My Mom the pink glitter girl

Shared by Lin Angelsmom on June 13, 2016

Mom loved to shop especially for jewerlry  She really got addicted to
TV shopping clubs  when I would go online to pay her credit card bills some time there would be 10 to 15 items. When I asked her what she ordered  she would say I sent them back     She would open the box look at it and bring it  to PO next day were the people new her by name they would even wrap it back up for her. She was too funny My dad use to say he was going to buy her a Jewerly store............

She loved going to Dunkin Donuts she had so many good friends there I did not have the opertunity to meet them but beacuse we talked on the phone almost every night about her day I felt I know them  and want to say thank you for making her happy she loved them all......   

Our Angel (dog) she and my Dad named her will miss her she loved my Mom and Mom loved her , she would give her what Mom called Nana's tickle belly Angel would roll over for her and then of cource Mom  would spoil her with a cookie  

Mom I never thought I was going to loose you and its so hard we miss you so much ... :(   Please watch over us all ...  Give Dad a big hug for us all also I know you are happy to be with him again and I know Dad with his since oh humor must have said  what took you so long  ?   

Love you Mom

Your Daughter Linda   


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