My Grammie

Shared by Wendy Daigle on April 19, 2011

Can't beleive that it's been 9 months Gram. I think of you often and the times I spent with you and Grampie when I was on my school vacations snapping green beans and watching M*A*S*H or The Love Boat. All the times we went to church with Aunt Virginia and the whole gang and I got to see Rev. Henderson. I'll never forget when Cheryl and I took you to lunch with your senior citizens group in Brewer, you ate sooo good that day and you were smiling and enjoying your friends. That was also the day that I saw Rev. Henderson again after many years of not seeing him, I truly beleive I saw him for a reason that day and he reasurred me that it was okay that you were going to be with our Lord. I know you're up there with so many loved ones looking down on us, but it doesn't take the pain away of wanting to visit with you and take you out for an ice cream or having Christmas with you or just picking up the phone to tell you I love you. I miss you every day Gram and I love you.


Shared by Abbie Daigle on February 24, 2011

Great Grammie i love you and just wanted to let you know that i miss you

My mother in law

Shared by Loretta Rines on January 17, 2011

My mother in law - Vivian Rines was a very wonderful lady.  She love to shop every chance she got and was always on the road. Most of the time you would fine her with her sister Bernice.  First thing in the morning she would be next door to her brother Ronnies' for coffee and flirting with the bird. Her picture is hung next to his cage.  Although she was a huge Jeff Gordan fan she was a terrific mother in law.  She raised a wonderful son in which I married (Ricky Scott Rines). I am so glad she got to see her baby get married. I wish she could be around to see the changes to the house, as I know she would love them. She may be gone but shes not forgotten. As Rick and I took a wreath to her grave site at Christmas time and put red velvet roses there on her birthday.  She was a great lady.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Shared by Abbie Daigle on January 12, 2011

 Happy Birthday GRammie!!!! i love you very much


Shared by Abbie Daigle on December 19, 2010

Great Grammie i love u soo much and i miss sooo much....Its gonna be hard for me not getting a birthday card from u everytime i got one i smiled and it made my day....I truely want to come to ur grave site and visit u on christmas it would be wonderful!!!


i love u dearly merry christmas love abbie

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