His Life

A Tribute to Walker Alexander Williams, II

Walker Alexander Williams, II was born on November 7, 1940 to the late Burnell Williams and Walker Alexander Williams, I.  Although Walker was born in East Orange, New Jersey, he was truly a man of the world.  

Walker leaves behind his beloved partner, Janice M. Smith, brother, Kenneth Williams, sisters Diane Harris, and Elaine Williams Bloom, children Bryn Williams Meyer and Walker Alexander “Lex” Williams, III, grandchildren Yahshua Williams, Lashonna Williams and Maxwell Meyer.

Walker’s impact is not only public record, but is part of all of us who have come to personally know him. Throughout his life, he achieved many notable successes as an effective and enthusiastic advocate for countries, groups, individuals and causes were underrepresented before his involvement. He fought for and believed in the African and Caribbean Diaspora.

Walker championed the causes of Africa and the Caribbean when there was a need for a champion. He was a pioneer who built platforms upon which others could stand and constructed an entire generation of entrepreneurs, heads of government and social justice leaders.

Despite a long career of distinguished service in almost every aspect of life: media, theatre, advertising, hotelier, philanthropy, restaurant and hospitality, technology, agriculture, airline, energy, financing, leadership, youth empowerment, advocacy, mentor, friend, and father, the most defining aspect of Walker was not his impressive ability to walk in the company of statesmen (something he did with great facility) but rather his ability to make those who worked with and for him feel valued. Walker was committed to sharing his knowledge with those in his professional sphere.  But what usurps all of this was his humility!   We believe Walker has no enemies, which is not an easy task to accomplish after being in Washington for so long.

The consistent theme of those who knew him is that they have lost a brother, a father, a mentor, and a friend. We believe that he would have been deeply content with such an epitaph, something both earned and well deserved but to us, Walker Alexander Williams is an icon!!!  It is this, more than anything, which defines the profound loss that those of us privileged to know Walker now feel. However, there are no real words or comments that can describe who Walker was. 

To truly know Walker, one would have to weave the stories about him by the people who knew him together to create a complete quilt of his life. In this vein, we ask that you post as many stories about him on this site.

Funeral arrangements are being determined amongst the family and we will updating this site as necessary.