special lady mom and you certainly made your mark in life. I know you kept saying you weren't scared of dying; though I guess you never figured the kind of impact and emptiness you'd leave behind with your absence from this world. I hope you're happy on the other side; doing whatever it is that spirits do over there! I know you're watching down on us and your energy is around us and I'll keep on with our conversations and connection. You're in my heart forevermore and I love you dearly <3 xoxo
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 18th October 2016
Dear Grandma, Thank you for being there for us always. I miss you reading bedtime stories while combing my hair. I miss watching you cook for us. I miss the comforting smell of your perfume. I miss seeing you leave the house to walk to the supermarket to buy groceries for us to eat. I miss you always asking me to help fill your lottery tickets as though the numbers I gave were the grand winning numbers. Every time you come to Singapore im always so excited and every time you leave my heart aches because I don't know when I will see you again. You were my best grandma and I wish you were here with me again reading me stories and cooking food and caring for me and giving us gummy bears you buy back from London. I miss you lots. Love, Serene Grand daughter
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 18th October 2016
Oct 7, 2016 was the day my grandma passed away and entered our Lord's realm. We may be on different continents of the world, but I still vividly remember the good old times we spent together whenever she visited. Not only was she an awesome cook, she was also feisty! There were moments where she nearly drove us crazy with her stubborn nature; if she didn't get what she want, you can imagine the sneaky means she would resort to, like that one time she sneaked out to go shopping and didn't bother to inform anyone. She didn't even use the cellphone she had on her to contact us, and we almost called the police to report a missing woman. Of course the more vivid memories I had of her were her wild fashion choices...who wouldn't love to have a grandma who wore dark red lipstick, kept red long nails like Morticia Addams, and go out adorned with gold jewellery? I'm gonna miss that feisty old girl, including her ikan tenggiri goreng (Malaysian-style fried mackerel). As sad as we all are about her passing, we know that she is no longer suffering and is now with our Lord in heaven. We shall love and miss her always." From Wendy Juan Violet’s grand daughter
Posted by Susan Ann Clout on 15th October 2016
when i 1st knew u n my mom was from the same indonesian island of pulau bangka from i was thrilled n even more thrilled n excited when susan told me u n chrissie were coming to singapore. when i met 1st u i felt comfortable talking to u in our native language of bahasa indonesia. i felt close to u as u kept calling me by my name despite having some speech difficulty then. i loved spending time with u then. tho u couldn't express yourself that much could see in your eyes u were happy. i wished i could've spent more time with u n getting to know u even more. sad that u left us n i know u are in a better place. maybe even talking to my mom now :P i love u, mama n will miss u terribly...
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 14th October 2016
My dearest Aunty Jiat Lian.... It is with regret that I was not able to get to know you better. My memories of you are vague as I was still young when you left for London. But I remember you coming over to my place and chatting with my mom, your sister, in the kitchen. You always had long red painted finger and toe nails. They always caught my attention..... we are girls after all. Your hair seemed full and was always tied up. You were the one and only hippy Aunty to me! You seemed very demure. You always smiled and nodded your head when I acknowledged you. We did not talk much then. But of all my aunts and uncles, you were the only one who could converse in English. It was easier to express ourselves.... it's a pity we did not have a chance to get to know each other better. I'd probably be complaining to you about mom's naggings and scoldings.... looking for a listening ear. It would be great to have you in Singapore where you could spend time with my mom, growing old together. I can imagine the bond and meeting during festives and birthdays for dinner gatherings. I could not understand why you had left for London. You must have thought you were having a difficult time being a single mom to your children. But whatever the decision, whatever the outcome, I know deep down you had felt it was for the best of the children and it was your love for your children that decided it. The last time I met you was a few years back when you came to Singapore. You were in a wheelchair, you could not speak, and you had bobbed haircut. You were smiling less - it's a far cry from the image I had when I was young. This time there were tears as we knew it may be the last time we'd be seeing each other. But I am happy we had a chance to meet then. We took photos, we had a family dinner gathering.... a thing which was impossible after you left for London. I thank you for adding this to my memory. Today is your last day on Earth. This is not the end of the journey but a new beginning for you. Wherever you go, it will be a happy place with no more sufferings and pains. We know you will look out and bless us.... your children, siblings, grandchildren, nephew, nieces and all.... Till we meet again, rest in peace Aunty. Your niece, Irene
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 14th October 2016
Our heartfelt condolence to you my dear Chrissie & Susan frm the David & Millar family frm Spore! I knew Aunty Violet when I was just a wee girl of about 8 or 9 yrs of age when she moved into our kampung hence my vivid memory of her would be that of a single but very hardworking mum whom loved her daughters fiercely & tho I never spoke to her on a one to one basis, as a young girl, I already knew she was a strong character of a woman which at that time sort of intimidated me but then again it was rough times & poverty was the major culprit & it tends to keep families to oneself! Through the passing of years our contact sort of diminished but i would dare say that there must have been a special spark coz about 3 yrs ago, Chrissie brought mum to spore which at that point she was stricken wif dementia, as Chrissie wheeled mum into my home, I was very aware abt da situation of dementia stage she was in, she was quiet but fully aware of her new surroundings but I doubted that she knew whom we were ( my elder sis & my youngest bro, along wif my sons plus I've not seen her over the span of 30 plus years, as evening unfolded, I hugged her at one point & I whispered gently in her ears...."Jesus loves u & just let it ... ...that she remembered me at all Nor my siblings,at one point, I recall just giving her a big cuddle & whispering softly & gently that our Heavenly Father loves her & before I can even stand upright coz Aunty was in her wheelchair, she wif a voice like all of a sudden remembered my blurted my name ..."Helen"!!! It was a very humbling moment for me, that spark which I mentioned earlier....well that was it, the re-connection point, her eyes sparked, just for that split second & for me, I felt a very special favor, thots of a special fondness wif love coming frm her to me, to my siblings, she was in a very happy mood coz for just that split second, she saw the Clout family, David family & even the Millar family, all merging together, Susan & Christine, Rosalind, Joseph & me, perhaps just for a flash in her wonderful peaceful mind,we were children back in our small kampung!!! Chrissie & Susan, as I bid ur mum farewell, I also stand here wif my fair share of respect to Aunty, it wasn't easy fete for her at all especially in the 1960s....we shall meet again Aunty & one of my Favourite bibilical quote to gently send you off your continuing journey my dear Aunty Violet... Isaih 46:4..." I am he, I am he who will sustain you and I will carry you, I will sustain you and I will rescue you".
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 14th October 2016
My tribute to Christine's mum Violet. To Susan & Chrissie Our heartfelt condolences to both of you for the loss of your mum Violet. Truly a woman of substance. Her strength & courage in the face of adversity are what I admired in silence. She cared & loved both of you dearly but without expressing it as she was a woman of few words. I was given the privelege to look out for you both when she works but you were both too young to understand that but that's her love. Now you have grown & her journey on earth is done, she goes to her final resting place. Rest In Peace Dear Violet We will miss you. Love from Roy, Rosalind & Fly
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 14th October 2016
I did not have the good fortune to know aunty that well as she always seem to distance herself from us but from my memories as a child, she seemed to be a strong willed and strict individual and l'm sure that must have shaped Chrissie's character to this day. I only wished we could have spend more time with her before she went to overseas. We will miss you, especially my mum. Rest in peace aunty. "... Your nephew, Stephen
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 14th October 2016
Remembered my lovely auntie From Yenny Lie Knowing that i have auntie where stay in London it's suprised  me..i never know before that my dad has sister which stay far away from Indonesia. So far i thought daddy just has sister in Singapore...and i'm wrong... The first met auntie when she has back  to Indonesia with her's daugter Chrissie ..dont know after how long autie never back to Indonesia.she stay in our house and we sight seing together. Auntie cant not speak Indonesia again ,her language already awkward, she just can speak chinese( khe) and english. My englisht too  not really good The second times again we met again when auntie violet and chrissie come to Jakarta and we are going together to Bangka (auntie's hometown) Since we have meet,  auntie always sent christmas card every year especially when christmas eve i think maybe she can not use email so she always use by post..for me its speciall attention from's  impressing.. When i heard from chrissie that auntie can not walk and talk...its make me sad, if London like Singapore near with Indonesia i want come to visit her. Since that auntie never sent me chrismast card but i always ask her by chrissie. The third times finally we met again  in Singapore  2013...thanks God , i not make wrong decision when Chrissie invite me to meet up. straight i fly to singapore.. Not talk too much with auntie coz her ill..i not really understand what she said..we just keep in touch hand and hold hand. Last week Chrissie give me know that auntie pass shock me Auntie violet i know now u have a good place  in Father's home,no pain again.. Rest in peace auntie... u always in my mind I believe u will meet my daddy( my dad passed away in dec 2012) Our memory always has in my mind.. Thank u God for what happens..i believe God is good all the time...HE make good plan  and good time for auntie Violet. Yenny Lie
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 14th October 2016
In *Memory Of Violet* ... From Lynn Ernest You never said your leaving You some how said good bye That Sunday we took you out you opened your eyes and look about You were gone before we knew it And only God knows why. In life you were dearly loved In death we loved you still. It broke out hearts to lose you The day God took you home. Good bye sweet lady God bless Know you are at restxx
Posted by Susan Ann Clout on 14th October 2016
This is Brýåñ grandma... "I love you. Bobby also. "
Posted by Susan Ann Clout on 14th October 2016
"We miss you deeply & forever will you be in our hearts...!"
Posted by Chrissie Chen on 14th October 2016
We love you mom!

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