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My sister from another mister

June 7, 2016

As children, many thought we were sisters. We were inseperable and our brothers were also inseperable. You and your family helped mold me into the god fearing, love for everyone Lady that I am today. I haven't seen you in many years but I know by all the love that everyone has for u, you will always be that god fearing love everyone person as I. I am moving back home ASAP and I couldn't wait to connect with you again because I know in my heart we would have connected again like the good old days. I loss my memory but I never forgot about the love that your family had for my family. I pray that I can move back home ASAP and help out with Mr. T-Cleve. I love u so much Wanda and you are always in my heart. Kiss our moms and brothers for me please. Tell them thank u for helping with my second chance at life. U all take care of each other and watch over all of us. Rest easy my sis..much love


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