Im sorry for you loss

Shared by antoinette tremayne on March 2, 2011

I dont know vivian nor would i have ever even known her name if she hadnt died. But i am a mother of four daughters. and this makes me sick to my stomach to think how stupid and cruel kids can be . I have a daughter who used to be teased and tormented all the time. as a child. she was ackward and harry . and they called her monkey girl and threw bananas at her .but I taught my kids at a young age that kids would probley tease them and call them names becus they would be jelous of them . becus kids are always mean to kids that they feel are better then them in some way. i thank god everyday that my duaghter did not let anyone take her soul away from her. why she would think nobody would care if she was dead is sad to me becus she should have known her family loved her and would  care . as parents me must let are kids know from a young age that kids are curel and that thy can be a target atanytime . and that kids are only mean to them out of there own insucurities. AND THE PARENTS OF THESE KIDS WHO DID THIS SHOULD BE SLAPPED AND BEATEN FOR RAISING KIDS LIKE THIS . AND THEY SHOULD BE BEATEN FOR NOT KNOWING THERE KIDS WERE LIKE THIS . PARENTS NEED TO STOP SAYING I HAVE TO WORK I HAVE TO THIS AND THAT I WAS A SINGLE MOM OF FOUR WORKED CRAZY HOURS AND KNEW WERE AND WHAT MY KIDS WERE DOING. PARENTS START RAISING YOUR KIDS AND STOP BEING LAZY AND BLAMEING SOCIETY .THERE YOUR KIDS U PUT THEM HERE ON EARTH MAKE SURE YOU DONT ALLOW THEM TO BULLY KIDS INSULT KIDS OR JUDGE ANYONE IT MUST START AT HOME. AND VIVIAN YOUR AN ANGEL NOW A GIFT OF GOD FROM DAY ONE . MAY YOU FIND THE PEACE U DESERVE AND FEEL THE LOVE OF GOD AS YOU ARE SPECIAL AND ALWAYS WERE . RIP SWEET GIRL AND I HOPE YOUR DEATH HELPS OTHERS IN UR SITUATION.

MOA aug. 1st

Shared by Sylvia Drake on March 1, 2011

 This day was crazy. We were at the Mall of America and someone jumped on a table and flashed everyone. O.o and Vivian said, "Is that a peanut? -.-" and he looked at her and said "shut up at least i have one".

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