Let the memory of Wanda Elaine be with us forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on December 19, 1949 in United States.
  • Passed away on November 5, 2011 in liberty, Missouri, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Wanda Elaine Howard 61 years old , born on December 19, 1949 and passed away on November 5, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 13th May 2018
Happy mothers day love you infinity x's infinity
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 6th November 2017
Love you you infinity x's infinity too the Moon and Back and then Some XXX OOO
Posted by Dan Russell on 10th January 2017
Mom i mgetting finally i now know that you are looking down at me with a great big smile on your face. I ask God all the time to give you a great big hug for me. I finally figured out that I was in the right to choose to have the life support removed it was your wish for me to make that decision i know longer carry the burden of feeling responsible for your death it took a long time to get past that i still miss you every day infinity x infinity an beyond eternity an forever. Xxxooo
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 26th January 2016
Love and miss you every day mom
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 19th December 2014
Happy Birthday Mom I Love and, Miss you so Much!!!
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 5th November 2014
I love you mom i miss you Infinity Xs Infinity
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 5th November 2013
I miss you so much I don't think there are words to truly explain how much seems nothing quite fits I think of you everyday wishing you were here I held your Grandaughter she's named after you she's Beautiful you would love her I promise ill make sure she knows who you were and who you are to her I Love You Mom Infinity Xs Infinity
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 19th December 2012
Happy Birthday Momma you would be 63 today.It bothers me not having a spot i can go to mourn you or miss you so this spring im going to make you one i dont have your green thumb but im gonna learn.Three trees for i love you two rose bushes one for me one for bubby hopefully with a foutian in the center and im gonna ask Cody to make a bench I Love You Infinity Happy Birthday Mom
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 5th November 2012
One year ago today I lost you with loosing you came a lot of regret and sorrow I wish I would have been a better daugjter that I would have spent more time with you I wish I hadnt been so scared to tackle some of the bigger issues I wish I would of got you out of the house more I wish I would of gave you more hugs I could go on all day about all my regrets and wishes love u infinity mom
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 20th September 2012
Itscoming on a year that you have been gone and i miss you as much today if not more than i did a year ago i was down at the pond fishing the other day and i was surounded by a bunch ofdragon flys i smiled closed my eyes and knew it was you love you infinity xs infinity
Posted by Lois Darnell on 8th August 2012
Dear Elaine I miss you so much everyday losing the only one person who was always so true to me you were like the only sister I knew the one person who always had my back no matter what i love and miss you so much kiss my mom and dad for me let them know how much i love and miss them every time i take the girls out and i see a dragonfly iam sure it is you xoxxox
Posted by Dan Russell on 17th July 2012
mom this still hasnt gotten any easier wtf am i supposed to do i feel as though im a burden everywhere i go i really am beginning to hate myself as much as i hate life the only thing that keep me from doin it is the kids an sissy the smile on a babies face an the random ass silly texts from sissy i miss you an cant fukin stop cryin all the time there is no gettin over this is there
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 16th July 2012
Everyday that goes by I miss you that much more I miss you for myself I miss you for the boys I miss you for my big brotherits summer hot outside ive killed off all my flowers even the marigolds and your not here I cant call you to tell me how to fix it I still cant wrap my head around that your gone I never thought if you went I wouldnt miss you I never didnt think one day id be faced
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 16th July 2012
With loosing you I umderstand death is apart of life I reliize your really not coming back that ill never hear you call me your baby girl again or ask about your grandsons the dorsey boys I know that ypyr in gods kingdom that dose comfort me some but id rather you be here I wish you didnt go I still need you so much ive tried to negotaite with god even just a few mins to say I love you
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 16th July 2012
nota day goes by I dont miss you not one day I havent thought about how much I love you and still need you plese watch over our danny he loves and misses you too help him not to be lost I love you infinity Xs infinity Mom
Posted by Dan Russell on 1st July 2012
WHY WHY Cant i get passed this mom i dont understand i am losin it really an theres no end in sight i see except my own i hurt all the time my heart is so broken i wannacome see you i neeed to mom i miss you please come get me ok XXXOOO
Posted by Susie Strena on 1st March 2012
Elaine, I'm sorry that I took your life for granted. Thinking that you would always be there and didn't make time to stay in touch with you. I love you cuz and I will always hold you close in my heart. Your laugh, your smile. Your beautiful heart. You had such a big heart. I love you Lanie.
Posted by Dan Russell on 10th January 2012
my mommy i love you so much this is so hard for me to get past im not doin real well with it please help me
Posted by Miki Johnston on 10th January 2012
Elaine you will be forever missed.you were a wonderful loving caring woman. You accepted me the moment you met me you were always very sweet to me no matter how many times I pop in n out of your life you were always there to greet me with a smile. It's sad that you're gone but I'm happy knowing that you're there watching over us .
Posted by Ken Neal on 10th January 2012
I want to thank you for Danny and Christy and promise you that I will be there for them as long as I live.
Posted by Christian Dorsey on 9th January 2012
I hate that you left me.You went way too soon There was still so many things we hadnt got to do so many places we had yet to go.I tried to do Thanksgiving just like we planned i even made green bean caserol for the first time wasnt as good as yours .I missed you even more Christmas wont ever be the same.I tried so hard but,cant smell you anymore on your pillow.I Miss U & Love U INFINITY

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