Let the memory of Walter be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our Father, Grand father, Uncle and Friend, Walter Iwu . We will remember him forever.

Posted by Deborah Ngozi on February 27, 2019
There's no word of comfort I've not heard since your demise.
I try to be comforted, but it's difficult
I try to accept it, yet more difficult
This is too painful
This is really painful
I miss you so much daddy
I pray for you today
May the Lord continue to grant you eternal rest
May the Lord comfort us Himself
Posted by Deborah Ngozi Iwu on February 14, 2019
To My Dad and Best Friend
In September 2018, when you became ill, the last thing in my mind was that soon, I will be saying good bye to you.
All my life, I have known you to be a fighter.There was no battle you were engaged with that God didn’t help you win, even the ones that seemed gigantic and impossible to be won. And so, I saw the illness as something you will also win.
Your last days were the most excruciating days of my life, as I watched you get weaker and feeble by day. In-spite of your physical weakness, I had absolute faith in God to heal you.
Your death taught me the difference between, ’healing’ and ’making whole’. And I believe that God didn’t just heal you; He made you whole.
Everyday of my life, through your modest lifestyle, you taught me that family is everything. No wonder you sacrificed your comfort and happiness to ensure that you gave us the best.
During my crisis years, I was afraid to come home because I didn’t want to tarnish the good name you worked so hard to build. But when you heard of my intention, you told me my life was more important and precious to you than your good name. Since then, you never stopped loving and protecting Olive and I.
I will miss your love for God and man, your selflessness, integrity, truthfulness, hard work, responsibility, openness and especially your prayers.
You were a prayer warrior ¬¬¬–¬there was no time you prayed for me that God didn’t answer your prayer. I am at present reaping the fruits of your prayers and labour of love for me.
If I had my way, I will love you to be with me forever. But God’s ways and thoughts are higher and better than mine. God loves you more than I do. He alone knows why He called you home at this time.
I am eternally grateful to Him for electing you to be my father and to you for being such a great and wonderful dad.
I pray God in His infinite mercy to grant you eternal rest in His Bosom. Until we meet again ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬; ¬¬I love you and will always love you.
Posted by Njideka Florence on January 27, 2019
Tribute to my Role Model
  Healing is a gradual process but definitely life isn’t same without you here ,daddy. I have lived in self denial these past weeks hoping it is all a dream . You were such a peaceful man who stood for the truth no matter what you stood to loose.
 You were a man of integrity who refused to compromise on matters of principle(A no nonsense man and action man as you were fondly called by some people). Your love for God and the church was beyond words,even as little children,you encouraged us to join the different societies in the church.
Dearest daddy,how can I ever forget how you sacrificed the luxury of this life just to be sure we (your children)had a better life.You were indeed ,Selfless! Your love and protection made people call us your children your “god”. It still beats me how you stood your grounds to train your female children up until their Masters level despite the criticisms of some people who felt it was a waste of resources training a female Child. Your support during my Masters programme was so overwhelming and for this and to many more uncountless things you ever did to be sure I was happy,I remain forever grateful and indebted to you. 
With so much tears in my eyes ,I truly miss you daddy,your smiles and the way you call my name “Nji mu o or Hajia Minna” .
Rest on dearest daddy.you were someone I could count on at any point in time and you were readily available.Your legacy lives on .You will forever remain in my heart.
Posted by Chinwe Juliana Iwu on January 24, 2019
Tribute to my HERO
With tears in my eyes, I write this tribute to celebrate the life of a man who meant so much to me. 
Death, I know is a debt everyone owes but we hardly know when it will happen.
Daddy, I will always remember the principles your life was based on and how you instilled them in us, your children. Daddy, I have found these in many books written by bestselling authors. You you may not have written books; your life was a priceless book.
Daddy, I remember how you would say “delay is dangerous”. You made such statements to emphasize the need to be decisive. You were also very punctual man. You taught us to always be at any place of appointment at least 1 hour. I remember how we we were hardly late for our morning masses. 
You lived a life of integrity. In Igbo you will always say “kuwa akagi oto” (be sincere always). I take this with me wherever I go.
You were a family man to the core. You loved your wife like no one’s business. She was the first person you would ask after before anyone else. Some years ago, when she visited me in Uyo and you sensed she was staying too long, you called me and said in these exact words, and in English (to show how serious it was); “Chinwe, please I need my wife to come back”. I didn’t waste time oo, I had to ask her to return to her husband. I didn’t want to put any asunder to what God had joined, biko. You loved your children, you fought for us, defended us any day any time. You were a disciplinarian, yet you dished out your discipline with love. Your style of parenting was very incredible. As kids the punishments you gave when we committed an offence us were deserving. We had several dialogues with you and were given the chance to defend ourselves as though we were in the Law court.
You made notes of every experience life had taught you and encouraged us to do same. You will always say, “record it, write it down so you don’t forget and also learn from it”. You were very meticulous with keeping documents and you will say “always make a copy of every document you have”.
Daddy you fought for us, you protected us, were there for us, to celebrate our success and to encourage us not to ever give up. On your sick bed, you kept saying, “Julie, don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t let my condition distract you from your work”. You were a fighter, even at the point of death. You taught us the value of hard work, diligence, sound judgement, patience, and humility. You were such a simple and lovely man. You taught us determination; Dad, I remember your humble beginning. And how with determination, hardwork and honesty you rose above your circumstance.
Wally (as we called you when we need a favour from you), you were not the richest man, yet you gave us the beautiful things that were priceless; fatherly love and presence. You made a huge sacrifice to let us have the very best. I was never a sad child. I felt like the daughter of the richest man. You were present in our lives from onset until the day you passed away. Your presence made me the confident woman that I am today.
Daddy, you disliked it when anyone failed to use logic in taking decisions. You will use words like“always apply mathematics, don’t you know how to use arithmetic?, be calculative..”. I can assure you that I apply this principle in all that I do. And it has taken me places.
You were a giant, despite your ‘short’ statue. When we all grew taller than you, we began to tease you and you will reply by saying, “Wisdom and intelligence is not dependent on height. I am a wise man, and that’s why I married a tall woman to compensate for my height. I remember telling you of how I noticed that your grandchildren are beginning to display some of your attributes and you replied me saying “yes! blood is thicker than water”.
I have asked myself severally if I thanked you enough for all you did for me and how much you meant to me. Dad, you lived a good life.
Daddy it is painful to see you go now after catching a glimpse of the fruits of your labour. It is sad that you didn’t stay too long to enjoy. But who are we to question God?. My heart broke when on your sick bed, you said you were sorry, you won’t be with us for too long. You said whatever happens, I should know it is God’s will. Dad, I am a strong believer in God’s will.
We are sure that you lived your purpose; you had finished your race here on earth. You fought a good fight, just like St Paul said in the scriptures (2nd Tim 4:7). I will take up the baton and continue from where you stopped, to ensure your legacy lives forever. I will make you proud just as I have already begun. We will take care of your wife, our mum and ensure she doesn’t miss you much.
Finally, I will take Solace in God’s word in 1 Thessalonians 4:13. I will grieve but not like one without hope. Daddy, you died in the Lord and are resting in a better place, where there is neither pain nor sickness.
Daddy m, gaa nke Oma, till we meet to part no more.
Your dearest daughter,
Chinwe (Pharm Julie or Julie Julie as you fondly called me)

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