2nd Annual Virginia's Run

September 15th, 2012 at The Waters in Pike Road, AL 

Please join us for a day to run, refresh, and remember.

This special day, outside of being a fundraiser, is a meaningful event for the school Virginia attended for 11 years. 
This event will meet three main purposes:
to draw the school family together,
to reach out to our community,
and to honor the Christ our daughter loved.

For more information on how you, your business, your family, your friends, and your neighbors can participate,
please visit

Running the race to finish strong,

Kevin and Ginger

Here's two videos the school made to promote the run.
We are blessed by them and hope you are too!

"My Testimony"

 When people ask what my life was before Christ, I always think...I can't even remember. I became a Christian when I was little and have grown up in the church and in a Christian home. But growing up in a Christian home hearing about Jesus everyday, I took it for granted. I was always told read your Bible, pray, share your faith. But I would read it because I HAD to. I looked at it as if it was a chore. But the more I grew up I grew in my faith.

Once I got older, my faith soon became my own. My parents didn't       have to tell me to read my Bible. I began a real relationship with my Heavenly Father, my faith became my own. But being a Christian didn't solve everything, I still had daily sins in my life and had to constantly remind myself how I can't do anything on my own, but I can only do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. God shows so much grace to us, and especially to me. But I think for so long, I viewed God as always forgiving me, I never had a reverent FEAR of Him. We need to fear the Lord's wrath, and realize what he has done for us, He has paid the ultimate sacrifice. He deserves everything!

God's grace has changed my life in different ways. I see God's blessings in giving me a Godly family, school, and friends around me. But the Lord has truly given teh ultimate gift, which is sending His only son to die for us. Imagining killing my sibling or parents killing, "sacrificing" their child for the world doesn't sound easy, but Jesus died for you and one can exemplify grace like He did.

Virginia Jacks

 (Virginia wrote her testimony only two weeks prior to her death as part of an Evangelism Explosion class. She was learning how to be better prepared to share with others the hope within her-the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to copy her written testimony to use it as an evangelistic opportunity or to encourage other believers with it.)


Posted by Robert Hixon on September 22, 2010
Dear Jacks Family,
     I have been praying for you every day. It is very hard to lose a family member. Virginia was a great example of a Christian. I have been very sad for your family.
       In His Service,
              Robert Hixon
Posted by Margaret Rhodes on September 22, 2010
Dear Jacks Family, as we all grieve over the loss of your wonderful, precious, Godly daughter Virginia the one thing I personly try to remember is that she is in a better place right now. Her love for christ was outstanding and her testimony reminded me how blessed you were to have such a Godly daughter!We are praying for you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Christ, Margaret Rhodes
Posted by Katherine Schroeder on September 22, 2010
jacks family, i didnt know virginia that well but i did know that no one could replace her sweet happy face.i am praying for you and the entire jacks christ,katherine schroeder
Posted by Amelia Davis on September 22, 2010
Kevin and Ginger - What a testament to your love and devotion that Virginia was. Kevin said it was evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in her life but you both also did a wonderful job of showing her how Godly people live out their lives day to day. Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. She was truly an angel-one who has spurred me on for Christ. Love you both, Amelia
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Posted by Mike McDonald on September 18, 2019
I didn't know Virginia but may God rest her beautiful soul and comfort her loved ones.
Posted by Mike McDonald on August 27, 2019
I didn't know Virginia but may she rest in peace with Christ Jesus and her family be blessed.
Posted by Lynn Cobb on September 19, 2018
Remembered this sweet girl today! So thankful for her life.
Recent stories

Happy Birthday Virginia

Shared by Izzy Cobb on August 27, 2011

I remember last year on Vig's birthday, everytime I saw her in the hall, I would yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGINIA!!" and she would just smile and laugh. Then, later I was on facebook and I saw that she had written on my wall (after I had told her happy birthday again) and she said, "aww ur so sweet encouragement buddy!!! i deffinitly miss having u in my class and seeing ur pretty face every day!!! thanx for saying happy birthday to me soo mcuh today, ur so sweet!! love uu soo much!"

I miss you so much Vig, I miss having my Encouragement Buddy around all the time to make me smile. I love you more than words can say. Love you babe, I'll be seeing you!!

Big Sis

Shared by Karel Gulley on August 12, 2011

Maria Kometer took me out to lunch the other day and told me needed to talk to me about something. Of course, I thought it was going to be something bad and was kinda freaking out. She started asking me about Jr. Miss and what I thought about it. I told her that, you know, i would do it if someone asked me but it's not on the top of my list of things to do. She then asked me if I wanted to be her little sister for it. And I was like "YESSS OF COURSE!!" She explained to me that Hope and Virginia planned on doing Jr. Miss together their senior year. Hope was going to ask someone to be her lil sis and Virginia was going to ask me. I had no idea about that, and when Maria told me, it absolutely made my day!! I always called Virginia my "big sis" and still do. But finding out that she wanted ME to be her "lil sis" just made me so happy! Of course, I wish I could me up on the stage, dancing, and spending tons of time with Vig, but just knowing that she would of picked me is enough. 

She truly was the best girl, friend, teammate, counselor, and big sister I could ever ask for. She always included me in everything, always knew how to make my day, and her notes encouraged me more than anything else ever has. I miss her so much everyday, but I know that I get to see her again one day and that from now until then, and for eternity, she will be my Big Sis!! And I cannot wait to experience Heaven and our Savrior with her by my side, just like she has been all along! 

Love you Vig! 
Your lil sis, Karel! <3

"Yeah Karel! We get to play together!"

Shared by Karel Gulley on June 17, 2011

   I think about Virginia everyday and all the time. She was like my big sister and one of my closest friends. We played basketball together for 6 years at Upward and on Eastwood's team. I remember when Gary asked me my freshman year to come and play in the Varsity's Christmas Tournament. I was really excited at first and driving to Lee Scott I was pumped about it. We got in the locker room and Virginia said, "Karel. You better get excited! You get to play with the Varsity! And you'll love it and do great!!" Then, when we started warmups, I stayed with Virginia the ENTIRE time cause she was the one who kept helping me and reassuring me when I was getting discouraged or nervous. Gary called me over to the bench during warmups and was exaplainig all of Varsity's confusing plays and everything which did nothing besides make me more nervous. Finally, warmups were over and we were all "huddled" aroung Gary as he was showing the starters a few last minutes plays. As I was sitting on the bench, Maria and I were talking about the game and how much we wanted to go in and play and all my nerves were gone. Then, to my suprise, Gary comes over and says, "Karel. Maria. Yall go check in." I was like "No, No! I don't wanna go in!!" I checked in and I remember heading straight for my position-left wing. I looked around and saw Mary at point, and KK and Caroline in their positions. I was freaking out then looked across from me and saw Virginia. She was smiling of course! She quickly ran across to me and told me, "Yeah Karel! We get to play together!! All you gotta do is have fun and if you need help just ask me and I'll help you okay? Now, lets got have some fun!!" Once again, Virginia took all my nerves away and I had so much fun playing the rest of the game. I scored my first 2 Varsity points then too, and Virginia was the one who passed it to me for a lay-up. 

    I was reading through my hundreds of notes from Virginia and one she wrote me at the beginnig of this past school year said, "I love playing basketball with you... I can't wait for basketball season, I really like playing Tuesday and Thursday nights! And I'm really excited that you will be on Varsity team this year, it will be a lot of fun!" When I read that the first time I was so excited about playing my Sophomore and Junior baksetball season with her. But when I read it right after the accident, I just couldn't help by cry. I never had the chance to officially play on Varsity with Virginia which is really hard. After tryouts, Gary have us an A or B which told us if we were starting or not. I got an A. Which I was excited about since I would start. Then later I was talking to Izzy and then Gary later and realized that I was taking Virginia's spot. I didn't want to do that cause it was her position and I didn't want to take it from her. Gary then told me that it wasn't her's anymore and that she would love for me to play it for her. That really helped and I Know it's true. Now, whenever I step onto the basketball court, I think of her! 

    Like other people have said, many of my memories with Virginia have been during basketball and this past season was really hard without her. When we found out we were going to state, we were really exicted. Although,  some of us didn't really want to go without Virginia. But, we soon realized that Virginia would want us to go and have the best time of our lives and glorify God while doing it. The whole weekend pretty much I, along with the rest of the team, was thinking about Vig and how much we wanted her there but she had the best seat in the house up in Heaven!! At the basketball banquet, Gary gave each of us on Varsity a yellow rose. And he didn't leave out Virginia. Her jersey was hanging up in the front and he put a rose on it... right by #11. It made me tear up cause even though she isn't physically here with us she is and always will be the heart of our team! Each time I pick a baketball or play in a game I think of her and the modivation, love, and detecation she had towares the sport and how she spend each moment of her life, even during basketball, to glorify our Heavenly Father! She brought the ECS Lady Warriors Varsity Basketball Team 2010-2011 closer than we ever thought we'd be. And I thank her so much for that and I thank God for putting Virginia in each of our lives because if we hadn't known her, who knows where we would be! We are all so blessed to have had her in our lives!

     I was reading on this website some of the things people have posted on her facebook wall and some of them made me cry once again. Several said that even though they didn't know Virginina very well, she sitll impacted their lives and even they noticed her smile and love for Christ and EVERYONE around her. Goodness. She was such a miraculous girl who I miss like crazy and I cannot wait until I see her again. She was the most humble, sweet, loving, funny, beautiful girl I know and her life has challenged me in my walk with Christ! I Love you Vig!!