This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Walter Swanson 77 years old , born on July 11, 1941 and passed away on March 4, 2019. We will remember him forever.

07/11/1941- 03/04/2019

Dear Friends and Family, it is with a heavy but grateful heart that Walter M Swanson passed away peacefully and without pain on March 4, 2019 at Putnam Hospital in Carmel New York.

The care that he received from the staff at Putnam Hospital  was beyond what we could ask for, as he was treated with care and dignity that was near reverent in nature- many thanks goes out to Vydia my fathers nurse. Our gratitude also extends out to the team at the Pawling Rehab Facility specifically Nichola, Jalissa and Daniel who  provided my father dignified and respectful care as well.

My father lived a solid life.He worked hard as he did long, he was not a perfect man, and he had some regrets  but with that being said - he loved his family , and when the cards were stacked against us, he managed to find away to work the deck that we had been dealt.

Walter leaves behind his life partner Christine Swanson, his daughter Laura ,who I can assure you gave him most, if not all of his gray hair, his beloved grandson Dakota, that he loved and adored,  as well his 3 extremely gifted adult children from a previous marriage with Diana , who he was eternally grateful for : Karen, Gary and Kathy and their beloved children.

Walter was quite adamant that he did not want a formal service and had asked to be cremated. He entrusted his final request to be performed by the Peter P. Dohanich Jr Funeral Home in Brooklyn New York , which like his sister , his ashes will be committed to the sea

In lieu of flowers, please contribute your time or a monetary donation to an organization that makes the world and those who live within it a better place.

To celebrate and honor Walters life, we have set up a memorial on ForeverMissed.Com, please feel free to  send your condolences there , share stories , pictures or the like.

Posted by Laura Swanson on July 12, 2021
I was here yesterday
I was here yesterday
But the words were met with sadness so I threw myself into the business because I found myself angry short tempered and the like

I miss you dad

Happy Belated Birthday

Love me
Posted by Dakota Swanson on March 4, 2021
“But what is grief, if not love persevering?” -- WandaVision.

No matter how far away you might feel, no matter how much time passes by, the love I have for you is never ending.
Posted by Laura Swanson on August 25, 2020
Thinking of you dad , my heart is heavy I miss you ❤️
Posted by Laura Swanson on December 25, 2019
Through the sky’s and past heavens gates , “Merry Christmas “

Posted by Laura Swanson on April 24, 2019
I miss my dad
Posted by Melissa McCourt-Shmilovic... on March 12, 2019
Oh Walter...
So many of my memories that truly shaped my early adulthood years are surrounded by your influence and your family’s. When I heard the news I was shocked because I had no idea you were ill. It’s funny, the last time I saw you 20 years ago it was probably uneventful and at that time we didn’t realize this would be our final farewell. I hope wherever you are, you will continue to be a strong influence in our memories and will continue to protect and look over us all. I hope you can see from the other side you were cared for, loved and will be missed. Sending your family and all those you cared for love and comfort. I hope you are laughing, celebrating and being embraced by those whom you loved who passed before you and that you have reached Nirvana.
RIP, Mr. Swanson!
Posted by Rachael Picone on March 11, 2019
I am so very sorry for you and your family’s loss. Thoughts prayers love and hugs to you all. Thank you for sharing the memorial, the pictures, memories, and a little view into your life and the amazing person your father was. It’s evident in your character and values that he raised an incredibly strong and equally amazing daughter. I’m glad that you where able to be there for your dad in his final moments. Love and peace to you all ❤️
Posted by Ronald FINNERTY on March 11, 2019
I knew Walter when he owned the Deli at Pelham Bay,he loved horse racing and had a trotter named Charming Bird,we went up to Monticello and Charming Bird won,he was so happy his horse won the race,so was i,i think he paid 20 dollars,over the years we were not in touch,sorry to say,but he was a good honest man and will be greatly missed. God bless you Walter and my condolences for Chrissy,Laura and Family.
Posted by Jennifer Hoffmann on March 11, 2019
So sorry for your loss... peace and prayers sent your way

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Posted by Laura Swanson on July 12, 2021
I was here yesterday
I was here yesterday
But the words were met with sadness so I threw myself into the business because I found myself angry short tempered and the like

I miss you dad

Happy Belated Birthday

Love me
Posted by Dakota Swanson on March 4, 2021
“But what is grief, if not love persevering?” -- WandaVision.

No matter how far away you might feel, no matter how much time passes by, the love I have for you is never ending.
Posted by Laura Swanson on August 25, 2020
Thinking of you dad , my heart is heavy I miss you ❤️
his Life

The Day After You Passed Away 03-05-2019

It’s with a heavy heart that I come to you this morning to let you know my father passed away.
For me everything about yesterday was created by Gods design and for that I will be forever grateful.
When I was a little girl we had moved to the country from the Bronx , where chickens and the deer walked your yard daily .. One day however I didn’t feel good and I went to the nurse saying I was having a difficult time breathing but as a lil girl from the Bronx no one listened - she sent me back to class.. In true Laura fashion I worked a lil more but once again I found myself at the nurses office - she called my dad and it just so happened that this particular day he was home ..
Later on that evening I woke up muttering that I couldn’t breath , my lil voice carried and before I knew it , my father was holding me in his arms  in the darkness of night running across the fields to the our neighbors house .. It would be there that the neighbor told him I was having a asthma attack. 
I remember quite vividly my father calling out my name , to which I also recall being annoyed because I felt the peace coming over my little body and every time he would call my name my eyes would wake to the darkness of a car and my fathers face , the music low in the background..
After that , the only thing I can retrieve from that moment was someone asking me to stand , a flood of white light washed over me and I collapsed .
I would wake up later in an oxygen tent looking at my father and mother - I survived but I remember. 
Apparently they said it was the adrenaline that they had given me that had perhaps pulled me from the white light I had seen.
Yesterday my father went to the very hospital that had saved my life many years earlier and it was I and the hospital staff that prepared him for journey home - we came full circle ⭕️ 
The care that my father received yesterday was beyond what ever my very fragile heart could witness.. The love , tenderness , compassion and dignity that those beautiful ladies had provided was similar out the scene from the Bible when Mary had washed Jesus feet with the perfume: it was reverent and I cried .. I cried because it was one of those moments that someone treated my father with humility , respect and care which unfortunately I can only say , does not always happen but not yesterday , yesterday he received the best of care.
The view , well I believe God arranged that for me because he knows that I find peace in his majestic wonders of this world and yesterday when the storm raged in my soul and the tears would overtake me I would look out the window and through the lords grace he would touch my heart through the glistening of the snow on the trees and I would breath deep and instead of being overtaken by my enormity of it all my spirit was calmed and the storm would settle .
My dad was a working man , and he could do anything and much to my mothers frustration I too followed in my fathers footsteps.. He taught me how to get low to the ground , learn as much as you can and work along side the team to get the job done ..
He taught me how fight : swing low Laura .. 
He advised me to not mix juice with alcohol as a  bartender it was his belief that the sugars from the juice would make you get drunk faster .
My father introduced me to music , and I suspects that’s why I have such a broad range of what I listen to From Doo Wop , Classical , R and B to the like .. 
He also taught me to be the story , to which that’s the one piece that I’m still working on because sometimes I write myself off as an excerpt oppose to the novel .
My father was a police officer where her served the community in the Bronx. It would be there that he bore witness to the pain and suffering of the Harlem Riots in the 1964.
My father was a bartender for a while where he survived a major fire barely getting out alive 

Dad also waited tables , worked in a deli , and worked  for me for a minute or two : dang lotto machine tested and tried my fathers patience and we both knew that the rigors of convenience store life was not for him : which is where the infamous story comes to life on the day I had to let my dad go..... But we both got a good chuckle out of it when I said, " I don't think this is going to work out , but I will see you at home"

His last job was where he served as a toll booth collector : he loved that job but once again my father would find himself in a life and death situation when 3 teenagers drove over a median while being chased by the police into my fathers tollbooth . After that my father was put out on permanent disability which afforded him the opportunity to be available for his his grandson .
The bond that my father had with my son was one that knew no boundaries and the love was limitless.. We were blessed with 24 beautiful years of love between these 2 .
I never knew my grandparents so for me I understand the magnitude of how the roots of this love ran deep .
My dad was my map he walked with me and talked with me but he also listened, not only to me but to the crazy music I would have blaring through the speakers on the   truck when we were delivering bread .. My father took me on those runs I suspect to keep me out of trouble with my mom because lord knows I was not the best of teenagers .

I can tell you that my father went to see Slayer , Megadeth , Ozzy ,Pantera, Judas Priest , Motorhead ,  Poison on several occasions, and although my music tastes didn't align up with his, he still carted us girls to the show, and listened to us squeal like high pitched cats on a hot summers day... Best ever was when my father took a wrong turn that led to ( Name that Band ) tour buses.. Now granted everyone that was anyone jumped on us like white on rice, and quickly turned my dads Plymouth around but in that moment my dad was all of  our heroes : much to his chagrin (: 

Sidebar - out of all the bands he listened to turned out White Trash was one of his favorites.. 

When I would run away from home, it would be my father that came looking for me. 

Now please don't get me wrong, my father and I also had turbulence , to which I can say came about because we were so similar and yet so very different. There would be many occasions that my father and I would not speak but as I got older and slightly more wiser, I made it a point to say sorry and clear the air.

I loved my dad and to say  that I will miss him would be an understatement..
As my family and I process the passing of my father , please continue to pray for us as there is so much more that will need to be done in the upcoming months that will require a lot of effort and courage but I gave my father my word that he could consider it done  and he could remove it from his plate and as far as I’m concerned I always keep my word.
There is much gratitude to go around but I have to formally acknowledge my Grifols Team in Charlotte North Carolina that afforded me the opportunity to be with my father in his last weeks as well as be available for my mother. I thank all of them  for their kind words , prayers and their support.
I close this out with a song that my father introduced me to , one that I would often listen to when he would be away and one that he had placed in my heartbefore he had passed.

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2 years today

Shared by Laura Swanson on March 4, 2021
The day you passed was echoed in beauty , the lord had been graced us with the most beautiful snowfall and a looking glass into the mountains .. I Will forever believe that was more for me than it was you that day as I cried all day as I sat with you.

Two years have passed and we miss you so

As for me , my number one fan is no longer in the stands and I am missing that love that only a father could give.

i’m doing my best to keep it all together and I’m swearing like a sailor and I know you’re over my shoulder wishing I would do better at least with my swearing and I am sorry about that.

Forget You Never 07-11-20

Shared by Laura Swanson on July 11, 2020
Today would have been your birthday , alas another year with one less.

I often think of you and my heart grows heavy, you are missed 

So much has happened since you have been gone and I have found gratitude in your passing , as the world is in disarray , social unrest , a virus ...

I know you were strong but in the end days we both know that your strength was replaced with pain 

I’m grateful that you are not here to fear the unknown 

I miss you though all the same 

Through heavens gates I send my love you you and in this heart of mine is a place that you reside 

Happy Birthday Dad 


One Year - Monsters 2020

Shared by Laura Swanson on March 4, 2020
I remember 
I remember this day , so many emotions so many tears - 
One year has passed and over 365 tears have been shed 
We went through many firsts with out you and I can assure you we felt it to the core of our being 

You are missed , each day ....

I chose this song because it really encompassed the day that led to your last and I am grateful to have shared the journey with you 

From my heart to through heavens gate , I love you and I miss yiu