Posted by Eileen Singletary on November 15, 2020
Dear Virginia, It's so hard to believe that it is almost 9 years since we have not seen your smiling face!! I often talk to others  regarding what a glorious/hilarious time we spent over a 2 day visit to Atlantic City. Both of us seeing Earth,Wind and Fire for the first time in person as we celebrated my retirement from nursing. What's even harder to believe is that your Daughter, Quanicka has now joined you in Heaven. May You Both Continue to Rest and Sleep in Peace. Your Forever Friend, Eileen
Posted by quanicka harris on December 26, 2019
Dear Mom, So much has happen since you has been gone. I miss you dearly. I love you. I wish I can turn back the time.
Posted by Eileen Singletary on December 26, 2016
Five years have passed so quickly!! Miss you much Sister-Friend!! Loving you always, Eileen
Posted by Deasia Haywood-Gaskins on May 14, 2016
I MISS YOUUUUU NANA !! Going through so much lately I just need you & god to give me the strength . tryna some how follow in your foot steps one way or another .. like WHAT WOULD NANA DO ? . tryna fix my attitude and get on in life but its soo hard especially without u physically here to guide me
Posted by Vickie Moore on December 28, 2015
Good morning Love.
You are truly missed, my sister n law is really sick and they said she wouldn't make it through the night, it just happened to be on the same night you transitioned. All I was saying nor n the same day!!! She made it through the night, she's on life aupport, not sure when but when she does make it, tell her to act right. You know she does not no how to act. Put her in time out Lol. I love you VJJ you visited me through a card I found in your office. Dada sent you a GMA card, couldn't belive it showed up in December. I have it Best GMA in the world
Posted by quanicka harris on September 9, 2015
Hey mommy, always thinking about you. I'm at a point that I'm not angry that you left me and now I'm smiling every time I think about you. Every time I get ready to cry I quickly think of some good memories that's cheerful. Love you always quanicka
Posted by Fatherwise Mason on April 15, 2014
Just stopping by to let you know I am thinking of you. How I wish you were here. Your newest grand child is a mess and too cute. You would be enjoying her. Nevertheless, miss you much and we love you dearly.
Posted by Linda Spooner on November 15, 2013
To my sister friend; Time has gone by so rapidly but there is not a single day that goes by that I don't think of you... We had a very special relationship, we argued fussed and cursed each other but never without one of us giving in. Today is your BDay so I will say Happy Birthday!!!! I do now know you are in a better place... I miss you much!!!
Posted by Linda Spooner on November 15, 2013
To my Sister Friend; Time has flown by so rapidly but there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. There were a lot of good times, funny times, and Rich times... We had a special relationship that I will cherish for a lifetime
Posted by quanicka harris on November 15, 2013
Hey mom, I haven't wrote you in a while but I talk to you everyday in spirit. I want to wish you the happiest birthday in heaven. Love you
Posted by Father Wise on December 27, 2012
It's me again Beans! Can't believe it has been a year and a day already. Everyone misses you dearly. I get by thinking of all the good times we shared. You have a very special place in my heart and I will cherish our time spent together forever. Love always, your son in law
Posted by Father Wise on November 16, 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I miss you everyday. Sometimes I get frustrated because I be needing your advice. (You know what i'm talking about) lol But I just think back and realize you gave me it already. It's just hard with you not being here physically. I miss your laugh, conversation and fun loving times we shared. You are a Angel and will forever remain in my heart. LOVE YOU, BEANS!!!
Posted by Father Wise on November 16, 2012
Mother In Law...I called you that before I even married your daughter. I am sitting here smiling, thinking about our journey of how we bonded. We eventually became best of friends and in your last days, I dont think there was anyone who spoke with you more than me. You inspired me and gave great advice. You had the greatest heart and lived life to the fullest. We miss and Love you much!!!
Posted by quanicka harris on November 15, 2012
Happy Birthday mommy my sweet heart diva, love and miss u so much.
Posted by Deasia Haywood-Gaskins on November 15, 2012
happy birthday my diva .... i miss you :(          so badly .      until we meet again love you #1 & ONLY grand daughter :)
Posted by quanicka harris on October 12, 2012
Hey mom, well I took your advice and I married my best friend my child father my soul mate on October 5th. Even though I thought it was going to be ruff having you not there, you was right by myside and made the day so perfect. Also all your kids are still getting along and getting closer every day. love you mom I miss you so much.
Posted by Deasia Haywood-Gaskins on September 18, 2012
Dear Nana ; It Haven't Even Been A Year & I Miss You Truly . i feel incomplete without you . Nothing Makes Me Smile Unless I Think About You In The Back Of My Mind . Its Not A Day That Goes By That I Dont Think About Youu :(    until we meet again ..luv YOUR #ONE GRANDCHILD & ONLY GRANDDAUGHTER ILY NANA .
Posted by quanicka harris on May 13, 2012
Mom today is your day Mother's Day. I dont know how im get through it but i will. I love you and miss you as you already know.
Posted by quanicka harris on May 13, 2012
me: mommyyyyyyyyy
mom: yes baby
me: mommmm
mom: what quanicka
me: nothing just call to say i love you
mom: i love you to baby
Posted by carla jones on April 17, 2012
Wow Virginia I can not believe you are gone. I now have my three Angels and cheerleaders In heaven you, Barbara and Tracey. The three people who always had my back. I will miss you so much but I will always remember the laughs we had. And we had a lot I love you Virginia always
Posted by quanicka harris on March 12, 2012
Mom it's me again. Well a lot has happen since you left. I did go back to work finally with the strength of God. Wise finally propose to me and i said yes. I know you had something to do with it all. lol But mom instead of planning my dream wedding I'm crying wishing you was here I dont want to get married with out you here. Its so much I constanly want to tell you and ask you. I love you
Posted by BETTY Black on January 25, 2012
Posted by katit mays on January 25, 2012
A Beautiful Gem, A Treasure, A BLACK QUEEN,gone but never forgotten...may your soul rest in you Katiti(a.k.a Evette)
Posted by flore moise on January 25, 2012
May God Bless you forever and ever.
The Moise Family
Posted by Lisa Jones on January 25, 2012
I admired Aunt Vigina's fabulosity, I hope I am half a fabulous as she was when I get her age. She also had a youthful love of life, she worked hard and she played hard. If I were to try to describe her life's philosophy, it would be Love, Live and Laugh. Virgina Jones-Jackson enjoyed her life, and she lived her life on her own terms. We should realize that life it too short so let's enjoy
Posted by sekethia haywood on January 24, 2012
My heart feels like its breaking as I try to carry on.You were my life,my everything,but now mommy,you're gone.I'll count the years until the time I join you there above.Where then we'll be eternally,together again my love AKA MRS JONES-JACKSON
Posted by sekethia haywood on January 24, 2012
I treasure every moment you spent in my life with me mommy.I hoped to have you longer,but its not meant to be.You left this world December 26,2011 so suddenly.I think my heart went too.I feel so lost and lonely.Mommy and i cry from missing you.I know you're in a better place.I know you're happy there.I know one day mommy i'll join you,but the wait is hard to bear.
Posted by Diane Blanco on January 23, 2012
"Virgina,we go way back. I remeber the good times we had especially on Grove St. .with your mom. We stayed in trouble (Sister) . I remember 3yrs ago our trip to Atlantic City! We had fun for our birthdays. I can go on & on but I must say you had a HEART OF GOLD, would go out your way for others, you was there for me with my family situations . LOVE you, Miss you, GOD LOVES you BEST
Posted by shirley corley on January 23, 2012
Virgina you will always be missed,I remember all the good times we had together . with plenty of laughter. I am so glad you not in pain anymore and now dancing with your husband. Paul Jackson. Virgina i will meet you at the crosswalk.
Posted by quanicka harris on January 22, 2012
Mom,how much I love you words can't express. You are my best friend although your Father in Heaven call you home, I wasn't ready it is still so much we haven't done seen or experience or even talk about. Everyday is a struggle for me now that you are not here. I ask God for strength to get me through this. Knowing you are not in pain or suffering any more take away some of the tears. luv u

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