Shared by Eileen Singletary on December 26, 2019
Think of You Always, My Dear Friend!!

Smiles & Laughter

Shared by Vickie Moore on January 8, 2014

The Smiles and Laughter have faded away, but the love you shared still remains.

     Girllllllllll I think about you all the time. Your transition from this life you made that easy for me. To actually watch you wave goodbye was just an awesome gift God decided to give me. I knew you felt better by the wave and when I looked down on the body God gave you and saw you were no longer a slave.  Your new body showed no pain, but leaving us you were not to blame.

     You now have a beautiful granddaugter who I know you would have spoiled, she is sooo beautiful I text Quianika asking if I could take her she responded not yet : )I understand shes little now and her baby girl. 

   Well until we meet again stick by Our Father in Heaven. and say hi to my dad my mother n law Mae Mae Momma Leola My uncles and friends that Ive lost. 

Lots of love to my Friend VJJ

mothers day

Shared by Quanicka Harris on May 13, 2012

Every year for 33 years i spent with you on mothers day. Even when I became a mother. It was always you, dada, wise and my self, or just me and you or the family. one funny story was when we went to the melting pot in NJ came back and went to the movies. You took dada to the bathroom and didnt come back i was so nervous something happen. you come strolling in about an hour later and i ask where were you and you said you all went to target because the movie was boring.  i was mad but had to laugh because thats just you. i love you mom.

Gone Too Soon

Shared by Eileen Singletary on April 16, 2012

What a beautiful song to describe VJ Beans. She has definitely gone too soon. I 've known Virginia  for at least 30 yrs. We had been thru a lot of trials and tribulations. We were each other counselor,confidant,good friends,sisters in Christ, traveling partners to Atlantic City. We went to Atlantic City(to see Earth,Wind and Fire) a little less than 2 years ago and we had a blast. Virginia, you definetly will be forever missed.  Love always,Eileen

My Friend

Shared by Vickie Moore on February 3, 2012

   On the day we met, It was not clear how we become so close and dear.  When you came to visit my office was filled with sooo much noise, from the laughter of your craziness and mine of course.  They couldnt take us, but they would not dare say a thing, Oh thats Virginia and Vickie their at it again.  My best story is when you had Carol crying, it was funny then and Im still smiling.  You meant no harm but told the truth of how it is within groups.  You always said you Love me & of course I loved you too.  We have shared so much thoughts and figured out what to do.  What keeps me strong is knowing I was there, to say goodbye not forever, but at that moment at your bed side.  NO one knows that you allowed me to see your new body going into eternity. You waved  bye and I knew that you were ok.
  Keep God smiling until the day.  

Your Friend Vickie Forever  


Shared by Lisa Jones on January 22, 2012

I admired Aunt Vigina's fabulosity, I hope I am half a fabulous as she was when I get her age.  She also had a youthful love of life,  she worked hard and she played hard.  If I were to try to describe her life's  philosophy, it  would be Love, Live and Laugh.  Virgina Jones-Jackson enjoyed her life, and she lived her life on her own terms.  We should realize that life it too short so let's enjoy it.  She was a caring person that was always willing to help someonelse.  She was alot of fun.  To all those who knew and loved Aunt Virginia, remember don't sweat the small stuff and Love, Live and Laugh everyday.  A true Diva, and a real Class Act.



From Dashawn aka Dada

Shared by Quanicka Harris on January 22, 2012

Dear Mom, I love you so much.I hope you are having a good day. I wish that Nana could come back to life. I know it is hard for you that Nana left. Nana always had my back when I was in trouble. I wish that I could try to make me stop crying. I can not stop crying. It is hard to leave Nana I can not do that it is crazy. I can not leave Nana she was a good Nana, she was a good Nana to me. But the funny part was when Nana jumps out of bed and tells me to put lotion on my face (something i hate to do). I wish I could see my Nana.

Love Dada

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