Happy Birthday Virginia

Shared by Izzy Cobb on August 27, 2011

I remember last year on Vig's birthday, everytime I saw her in the hall, I would yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGINIA!!" and she would just smile and laugh. Then, later I was on facebook and I saw that she had written on my wall (after I had told her happy birthday again) and she said, "aww ur so sweet encouragement buddy!!! i deffinitly miss having u in my class and seeing ur pretty face every day!!! thanx for saying happy birthday to me soo mcuh today, ur so sweet!! love uu soo much!"

I miss you so much Vig, I miss having my Encouragement Buddy around all the time to make me smile. I love you more than words can say. Love you babe, I'll be seeing you!!

Big Sis

Shared by Karel Gulley on August 12, 2011

Maria Kometer took me out to lunch the other day and told me needed to talk to me about something. Of course, I thought it was going to be something bad and was kinda freaking out. She started asking me about Jr. Miss and what I thought about it. I told her that, you know, i would do it if someone asked me but it's not on the top of my list of things to do. She then asked me if I wanted to be her little sister for it. And I was like "YESSS OF COURSE!!" She explained to me that Hope and Virginia planned on doing Jr. Miss together their senior year. Hope was going to ask someone to be her lil sis and Virginia was going to ask me. I had no idea about that, and when Maria told me, it absolutely made my day!! I always called Virginia my "big sis" and still do. But finding out that she wanted ME to be her "lil sis" just made me so happy! Of course, I wish I could me up on the stage, dancing, and spending tons of time with Vig, but just knowing that she would of picked me is enough. 

She truly was the best girl, friend, teammate, counselor, and big sister I could ever ask for. She always included me in everything, always knew how to make my day, and her notes encouraged me more than anything else ever has. I miss her so much everyday, but I know that I get to see her again one day and that from now until then, and for eternity, she will be my Big Sis!! And I cannot wait to experience Heaven and our Savrior with her by my side, just like she has been all along! 

Love you Vig! 
Your lil sis, Karel! <3

"Yeah Karel! We get to play together!"

Shared by Karel Gulley on June 17, 2011

   I think about Virginia everyday and all the time. She was like my big sister and one of my closest friends. We played basketball together for 6 years at Upward and on Eastwood's team. I remember when Gary asked me my freshman year to come and play in the Varsity's Christmas Tournament. I was really excited at first and driving to Lee Scott I was pumped about it. We got in the locker room and Virginia said, "Karel. You better get excited! You get to play with the Varsity! And you'll love it and do great!!" Then, when we started warmups, I stayed with Virginia the ENTIRE time cause she was the one who kept helping me and reassuring me when I was getting discouraged or nervous. Gary called me over to the bench during warmups and was exaplainig all of Varsity's confusing plays and everything which did nothing besides make me more nervous. Finally, warmups were over and we were all "huddled" aroung Gary as he was showing the starters a few last minutes plays. As I was sitting on the bench, Maria and I were talking about the game and how much we wanted to go in and play and all my nerves were gone. Then, to my suprise, Gary comes over and says, "Karel. Maria. Yall go check in." I was like "No, No! I don't wanna go in!!" I checked in and I remember heading straight for my position-left wing. I looked around and saw Mary at point, and KK and Caroline in their positions. I was freaking out then looked across from me and saw Virginia. She was smiling of course! She quickly ran across to me and told me, "Yeah Karel! We get to play together!! All you gotta do is have fun and if you need help just ask me and I'll help you okay? Now, lets got have some fun!!" Once again, Virginia took all my nerves away and I had so much fun playing the rest of the game. I scored my first 2 Varsity points then too, and Virginia was the one who passed it to me for a lay-up. 

    I was reading through my hundreds of notes from Virginia and one she wrote me at the beginnig of this past school year said, "I love playing basketball with you... I can't wait for basketball season, I really like playing Tuesday and Thursday nights! And I'm really excited that you will be on Varsity team this year, it will be a lot of fun!" When I read that the first time I was so excited about playing my Sophomore and Junior baksetball season with her. But when I read it right after the accident, I just couldn't help by cry. I never had the chance to officially play on Varsity with Virginia which is really hard. After tryouts, Gary have us an A or B which told us if we were starting or not. I got an A. Which I was excited about since I would start. Then later I was talking to Izzy and then Gary later and realized that I was taking Virginia's spot. I didn't want to do that cause it was her position and I didn't want to take it from her. Gary then told me that it wasn't her's anymore and that she would love for me to play it for her. That really helped and I Know it's true. Now, whenever I step onto the basketball court, I think of her! 

    Like other people have said, many of my memories with Virginia have been during basketball and this past season was really hard without her. When we found out we were going to state, we were really exicted. Although,  some of us didn't really want to go without Virginia. But, we soon realized that Virginia would want us to go and have the best time of our lives and glorify God while doing it. The whole weekend pretty much I, along with the rest of the team, was thinking about Vig and how much we wanted her there but she had the best seat in the house up in Heaven!! At the basketball banquet, Gary gave each of us on Varsity a yellow rose. And he didn't leave out Virginia. Her jersey was hanging up in the front and he put a rose on it... right by #11. It made me tear up cause even though she isn't physically here with us she is and always will be the heart of our team! Each time I pick a baketball or play in a game I think of her and the modivation, love, and detecation she had towares the sport and how she spend each moment of her life, even during basketball, to glorify our Heavenly Father! She brought the ECS Lady Warriors Varsity Basketball Team 2010-2011 closer than we ever thought we'd be. And I thank her so much for that and I thank God for putting Virginia in each of our lives because if we hadn't known her, who knows where we would be! We are all so blessed to have had her in our lives!

     I was reading on this website some of the things people have posted on her facebook wall and some of them made me cry once again. Several said that even though they didn't know Virginina very well, she sitll impacted their lives and even they noticed her smile and love for Christ and EVERYONE around her. Goodness. She was such a miraculous girl who I miss like crazy and I cannot wait until I see her again. She was the most humble, sweet, loving, funny, beautiful girl I know and her life has challenged me in my walk with Christ! I Love you Vig!! 



Heaven on My Mind

Shared by Brenda Payne on March 18, 2011

Dearest Kevin and Ginger,

Ever since Virginia went to be with the Lord, my mind has been turned heavenward more than ever. I have "new" eyes. Almost daily I imagine what will be and it fills my heart with expectation of things to come. Things too wonderful for me to even comprehend: no sickness, no death, no natural disasters, no handicapped people, no starvation, no hurts, no sadness, no filth, no perversion. A place where the most beautiful of my life's experiences dim in comparison to what will be!

I also long for the day of our Lord's return so that your hearts hurts will subside and mine will be avoided. I know as long as we remain in these mortal bodies in this sin fallen world there will be more misery and more death to come. Because of His sufficient grace on display in your lives, I am confident that when it is my time to "walk through the valley of the shadow of death" I too will be held by His strength. Thank you for the remarkable example you have set before me and all who have been touched by your lives.

Your witness these past six months has been "real" and so God exhalting. You have not hidden your pain, but you have not forgotten His promises. You have taught so many of us how to grieve while honoring the Lord. Your grief has become a platform for furthering the gospel. You have opened your lives, homes, and hearts in amazing ways that can only be explained by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. Your steadfast walk with Jesus Christ is a testimony to the faithfulness of a God who loves you with an everlasting love. The same love that upholds you for eternity, upholds Virginia.

I long for THAT Day when the presence of sin will be no more and we will live eternally with our Lord and all the saints we love so dearly. I imagine seeing Janet Gulley, Cindy Davies, Don Bowen, Carson White and your sweet Virginia-and how they will run with us to meet Jesus!

Ginger, thank you for helping me to keep my mind fixed on Jesus and our real home. Your friendship means more to me than you will ever know. I love you and admire you. You are a treasure and gift from above. I only wish I could take some of your pain, but please know as a mother I share in your pain. But I also share in your hope of the resurrection and THAT is the only comfort either of us have in the end.

With love and continued prayers,



This One's For You!

Shared by Ginger Johnson on February 14, 2011

 As the girls play this weekend for the championship you will be there with them for they carry you  in their hearts.  They will be victorious whether they win or lose, because they will play unto the Lord.  So Virginia, "this one's for you". 

Shared by Izzy Cobb on February 13, 2011

So I was thinking back to the day we left for state last year.  And I remembered that we were going to check out at break to get ready to head up. We had Miss Montgomery's class right before break and I can remember Virginia, Jessica, Caroline and me sitting there staring at the clock the whole class because we were so excited. And we kept going "Oh my gosh! 10 minutes!" (or however long it would be) and when it was felt like the longest class ever because we wanted it to be over so bad!! It really made me laugh thinking about it, so I thought I would share.

Unexpected methods can obscure results

Shared by David Lohnes on December 10, 2010

This story comes from Don and Cyd Storrs' blog - dear missionary friends of ours:

Howard Hill.  Ever heard of him?  Perhaps not, but he was one of the world’s best archers from the 1930’s through the 50’s.  He won countless championships, wrote two books on archery, helped Warner Brothers produce numerous short films, did the actual shooting in a myriad of Robin Hood films (No, it was NOT Errol Flynn who shot those arrows!), and shot over 2000 animals with his bow and arrow - the only white man to kill an elephant with a bow and arrow.  In brief, he was THE archer of yesteryear.  Few, if any, have ever come close to matching his records.

A number of years ago some modern archers took footage of early films of Howard Hill to investigate how he would have rated against today’s bowmen.  Here is what these critics found: 

“He had the wrong type of bow.  He had a long bow – not a compound bow.”

“His arrows were not fleched correctly.”

“He had an inconsistent stance and pivot point.”

These modern bowmen concluded that Howard Hill was a terrible archer! 

Someone asked, “But what about his results?”

The committee lamented, “Sickening!  Bullseye everytime!”

     Kevin and Ginger, this story made me think of you and your boys. It's so true, God always accomplishes His purposes yet sometimes His methods are so unexpected and so surprising that they obscure the results.  A guy named Jerold Panas once said "God doesn't close one door without opening another one, but the hallway in between might be murder." I like that, I think it's a very accurate image.

     God used very unconventional methods to redeem us and to reconcile us to the Father. Who would have thought that 2000+ years later we'd be looking back at the cross and seeing it as history's greatest expression of love towards us.  It was God's purpose all along!  Christ's loudest and strongest message comes to us in his deepest hour of suffering. 

We love you and continue to carry you in our hearts and prayers.

David & Kathryn  (Paris, France)

The Virginia Tree-A Reminder and Way to Remember

Shared by Brenda Payne on December 7, 2010

When a loved one dies, one of the difficulties is the inability to do all the "little things" you used to do to say "I love you" to the person. It creates a void in the heart. The longing to give and love reminds us that it is better to give than to receive.  

We Miss You Virginia

Shared by Brenda Payne on December 7, 2010

ECS basketball players signed a basketball and placed it on Virginia's grave. While Virginia has been taken from the team, she remains in the hearts of each of the players. Her heart for Christ and love for people has been captured by her teammates. Her life and legacy lives on. May God be more glorified each day as we remember our sister and seek to serve Him as she did all the days of her 17 years on this side of heaven.

Virginia Tree

Shared by Brenda Payne on December 7, 2010

A group of students visited Virginia's burial place, along with Mrs. Jacks and Kirby. They placed ornaments on the driftwood tree which adorns it. The tree is in rememberance of Virginia and an opportunity to remember the incarnation and remind others of eternal life. The students were also able to join hands and hearts and pray for the Jack's family. For more information on the tree read the "About" section.

Called by God! Kept by God!

Shared by Brenda Payne on November 18, 2010

Kevin and Ginger,

My quiet time today was on 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 “4 I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. 5 For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge— 6 God thus confirming our testimony about Christ among you. 7 Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. 8 He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” As I studied this passage, my thoughts went to you. Here are a few of things I wanted to share with you for your encouragement.

·         Many thank God because of the grace given you in Christ Jesus, not only saving grace but sustaining grace.

·         Don’t forget the riches you have in Christ-namely Divine truth. You have been given enough doctrinal knowledge and spiritual discernment throughout your Christian walk  to rival some seminary graduates! No doubt, it is His Truth that keeps you going and growing through these difficult days.

·         Verses 8-9 are fantastic! Allow me to share with you a few thoughts from John Piper on what it means to be called by God:

“I just want us to know what we mean when we look back on our lives and say that what happened to make me a Christian was that God called me. What we mean is not that he merely invited me into the fellowship of his Son, or that he merely offered me the fellowship of his Son, but that he came after me when I did not want the fellowship of his Son,

·         and broke though all my resistance,

·         and opened my eyes to see the beauty of Christ,

·         and won from me a free and glad submission to his Son, so that I called on his name and was saved.

The call of God is the personal experience of being chosen by God for eternal life when I was by nature a rebel and a child of wrath….The assurance of the believer is not that God will save him even if he stops believing, but that God will keep him believing—God will sustain you in faith, he will make your hope firm and stable to the end. He will cause you to persevere. That's the promise. Now what is the basis of the promise? Verse 9 tells us: God is faithful!”

·         One final thought, I know you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ too. Eagerly means expecting with desire or longing for. Charles Hodge writes, “The second advent of Christ, so clearly predicted by himself and his apostles, connected as it is with the promise of the resurrection of his people and the consummation of his kingdom, was the object of longing expectation to all the early Christians.” Your temporary loss has moved me to desire more eagerly my eternal gain. I pray that I can be more like those early Christian and now more like you.

I cannot express to you adequately how your testimony over the past two months has been a continual reminder of the reality of Christ and His return! As you continue to grapple with how to live life in the “here and now” without Virginia, I take such comfort in knowing that He will also keep you firm to the end. My hope is not in your faithfulness but in the fact that He is faithful! You are dearly loved my sweet friends. May God continue to grant you grace and peace abundantly. You have set example for the saints to follow. You have glorified God in the crucible.



Shared by Brenda Payne on October 23, 2010

Virginia's favorite song was "Yearn" by Shane and Shane. She was particularly fond of the version with Bethany Dillion which you can hear at this youtube link

Virginia told her mom that this was "her song". It expressed her her passion and desire for Jesus Christ to be everything to her and for her to give everything to Him. Indeed, she did.

What does it mean to yearn? It means to desire eagerly or intensely. In Latin it means "urge or encourage" and in Greek is means "to rejoice". All fitting meanings to consider when we think about yearning for God.

Job 19:27 TNIV • I myself will see him with my own eyes—I, and not another. How my heart yearns within me!

Psalm 84:2 TNIV • My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

Isaiah 26:9 TNIV • My soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you. When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness.

Below are the words from the song...


holy design
this place in time
that i might seek and find my God
my God

Lord i want to yearn for You
i want to burn with passion
over You and only You
Lord i want to yearn

Your joy is mine
yet why am i fine
with all my singing and bringing grain
in light of Him

oh You give life and breath
through Him You give all things
in Him we live and move
that's why i sing

Shared by Amy Tankersley on October 14, 2010

Dear Kevin and Ginger, Kirby and Bowen,

Living in Birmingham I obviously don't get to see the Jacks family very often.  I remember however, like yesterday the last time I saw Virginia.  Last Spring you (Ginger) and I were talking in the fellowship hall at Eastwood one Sunday morning when Virginia walked up.  Her bright eyes and beautiful smile were striking, but even more beautiful was her sweet spirit.  I thought she probably wanted to ask you a question, but Virginia didn't interupt.  She joined our conversation and seemed genuinely interested in me, someone she barely knew.  Her others-centered spirit was evident.  After the conversation ended, I prayed, "Lord, please let my little girls be like Virginia when they are teenagers."

I also thought back to the many conversations you and I had 9-10 years earlier when I was newly married and you would share with me the lessons God was teaching you through parenting and marriage.  I treasured those times and took many mental notes.  Reading all about Virginia's life and her relationship with the Lord is such a testament to your faithfulness in loving, teaching, and training your children through God's Word.  I know you and Kevin don't want any glory in it, of course that is all God's, but in raising Virginia you did well.  You did very well!  I still find myself praying, "Lord, please let my little girls be like Virginia when they are teenagers!"

Amy Tankersley

Instruments in the Fathers Hand

Shared by Ashley Draper on October 11, 2010

On THursday I had just gotten out of my car at TJ Maxx and was stopped by a young girl in her 20's. She had just been to the cemetery to finalize the burial of her mother and  was drawn to Virginia's grave because the canopy was still over it. She saw her beautiful picture and a t-shirt that someone had left there...this is why she stopped me. I was wearing the shirt and she wanted to know more about it. There we stood...2 strangers...different ages...different races...different stories...but united in Christ and in the hope of His promises. We stood and talked for 20 minutes, cried together and encouraged each other that we will be reunited with each other and with our loved ones in glory in His timing.  

Thank you so much Ginger and Kevin for the daughter you raised. THe words you spoke one day at your house have played over and over in my said that she never became bitter about anything. She was 17 and got it. I'm 46 and have seen through the power of the Holy Spirit that I have soooooo much to learn in forgiveness. Her pure heart and love of the Father have encouraged me in so many ways.

We love y'all so much and do not cease to lift you up to the One that holds your precious Virginia.

Ashley Draper

Shared by Lynn Cobb on October 8, 2010

Virginia, I really miss you.  I think about you every day and your memory leads me to the cross.  I can't think of you without my thoughts ending up with Jesus and what it all means, and why are we here.  Chirst Alone.  He will never change, he will never forsake us.  Our lives are really not ours, they are His!  I was just thinking about you and your dad at Outback a few years ago and how happy you both were, and how much fun it was because ya'll were there.  Lyida and I are going this weekend and I will think of you and pray for your family, pray for your friends, pray that God will continue to use your testimony to draw people to himself.  Since your accident I keep thinking "wait a minute, wait, wait, wait...." like things should just stop, but they don't...we have to keep going to work and school and cleaning the bathroom and going to the grocery store and just a lot of stuff that is necessary but distracting.  I look forward to being with my girls in that beautiful place in Sylacauga this weekend where it is just God, a bunch of people taking time to wait a minute, and the truth.  Here and now we get only glimpses of what heaven is and how awesome it is to worship God and feel connected to Him.  How amazing must it be for you right now to have that a billion times amplied, all the time forever and ever!  I know, because Christ promised, that God has so many amazing things for us in eternity...we just have to persevere!  I pray the Jesus we saw in you, and the light that radiated through your life, will be contagious and God will use every person who loved and lost you to reflect His glory and draw people to Chist.  I want more of the Jesus I saw in you.  I want more of the Jesus I see in your Mom and Dad and Ms. Patty.  Praise God that he wants that too.  Jeremiah 29:13 "And you will seek Me, and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart."

Virginia- A Sister Forever Missed

Shared by Brenda Payne on September 30, 2010

A young sweet girl,

The most precious pearl,

Living life for her Lord,

Is now so adored


Changing lives every day,

Showing Christ is all she would say,

An example to all,

Who died due to the Fall


Marathons and sports are what she did love,

And all the she did was for her Maker above,

Her love for Christ could be seen in her eyes,

This love was used to change so many lives


 Before her God she would rejoice,

Just seventeen with an amazing voice,

Practicing guitar lessons and songs,

Inside of her is where music belongs


My big sister and close friend,

And the times we did spend,

She too would admit,

Were never wasted a bit

She taught me humility,

And how it is the key,

To being like Christ,

A quality not priced


With her smile that would glow,

Everyone would know,

Her love for Christ burned,

And through her we all learned


Even though she’s gone,

Her love still lives on,

We will reunite,

In His loving sight


She will be forever missed,

But we must not resist,

The love she had,

That comforts the sad


She feared the Lord and knew His might,

And in Him, was her greatest delight!

~Karel Gulley


Shared by Amy Smith on September 30, 2010

I have this friend at school and nobody talks to her. I've been telling her about Christ, and about the impact Virginia made and is still making for Him. Everyday at lunch something always comes up about Virginia and I am able to go into how much Jesus loves us and how He died so that she could go to Heaven, where Virginia is. Last night, I decided that I was going to flat out ask her today, "If you had been in Virginia's place.. where would you go?" Well this morning I found out that my friend had been in a car accident. I was thinking "You've got to be kidding me." All day I prayed, and I kept getting nothing but good news of how she was doing a lot better than they had first thought. THEN- she was BACK at school, BEFORE lunch!! And I got to sit down and say "What if this morning you had been right where Virginia was, where would you have gone?" It was the coolest thing ever, even though she still isn't sure of what she believes, she knows how she can be sure to get to Heaven. God is SO AWESOME!! And not a moment went by that Virginia did not proclaim that either with her smile, words, or actions. She was always representing God's love and always shining His light!

Thank you so much, Virginia! I love you more than words can say! 

Shared by Kirby Williams on September 29, 2010
Kevin and Ginger,
It seems like yesterday that I was in Jackson Hole and received the call that ya'lls baby had been born... a beautiful girl named Virginia. I immediately packed my bags and moved home not wanting to miss out on all of the excitement of the first grandchild in our family.  I remember the first time I saw and held her in ya'lls home on Graham Street.  I was proud of her like she was my own.

I remember picking her up and holding her tight in those early years as she held her 'simba' in one hand and swatted at my face with the other.  She always got the biggest laugh out of swatting at anyone that was holding her. That is my earliest recollectionof her big smile and beautiful smiling eyes.

I remember Ginger and Caroline bringing Virginia and Jessica to Tuscaloosa while I was in school to attend a UA gymnastics meet with Mary Blake and I. We went out to eat and I remember the yellow dresses with blue ribbons on them and, of course, big bows in their hair.  Again, big smiles were everywhere. While I don't recall exactly, I am willing to bet that 'simba' was there as well!

The years passed too quickly it seemed as the next thing we knew we were all at Elk Mountain Ranch.  On each trip to the ranch, I remember trail rides with Virginia.  She was not only quite the trail rider but also very hip (as always) with her long hair with a baseball cap!

Of course, there were holidays at Ninny and DandyDaddy's or the lake. Virginia was always a joy and a delight to be around. Always respectful, always quick to spend quality time with our kids.  She was also always quick to point out my bad breath and unibrow. In recent years, I had the privilege (one of hundreds!) of being her Facebook friend. I never tired of her posts about school, scripture, practice or Ben. She was always quick to respond to a FB message or text. I have never thought of her being anything but very special to me and our family.

However, not until her recent death, did I realize the profound impact she had on her friends and all that came in contact with her.  The smiling eyes that teased me when she was a young girl are the same smiling eyes that have been used by God to change lives.   I have been truly blessed to see and hear how Christ has used her and her life to bring others to Himself. Wow, what an impact in 17 short years!  Not surprisingly, the whole family is very proud to have known her and be a part of her family. I will miss her dearly.

Uncle Kirby

ECS Volleyball Teams Plays in Honor of Virginia

Shared by Brenda Payne on September 28, 2010

Yesterday, the lady Warriors played against Northside and Conecuh Springs. The girls wore turquoise ribbons in memory of Virginia. They played their hearts out; losing against Northside in four tough matches and winning against Conecuh Springs.

The Northside team presented the Warriors with a huge card filled with signatures from their entire school. Administrators and teachers along with many parents traveled with the Northside team for the presentation and to support the Warriors. There were many hugs and tears exchanged between the two teams.

Ginger, Kirby and Bowen, along with Mrs. Williams also came out to support the volleyball players and remember Virginia.

Go to the Gallery to see photos of the game and presentation.

"Facebook Friends Messages"

Shared by Jordan Autrey on September 27, 2010

Shelby Lain Collins i knew there was something about you that was too good to be around all of us. You were gorgeous, you were flawless, you were so full of Christ... you were perfect. We were so unworthy to be around you and now you can be in a place where you can let your perfection shine. You are the most beautiful and perfect angel. W...atch over us please and we will be eager to see your beautiful face again someday. I love you.

Jackson Hinton love you virginia.

Amy Smith Virgina, you always light up my world when I see you! Last night getting that hug made my night so much better! You are such a beautiful girl inside and out!! I'm going to miss you so much! You are amazing! I love you so much!

Angela Knotts I will always love you and miss you Virginia. You were such a wonderful, sweet girl and you really let your light shine for the Lord. i don't know why God chose to take you so early in your life, but now you're with him and nothing can be greater. You are such a special girl. You are definitely going to be missed more than you would have ever thought. ♥

Avery Draper Virginia, you were the sweetest person i have ever known, and i really mean that. You always found a way to brighten my day. In any bad situation, you were the one to reflect Christ. I am so glad The Lord brought you into my life, he knew i needed a Virginia. You were so humble, grateful, and encouraging. i've missed y...ou so much across the street. And i was so happy i was able to give you a hug and tell you happy birthday. Your friendship has meant more to me than you will ever know. And i know you are singing with that beautiful voice of yours amongst were an angel in my life lulu. last night i just remembered all the things we did together. I remember we were both so nervous when we joined the church and got our permits together. I can't wait to see you in heaven gigi. I've learned a lot from you. I know God has a wonderful plan, and i can just hear you speak those words to me. I'm wearing the earings you got me from France.

Denise Brassell I will forever miss your sweet smile and your gentle spirit. You were my friend and the loss of your presence will be hole in my heart. I love you sweet girl!!!

Rachel Newton Virginia, you helped me through each day at school. School makes me so depressed. People in high school just aren't very nice, but I would tell myself that I had you to look forward to. When, I got in the classroom it was your beautiful face that I searched for. You were always filled with so much light. You knew how t...o brighten my day. You didn't even have to do anything. Shelby got it exactly right. " there was something about you that was too good to be around all of us. You were gorgeous, you were flawless, you were so full of Christ... you were perfect. We were so unworthy to be around you and now you can be in a place where you can let your perfection shine." I honestly don't know what I am going to do without you. I have lost 2 great people close to me in the matter of months. I love you, and I can't wait to see you in heaven. You were the best person I know. It was as if evil had never touched you. You will be happier in heaven, where you belong!but i will miss you...

Alexis Johnson  You were a light in the life of so many. You were wonderful, and lovely, and strong. Nevertheless, it was God who gave you that light to shine. He was your reason for living, so once again, he is glorified--even in your death. Even in the midst of tragedy, God is great. His light will shine always, and in that light, w...e will remember you. You will forever be in our hearts, Virginia Jacks.

Andrew Pappanastos Hey Virginia... We are all really going to miss you. And I have a problem here. What in the world is our pet monkey going to do without you? That was the best idea we've ever had. I'll also miss visiting you at nancys. You ALWAYS gave me extra ice cream on my fancy Nancy! You were such a great friend to me and so many others.. Watch over and protect us


Taylor Collins I've been staring and the keys for about 30 minutes now, I'm at a loss for words.. Do you know how precious you were to me? I bet you don't know how much I looked up to you either.. Your gorgeous soul gets to live on in heaven sweet girl.. He has better plans for you, it's just sad for everyone who loved you because we... don't get to be a part of them

Caroline Madison Beautiful girl, it seems like yesterday when we were in play school together. Your gorgeous face will be forever burned into my heart. Though I wish so badly I knew you just a little better, you were always an inspiration to me. I am jealous that you get to see our Lord before me! But I will see you soon and we will together in praise. I miss you and love you, beautiful angel. I always will.

Jordan Holley Virginia, you left behind an amazing legacy. You loved God with everything in you, you praised Him, worshipped Him, and told of His goodness to everyone you met. I am devestated that I never knew you well. I knew you in passing, but your smile ALWAYS made me smile. Christ shined in your eyes, and I wanted that. You wer...e encouraging, loving, and compassionate! Like I said, what a legacy to leave behind! May God grant me that legacy when I leave this earth! Your beauty was not only in your gorgeous appearance, but in your heart as well. God has better plans for you and for us. He ordained from the beginning of time your passing. That is my comfort. I love you Virginia! You had an affect on my life....but you never knew.

Caroline Lester Virginia, your walk in faith was such an encouragement to me, and i don't think i ever saw you not smiling, thanks(: you'll be missed by everyone. love you beautiful

Kathleene Holley This photo is of a dearly loved covenant child, Virginia Jacks . She loved the Lord with all her heart, soul and mind. She loved her neighbors as herself. God saw fit to say "Well done my good and faithful servant" and called her home to Himself. She will be greatly missed. Please pray for her parents, Ginger & Jacks, her bothers Kirby and Bowen, and all her other surviving family and friends.

God be with you & much love to you all
Kathleene Holley

John Russell virginia the Russell family will miss you dearly we love u and we will see u in heaven, we love u dearly and we will always keep u in our hearts and pray for your family.
with love,
john will

Gail Klucking virginia, i didnt know you very well but ive heard many stories, but christ shined through your life so brightly. i know that what we all believe you know is true now. ill miss seeing your face in the halls at school. you left behind a great role model.

Ellie Cobb Virginia, you are missed more than you will ever know. I know I didn't know you very well, but I couldn't help but smile to myself whenever I saw your beautiful face in the hallways. You were a sweet, precious friend to my sister and to all you came in contact with. Your legacy for Christ was one of the greatest and br...ightest I've ever seen and I rejoice in the fact that you're finally where you need to be. Jesus is so lucky to have you for the rest of eternity. Rest in His arms and know that you are loved and missed by all. I'll see you again someday soon, girl! I love you and I praise God that you're finally home!

Hunter Berry I remember when me and Virginia were a lot younger ( about 3 to be exact) and we carried around our simba dolls together :) that put a huge grin on my face this morning when i was thinking of you :) Virginia, I'm pretty sure YOU were the ONLY reason why people got up in the morning and come to school, even tho they did...n't want to, and see your beautiful smiling face. You were an inspiration to everyone you came in contact with! Your were a beautiful, lovely, Godly young lady and you had no trouble in showing that off to the world! :) I miss you like crazy and love you!! Can't wait to see you again!!!

Blake Brown hey best friend!! i wish i could have just talked to u one more time virginia! u were so kind and hilarious and i will miss u soo much! ill miss doing our handshake at school and it wont feel right to have the #11 in bball anymore! love you!

Caroline Burkett virginia, i didnt know you that well but every time i did see you you were constantly smiling and full of joy. the way you encouraged others and the way that you lived your life clearly showed that you were on fire for our Savior. many girls would die to have that gorgeous smile and great personallity that you had. i for a fact that everyone who knew you, loved you. you changed people lives without even realizing it and you were a light to others in a dark world. you meant more to me than you could imagine. ill see you soon pretty girl, i love you
ps- you looked beautiful last night, thanks for the hug(:

Sarah Michel Dear Virginia. I take my courage to say the impossible. I can't imagine that you left this world. And we've heard this terrible new. Your beautiful face isn't anymore but your Godly soul is in the best place ever. You took a ticket for the heaven, too early but one day, I'll take it too. And we will be together as we w...ere. I remember everything. How I tried to explain something with my french accent and how we laughed during our daily walk. Your smile was a light in the dark. I remember when you sang for me, you looked so happy with your Colbie Caillat guitare. The sound is still in my heart. Lot of your friends wrote such beautiful things that I can't write. But I write with my heart and my tears are dropping on the keyboard. I'm so happy you are with our Father, now, you are walking with the others angels, and I can't wait to rejoince you. Tonight, all my family is praying for you and your parents, cross the ocean. You will never be forgotten! Tu me manques! Love you, sweet. ♥

Rachel Hines precious girl, you will never be forgotten!! God has used you sooo much, and he will continue to do so! Im so glad i knew you, and i love you so so so very much!!! i will miss you!!!!!!!!!

Karel Gulley Virginia, you were wonderful, godly girl in my life who discipled me and drew me close to our Lord,and i cannot thank you enough! i still can't believe you're gone but you are ALWAYS in my heart and will be forever! i know you are in a much better place with our Heavenly Father who loved so much He brought you home. Yo...u were the sweetest person i ever met, you never were negative, you always encouraged me, and i looked up to you for everything! You showed me how to be a leader, a loving sister, a humble friend, and so much more. You were my bid sis and I miss you and love you more than anything!
In His Arms,
Karel #21 :)

Lydia Cobb you are one of the greatest examples of what Christ should look like. you were always smiling and full of joy and im going to miss you this basketball season. im going to miss that beautiful face and smile of yours in school. there was never a time when you were frowning. i could see that you loved the Lord with all your heart. i love and miss you dearly.

Elizabeth Fatzinger Virginia, you're the most loving, and beautiful girl I know. You lived your life to the fullest and you showed us what it truly means to love God and others with an unconditional love above all else. I wish God had given us a little more time with you, but we know you're in heaven wrapped up in our Father's arms right ...where you belong. I miss you but we will see you soon!

Heather Rose Clayton I didn't talk to you a lot, but the few times that I did, I saw what a strong Christian you were and how passionate you were about you walk with God. I'll never forget the time that I first met you when you didn't hesitate to come and spend time with me when I was only 6 and had few friends. I'll miss you. -Heather

Amelia Rhodes virginia, you really looked gorgeous last night. you were just one of the sweetest girls i knew. i will really miss your smiling face. you were an amazing godly woman, and you wont be forgotten. see you again one day! love you!

Kathryn Lohnes This is David. My heart is broken and breaking still at the news of this sudden, unexpected "tragedy". Not a tragedy for you, of course, because now you understand fully...but we still don't! Your life extended beyond the boundries of your own country. As a result those in France who knew you, and were blessed by you,... are grieving with those who so dearly loved you. Now your life has extended beyond the boundries of this temporary home and has broken through to Christ Himself. We will miss you so much ... but then we won't have to any more! There is Hope for tomorrow!

Parker Smith Virginia, you were definitely the prettiest and sweetest girl in our grade and school and your jokes and encouragement will be missed! we all love you very much and know your in a better place! we love you

A.J. Maruna Virginia, i never appreciated your friendship like i should have. I confess that i was never the friend to you that i should have been and i am full of guilt because of it. but you were always a beaming and radiant light in a very dark world and that is something that i will never forget. i am so grateful you are Jesus right now without guilt, without sorrow, without pain or sin. i'll see you eventually virginia. tell Jesus i said hey. Love you

Kathryn Lohnes Virginia, your name came up in our conversation around the Sunday dinner table today as we talked about the work team that came from Eastwood to help us with the "montgomery suite". Little did we know then that you were with Jesus.....our prayers are for your family and friends you've left behind, because you have left... a big hole on this earth, but.......we will see you again! We loved you and miss you!

Dorothy Moore we had our rough patches but you were there for me if i needed someone to talk to about my problems. you helped me through some hard times and i love you so much. you are so loved and missed already by everyone and i know that you're having the absolute best time ever right now and you will for eternity. your family lo...ves you and we all can't wait to see you again someday.
praying for you always

Keaton Ladd I'm so glad that we got to become such good friends back in freshman year, and I'm so glad that your in a better place than here. I will always miss your smile that would light up the world around you and all of your funny moments that would bring joy to all of us. I can't wait untill we meet again Virginia (bolt) and... I continue to pray for your family. Words can't express the loss the world has sustained by losing you.

Catherine Bartley Bailey I found out about an hour ago of your reunion with Jesus! Praise Him for the wondrous eternity you get to spend with Him. You will be missed so much though. I remember babysitting you when your parents lived in Old Cloverdale. I remember your Simba doll and your beautiful smile. I remember most how obedient and loving were...even at a young age you had the peace of the Holy Spirit. See you again in heaven Virginia!

Frances Hope Gulley i can't even tell you how much i miss you. we've been best friends since we were literally born! i can't tell you how much you impacted me. getting to sit back and watch you fall deeper and deeper for Christ. now, you're sitting in awe of your lover. i can't wait to see you again! love you so much work buddy! you're sm...ile never failed..literally never!! im gonna miss yelling "bolt" across a huge room full of people..and making you blush. you helped me through the hardest time of my life..and i'm NEVER going to forget you. love you beautiful. you mean the world to me. ♥ hopegg

Caleb Blake I am incredibly lucky to have been able to lead worship in youth group with you! Your passion for the Lord, and for encouraging others amazed me! Love you and miss you, I will see you in Heaven!

Shared by Izzy Cobb on September 26, 2010

Today I was thinking about the upcoming fall Outback, and I remember the first time I went, Virginia was there with her dad. I remember during free time on Saturday, we played frisbee and football with a bunch of random guys. I remember that Virginia just smiled and laughed the whole time. She had such a good attitude, even though we were both horrible.

I also remember all the stories from Mr. Miller's class freshman year, such as "BOLT" and yeast...

I love you and miss you so much Virginia!!

Shared by Amy Smith on September 25, 2010

A couple years ago we went to Disciple Now, and both nights I couldn't go to sleep because Virginia had us all laughing so hard. Listening to her every time she would answer a question or share something she was learning during our bible studies was life changing. She always had something to say that challenged us all. I remember watching her stand in front of the mirror on Sunday morning while we were getting ready for church, and she was brushing her long, beautiful hair and smiling so big. I said "Virginia, you're beautiful inside and out." And she laughed and said "Dust in wind, inside is what matters most." I'll never forget her awesome attitude towards everything.

I loved watching her play basketball, it was hard not to watch just her because of course, her amazing skills, but her huge smile was up the whole game, always encouraging her teammates and cheering the team on even after a mess up. Winning State was amazing, and the party afterwards was so deserved. I remember when I walked up Virginia ran up to me and hugged me so tight!! She was so excited about winning and she told me all about what God had taught her through it, and how they were the first team ever to win State Champs!

The best part about Nancy's was definitely Virginia, I couldn't wait to get there and see her beautiful smile. When I ordered my Fancy Nancy, she'd always turn around while putting that last topping of ice cream and she'd wink and smile really big and when she would give it to me.. there'd be so much ice cream, I couldn't even see the ice! 

I'll never forget her. Ever. She taught me so much, and changed my life and who I am in so many ways. Nothing she said was anything but encouraging and uplifting. She is everything we should all strive to be. I know when she stood at the gates of Heaven, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." was said to her. She was amazing and her life, love, and smile will live on forever.

Shared by John-Michael Teal on September 24, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoys this. Virginia's legacy will be lived on forever. She has touched so many lives.
--Don't waste your life.--
Johnny Teal

Forever Missed- Video in Memory of Virginia Jacks

Shared by Izzy Cobb on September 23, 2010

Most of the memories I have of Virginia are from basketball. I remember when our varsity team went to Atlanta for the weekend, Virginia was the only one of us who didn't use her basketball team bag. She used a zebra and lime green suitcase. We made fun of how she was giving our team a bad image, and she eventually made Gary carry her bag. I will never forget February of 2009 when we went to state for the first time, and we beat Northside. We all hugged and celebrated for hours.  I remember the next year, when we went to state in 2010, we lost and we all went to the locker room and we sat there and cried together.

Virginia and I always called each other "encouragement buddy" because in 6th grade we played Upward Basketball together. And she was always so encouraging to me, and so that's how our friendship as teammates really started. She was a part of our basketball team for four years, and I'm sad that she won't be playing next to me this year. But I am glad that I got to play basketball with her one last time, the Wednesday before she died.

Virginia left us all with an incredible challenge, and my goal is to take up that challenge with everything in me. I plan to use her story and how she changed my life through her walk with Christ to tell others about His love and mercy for us. I plan to tell others about how her love for Christ is an amazing testimony for everyone, and how she changed the lives of everyone she met.

I love and miss you Virginia. Have fun. I'll see you soon!

Suffering Belongs to the Lord

Shared by Brenda Payne on September 23, 2010

Kevin and Ginger,

I cannot thank you enough (and I know I speak on behalf of countless others) for the way you have shared your heart, your home and your suffering. You have taught me so much and I humbled and grateful to have the privilege of sitting at your feet and learning what it means to grieve with hope. Your transparency has deeply touched so many lives.  You, my dear friends, have given your suffering to the Lord and He is being glorified thru it. You have put Christ on center stage. Thank you, thank you, thank you for walking in faith and obedience to Him. To God be the glory!

"Even our suffering does not belong to us, but to the Lord. Perhaps it is easier to recognize that our blessings belong to the Lord than it is to recognize that he owns our suffering. If you watch someone suffer, you will see that we tend to treat suffering as something that belongs to us, something that we can respond to as we please. We tend to turn in on ourselves. Our world shrinks to the size of our pain. We want little more than release,  and we tend to be irritable and demanding. 

It does not take long to learn that suffering gives you power. As you cry in pain, people run to help you. They offer you physical comfort, say nice things, and release you from your duties....A whole host of self-absorbed temptations greet us when we treat suffering as something that belongs to us. This passage reminds us that our suffering belongs to the Lord (2 Corinthians 1:3-11). It is an instrument of his purpose in us and for others. The way we suffer must put Christ on center stage. The Redeemer owns our disappointment and fear. He owns our physical and spiritual pain. He owns those crushing past experiences. He owns our rejection and aloneness. He owns our dashed expectations and broken dreams. It all belongs to him for his purpose. When we feel like dying, he calls us to a greater death. He calls us to die to our suffering so that we may live for him." Instruments in the Redeemers Hands, Paul David Tripp (pg. 153-154)

Shared by Hope Gulley on September 23, 2010

Virginia has been my best friend since we were born practically. I can't even begin to tell the millions of stories and laughs we had together. Whenever we got together, we would laugh and laugh. We worked together too..and I distinctly remember this one time when we worked the same shift, we literally sat together and laughed for absolutely no reason. She was the person I always went to first for advice. She pointed me to the Lord when my mom died four years ago. It's so comforting for me to know that she's in Heaven with our Daddy, my mom,  her grandfather, and millions and billions of angels praising God RIGHT NOW. When I heard about the accident, I was shocked, yet somehow comforted. Just three days before the accident, me and Virginia had been talking about something that I know will comfort anyone who reads this. We were talking about Hannah Ridling and about what people would say if we were to die young. I remember saying that I wasn't ready to die, and that I pray one day I will be. After i said this, she looked at me and said "You know, I think I'm ready to go." Her saying this completely blew my mind, and now I know that God was speaking to her. She knew, and she was prepared. I will always miss her, and I doubt this will be the last time i write on this. I have so many stories to tell. She was my best friend, and always will be. She pointed me to Christ, and now, she's being rewarded for her beautiful life. Miss you Virginia, never stop smiling!

Shared by Christy Holding on September 23, 2010

I have so many sweet and funny (the girl was funny!!!) stories I really cannot pick one out. She was a big part of our lives for almost 2 years and what a priviledge to have her as a sweet friend to me and an incredibly sweet and special friend to my son, Benjamin. She always had a smile on her face and she was such a delight to have around. She really challenged me and Benjamin to become closer to the Lord.  She was an example to me in so many ways. She was so respectful and honoring to her parents regarding their decisions about her dating life. Even though she might not have liked the answer, she was so honoring to them. I never once was concerned that she and Benjamin were doing something behind our backs. She was so great to me too as Benjamin's mother. She was so honoring and respectful to me.  We loved to "pick" on Benjman together. We would laugh alot whenever she was around. We miss her so much and can not even believe we won't see her again this side of heaven. Heaven's gain.....our loss. Christy Holding

Shared by Hope Thornton on September 23, 2010

Virginia was such an amazing person and her love for Christ showed through everything she did! I miss her sweet smile that could light up your day in a second. 

I still remember in 6th grade when we played "sweet home alabama" we both worked so hard on that and then that night she decided to sing. And I was like yay! Go for it! So she sang her heart out and it was so pretty! That was a really great memory i had with her.


Every memory I have with Virginia is a good one! From the 1st grade up! :) I loved her so much, I really looked up to her in a lot of ways. Her Testimony will go on forever. She was so sweet and precious. I'm glad that i know that she is with our heavenly father now.

God Bless! - Hopie Thornton

Shared by Brooke Smith on September 23, 2010

so my brother Chad Henle would go over to help Virginia's dad at their house and she would sit and just stare at Chad while he worked. I think she was 6 or 7 at the time and she had a frame with his picture in it too!! I just remember and I can still see the picture of my brother on her dresser and I can see her sweet smile on that little face of hers! she always had a smile on her face!

Remembering Virginia

Shared by Laura Hicks on September 22, 2010

I didn't know Virginia that well but her testimony of life was beautiful today. I am a parent of a 7th grader at Eastwood and wrote a poem to hopefully offer comfort and hope. - Laura Hicks

Our loss is Heavens gain
Because of her light, our lives are not the same
She will never wear a graduation cap
But in Heaven, she wears a crown
She may not be able to wear a gown
Today, she wears a garment of white
She may not walk the Eastwood halls
Today, she is walking the halls of mansions in glory
She may not celebrate with her friends
Today, she celebrates with thousands 
Worshipping our God
In life, with hope, she loved
Today, she lives Forever!

Shared by A.J. Maruna on September 22, 2010

Your daughter was great
Her love was unmatched
She knew no hate
Her heart she did latch

With Jesus' love
She clung to Him
A precious pure dove
Her light never grew dim

I grieve for you
Your whole family as well
And I plead with you
To be courageous and tell

All the people you know
Of Virginia's amazing life
"What you reap, you will sow"
She did: Eternal Life

I promise to never
Forget what she has done
I will strive to be an example
For God's only Son

My words cannot express
The impact she's made
Her memory will be impressed
On my heart; it WILL NOT fade

She has ignited a fire
That cannot be quenched
My whole life, my entire
Being is drenched

With her love for Jesus
With her zeal for the Word
With her compassion for people
With her humility in life

You are two amazing parents
To raise such a girl
She lived life with no regrets
A true testament to the whole world

Love you Jacks family

The Impact of Virginia's Life

Shared by Nancy Gray on September 22, 2010

Over the last several days, I have been thinking quite a lot about Virginia and her deep love for Christ.  Wow!  What a testament to all who have embraced Christ! 


Throughout all that I have learned about Virginia, I cannot but selfishly think about my son.  I so desire that he will come to know Christ and live a christian life that at times my heart feels like it may burst.  One thing that brings me comfort is what Virginia wrote in her testimony-Although she had been taught at a young age to read her bible and was raised in a christian home from an early age, Virginia had to come to realize in her own heart how important Christ is and how she desired to live life for Him.  I think that is what I have taken to heart the most-We can raise our children in a christian home, we can impart biblical wisdom to our children, but it's only through the grace of God that they will truly embrace Him.  Although I wish with all of my heart that my son will come to embrace Christ, Tommy will have to hear the call.  What a sweet lesson that the beloved Virginia left in my heart.

May Christ continue to impact my heart with lessons that Virginia is teaching us all! 


What Should You Write?

Shared by Brenda Payne on September 22, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

This section is provided for you to help preserve memories of Virginia. Feel free to post as many times as you like. One of the greatest gifts we can give to the Jack's are memories of their beloved "Lulu".  Here are some ideas of what you might consider posting.

*How did Virginia's life impact you?

*Do you have a funny or sweet story to share?

*Do you have poems, songs or even quotes?

*What will you miss?

*How will your life be different?

*How have you seen or experienced God's mercies and grace through this trial?

*How do you intend to capture and carry on Virginia's love for Christ and her desire to bring others to Him?

*What have you learned from the Body of Christ in action?

*What have you learned from Kevin and Ginger and their family? Do you have stories about how they have touched your life?

Our prayer is that these stories will comfort the hurting, give hope to the discouraged, and demonstrate the unsurpassing love of our Heavenly Father in life and death.

Share a story

Illustrate your story with a picture, music or video (optional):