Posted by Peter Seu J.R on July 18, 2013
Poppy Ill miss you but I look back and rember sitting in the camper asking when we would get there and your reply every time was four more hours and I miss that but one day i will be reunited with you and we can both look back and laugh at those funny memories
Posted by Lisa Genovese on July 18, 2013
I'm so thankful that you became part of our family. Thank you for all the great memories of camping, New Year's Day, and Christmas Eve! I'm going to miss all your silly jokes and stories! :'(
I Love you Uncle Vito!!! Xoxo
Posted by Laura Ordille on July 17, 2013
Peter, we didn't ever meet your Dad but we are so moved by these wonderful photo's that you so lovingly shared with us... we can see the love that your Mother and Father not only had for their precious children but the love that they had for one another....We hope that this is the picture you hold close to your heart. We love you, Peter. Anthony and Laura
Posted by Victoria Seu on July 17, 2013
Dad, I remember the old days when we went down to Ocean City for vacation and we went fishing and boating and walks on the beach at night. You were my hero dad, you could fix anything, you were young at heart. I miss the days when Mark, Peter and I went to Pop-Pops to help with the farm when we were kids. I will always love you forever, Your Daughter, Victoria and children  xoxoxo
Posted by Johm Yacovelle on July 16, 2013
We will miss you and love you. Thanks for the memories.
Posted by Peter Seu on July 16, 2013
Dad, Even though we didn't see eye to eye, you were still my father and I will always love you. You will be missed greatly. I'm sorry that we didn't have time to reconcile. You have taught me a lot of life lessons and I thank you for that. You once told me when I was young that my mouth would get me in a lot of trouble, and you were right. Still working on that. Love your son Peter

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