Let the memory of Vivian be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Vivian Ihaza . We will remember her forever.
Posted by George Enema on 12th April 2019
Oh Vivian. Looking at you as you lie lifeless hit me really hard. I was hoping to get here and hear it was all false. This confirmation is hard to bear. But I trust that we all can learn to live right and appreciate the essence of living from the impact of this your sudden demise. Didn't know I will be saying RIP to you this soon. I am sure you have proceeded to rest at the feet of he who knows it all.
Posted by Elohor Aror on 12th April 2019
Dear Vivian, I have had no words to say since I heard of your passing. But today as you are being laid to rest, I hope your soul finds rest in the bosom of the Lord. I pray God grant everyone mourning your loss the fortitude to bear this loss. I pray God comfort your family at such a painful time. Your radiant smile and vibrant spirit will surely be missed. Rest on Vivian and be at peace with God. Elohor Olumide-Awe.
Posted by Oluwafemi Atoyebi on 10th April 2019
Dear Vivian, Unfortunately no death is timely,we all love to be together as humans, but we can never be together forever. Life is a journey with individuals having different boarding passes and alighting at different bus stops. You have concluded your own journey with a glorious exit to be with your creator. Your good heart and kind attitude can never be forgotten. You shall forever be in our minds. Adieu Itohan!! Gudnite!!
Posted by Fifemayo Aiyesimoju on 9th April 2019
I am in shock. I spoke to Vivian about a month ago. We spoke about her radio show and all the great things she had planned for the future. She was such a lovely lady. I Pray she knows happiness and joy and is forever surrounded by light. Condolences to her family
Posted by Taiwo Keshinro on 10th April 2019
You were an exceptional personality with so much buzz around you. I watched your videos on LinkedIn couple of times. I can't believe I am writing you a tribute. I can still picture you with your red bull bag coming into the brands building of Unilever Nigeria. Rest in peace Vivian
Posted by Winifred Ayalogu on 9th April 2019
How do one say good bye? A wave of the hand, a teardrop, a bowed head or closed eyes? Good bye Vivian : beautiful motivator, ever cheerful and very optimistic. You will be greatly missed.
Posted by Gideon Opitoke on 9th April 2019
Dear Vivian, I still find it hard to believe. I have cried for days but I know that won't change anything. Thanks again for the pop corn maker and every act of kindness you showed me. May your soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Dorcas Akintola on 9th April 2019
Vivian, I was so shocked when i heard about your death.You are such a loving fellow.You left us at the time you are making impact and waiting for the time to come and celebrate with you.God is the only one who can explain why he allowed this to happen.You are missed and loved.Your memory will remain in my heart.Missed you.Sun re o.
Posted by NsimA Agnes on 9th April 2019
It all seems so surreal, like I will wake up to learn this didn’t happen. I can hardly bring myself to terms with this news, and each time I stare at your pictures, the memories all come back. You were at the peak of your life and work. You made an impact. Death snatched you away! God knows best, who can question Him? For His ways are not ours, nor His thoughts our thoughts. Our prayers are with your family. Rest In Peace Vivian. Forever in my thoughts.
Posted by Ernest Igbokwe on 8th April 2019
Vivian, we are consoled by the life of impact you lived. Had a few but quite memorable sessions with you years back. May you continually rest peacefully in the bosom of the Almighty God. My prayers and thoughts are with your family
Posted by Micky Mash on 7th April 2019
This is a ride shock I'm hearing... The ever smiling Vivian, may your soul rest in peace... I will miss you...
Posted by Dave Chukwuji on 6th April 2019
No words.
Posted by Lucky Ofurum on 6th April 2019
I’m still very shocked! You were so full of life. But I’m consoled that you left your mark on earth, even on me , as my two time line manager. I did learn a lot from you & I’m grateful to God that our paths crossed. May the Lord grant the family the fortitude to bear this loss. RIP Vivian
Posted by Emma Eko on 6th April 2019
I will never forget the image of your gentle soul and bright face, u made an impact on earth. May God give you eternal rest. Till we meet to part no more RIP to a rare gem, Vivian Ihaza
Posted by Emeka Obi on 5th April 2019
I listened to you on radio some weeks back and thought I should give you a call. Little did I know it would be the last I would hear you speak again. You had a great smile and could connect with people in such a special way. The times we shared together as colleagues would remain memorable to me. You were quite close to your family and I pray that God grants them the strength to bear this painful loss. Goodnight Vivian and may your soul rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Kelechi Okeahialam-Olawoy... on 4th April 2019
Vivian.... i’m too shocked for words... you buzzed me on LinkedIn a month ago. You were a remarkable intellectual. Forthright, resilient and as plain as day. They don’t make them like you anymore. Rest in the Lord’s bosom...
Posted by Jeremiah Adepoju on 4th April 2019
You will be greatly missed sister, your amiable nature s second to none. though you left early, yet i wish you good rest in the bosom of the almighty. Jeremiah (Sudar)
Posted by Abidemi Owo on 4th April 2019
Dear Vivian. I wished it was fake news but God knows best. I knew you to be a diligent, hardworking and intelligent friend. Your passion to help others succeed is so evident in your last career and business choices. May God strengthen your family at this time and give all of us grace to bear. You were a light that lights others. Governor of our AEP 58 Class at Fate Foundation. Rest in peace
Posted by Olufemi Omotayo on 4th April 2019
I don't actually know you, but it seemed you were a pleasant person going by the tributes from those who do. That, I think, is the essence of life: to leave experiences worth remembering for those left behind. Farewell, beautiful soul.
Posted by Funmi Kola-Edekere on 3rd April 2019
What a world! I had to read through the tributes to convince myself that you've gone. Oh no. You were such a warm lady radiating with smiles always. May the Lord comfort the family now and always.
Posted by Alumni Relations on 3rd April 2019
Dear Osaze, We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of your sister Vivian. Please allow me to express my sincere condolences. On behalf of her TGM friends, the whole INSEAD community, and those of us who knew, respected and were very fond of her, I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family during this difficult time. Yours sincerely, Ilian Mihov Dean of INSEAD
Posted by Okafor John on 3rd April 2019
Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.One day all the living will answer to the call.I commented on your educative Marketing program on the Radio which was very impactful then comes this News.I am still in shock but God knows Best.I pray that God will give your Family the fortitude to bear this Loss.RIP Vivian
Posted by Vivian Akp on 2nd April 2019
I am still in crazy shock! My favorite 'ajala' like I always call you. But of course God knows best. May your soul continue to rest in the Lord. You will be painfully missed.
Posted by Bode Falore on 2nd April 2019
It unbelievable that you're gone Vivian. I followed your broadcast till last week only to hear the sad news. Rest in peace...
Posted by Vivy Vago on 1st April 2019
Viv. I still feel so sore and broken. Your unique voice and smile still replay in my mind. Sitting back-to-back at Rosabel, we hit it off, two namesakes. A private person you were, yet full of life and ideas. The moments we shared, the trip to Ghana, the movies, the many Guiness shows we attended together, I cherish. You lived the life. You were dedicated. You were optimistic. You were daring. You were strong. I could just go on and on. So sad you left suddenly, but sleep on well there Viv. Sleep on well.
Posted by Aderemi Ajala on 1st April 2019
Vivian, I thank God for all the energy you brought forth and the lives you impacted with it. May you find rest in the bosom of the Almighty. Thank you for always finding time to reach out from time to time. Adieu Vivian.
Posted by Raphael Emiantor on 1st April 2019
Vivacious Vivian, You lived your life like a candle in the wind. You were indeed an amazon, a resilient and astute media ubiquitous personality. You were so many things to so many people- to me, you were a marketing mentor. I never missed your marketing tips online. I can still hear that your sonorous voice giggling at the other end of the telephone line. Not to forget that your beaming, charming and petite smile. The last time I called you which was less than a month ago, there was not an element of betrayal that you were set to depart to glory. Sweet Vivian! you were a conspicuous and vibrant member of our Class of '98, ELSA whatsapp forum. There is no telling the seeming quiet and solitude that have ravaged that chat room by your sudden demise. Who am I to question the Maker of all things? As it were, it was His design to take you out of this perversed world to that Heavenly homeland where there is no more death. Vivacious Vivian, your memory will forever be engraven on the tablet of my heart. Adieu!
Posted by Ikechukwu Ijeh on 1st April 2019
I still ponder why somethings happen but I stand in no position to question why God let these things happen. In all, I had the opportunity to work with you and know you also. I cherish your strength and smile. May God continue to bless the works that you left behind. Farewell Vivian.
Posted by Akinola Ogundimu on 31st March 2019
Wow! Wow! I sent her a request on Linkedin after watching her marketing segment video on Tuesday and heard she passed on Friday. But I thank God for the great impact she had on earth.....she will be greatly missed! RIP Vivian!!!!!!
Posted by Omonigho Obonna on 31st March 2019
Vivian, So full of life, always smiling. I am crying as I write this. Last time, I saw you, you came looking for me as you had seen posts about my new business and you gave me all sorts of tips and ideas! This is sad, Vivian! Painful, so sad. But God knows best. Death, has struck again taking a beautiful being. Vivian, words fail me, I can't believe I am writing RIP next to your name. Rest in Peace, God loves you best and he has called you home.
Posted by Bukky Sowunmi on 1st April 2019
So sad to hear this. Vivian was a strong woman. I recall a few conversations about her family and background; such a motherly and caring disposition towards her family especially her younger ones. I remember her feedback on my MSF (multi source feedback), a not too palatable pill to swallow but I took it in my strides and I am better off for it. I will always remember Vivian for that feedback. My last chat with Vivian was when we talked about her new house opening in Benin and I congratulated her. So so sad but God knows best. There is no prayer for the dead, I pray God comfort the loved ones you left behind. Adieu Vivian
Posted by Jane Nwabuoku on 31st March 2019
If only I could see into the future! I would have hugged you more. The news of your demise has left me speechless since I heard yesterday, I mean its barely 10 days we last reconnected! My staff that attended to you are distraught. You were so full of life, your passion and zeal and never ending smiles, your humility. Continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord I thank God for the opportunity to have known you. Rest in peace Vivian.
Posted by Benedicta Oyiana on 31st March 2019
Viv Where do i start. I was one of your few friends...with your private self. I wonder who i will buzz now.. We were to have icecream with the kids this month. I should have known that you buzzed to say goodbye 2 weeks ago. It wasnt about the icecream. Thank you for your kindness to have reached me. This is a shock but our Creator knows best I will miss you dearly Viv. You have run your race. Rest in His bossom till we meet again.
Posted by Olumide Aniyikaiye on 31st March 2019
It is really sad to hear the news of your passing. I am still shocked as just 4 days ago, you sent me wishes for my birthday very early in the morning. I remembered the last conversations we had in February about your radio show and your plans for short videos. Your passion for what you believed in, your effervescent smile and your energy will forever be missed. May God grant the repose of your soul and also give your family the fortitude to bear this loss. Adieu Vivian
Posted by Olugbenga Ajibade on 31st March 2019
We Love you but God loves you more. We will surely meet at the feet of God. Rest In Perfect Peace IJN.
Posted by Oyakhilome Eromosele on 31st March 2019
I remember my time as FSM Benin always getting calls from Vivian requesting I help her deliver products to her parents. She spoke like a long lost friend and never like a "big headquarters oga". Her intelligence was always evident in the words of encouragement she always freely dished me. I feel pained. Adieu Vivie
Posted by Nkechi Onyekwe-Omozeje on 31st March 2019
Dear Vivian, How can I forget the smile, the energy, the intelligence? I just barely finished watching your last radio show on LinkedIn when I heard the sad news. I remembered how often you called to see if I could find a job for your younger brother. You talked so much about how you wanted him to be busy......oh! The big sisterly care! Sleep on dear but you will surely be missed. May you find eternal rest in Jesus name Amen
Posted by Ronke Ugbaja on 31st March 2019
I was really shocked when i heard ,but first thoughts were to thank God you knew Him and you are resting in God's arms. I remember how much you loved singing, remember your name etched in the wall of church showing your generosity, remember a diligent and disciplined colleague who always stood for what she believed and was truly her self. I pray God comforts the loved ones you have left behind.....Rest on...
Posted by Bunmi Ade on 31st March 2019
Oh Vivian, what can I say. With all the faith and hope I have in God, I trust him still that he is an all knowing God. Of all the things I could remember in the years we were colleagues, I cannot shake off the memory of that random impromptu chat some 3 months back in Jan, now totally worth getting into church 30 minutes late. The plans, the anticipation, your outlook on the year..... and just 3 weeks back on 7th March .... “Bunmi I called to redeem myself and my much delayed promise to call back”.....now I wish I had picked that call and not resort to chats and text only. Not enough that I got to tell you how much of a highly respected colleague and individual you were to me. Your objectivity and sincerity ranks all time high. You could be trusted and that trumps many things in my books. Though in pain of your demise, I celebrate the strong and full of life person you were. So I submit that to live is Christ, to die is gain, in hope that with you, heaven gained one on us. My prayers and thoughts with your family.
Posted by Oyetunji Oladimeji on 31st March 2019
Dear Vivian, Having had the opportunity to work with you in 2 of the organizations where you worked,all I can say is the world has lost someone so passionate and full of life. You gave your all. This day our hearts are heavy for losing someone so special, but as we mourn your death, we also celebrate your life. I pray you find peace and rest wherever you are.Rest in peace.
Posted by Titilola Oguntona on 31st March 2019
So shocked to hear this and called hoping to hear you say that it is a very ridiculous sad joke. We spoke so recently and you were so full of energy and excited about the new year and all the plans you had. You gave life your very best, all full of energy. I will always remember the Vivian that gave her very best! Sleep tight and rest well.
Posted by Lanre Odupe on 31st March 2019
I still find it difficult to comprehend that this tough lady let go. I am pained and will remember the years we spent working together and cherish the memories I have of you. I remember we shared love for some old songs and would occasionally sing together even while working seats apart.. It was like yesterday when i called you on your last birthday, sang for you (as my nature is) and how pleasantly surprised you were that old colleagues could remember your birthday and place a call. I will miss you
Posted by George Enema on 31st March 2019
Vivian I find it had to believe you are gone to your creator. This is too touching. But in His Glory I have faith you went to the feet our Lord to intercede for the rest of us. This is too painful Vivian.

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