Beauty Tips

Shared by Christi Tynan on January 11, 2019

I was given my first jewelry box from Aunt Pat and Uncle Bufford for Christmas. The kind you wind-up, it had a ballerina and mirror. This is where I kept all my keepsakes. I think I was about 7 when I got it. I still have it today it even has all the keepsakes in it. Aunt Pat  gave me a few beauty tips while growing up, #1 When you brush your long hair, start at the bottom and working your way up to the  roots, this gets the tangles. 

#2 When using mascara, never "pump" the brush in and out because this creates air and will cause bacteria in the tube and also will dry out the product at 12 years old this is important stuff!!

#3 Always, always wash your face before bed, and moisturize. 

She knew her stuff because she took care of her skin. For my Senior prom she invited me to her shop to have my nails done, I was prepared to pay, but it was her gift to me from her, she didn't realize how bad of a nail biter I was and (still am), she tipped her nail tech extra lol!!

She liked a nice glass of wine and  a mean margarita, we always had nice conversations and she had a distinct laugh. She was a lady but was never afraid to get her hands dirty. I am going to miss her greatly, but I know she is with our Lord and we will all see her again. This is just a temporary separation,  we will have eternity with all the ones that have gone on before us. Love you Aunt Pat, and I will see you later~

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