Let the memory of Wanda be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on May 31, 1957 .
  • Passed away on April 15, 2003 .

Today was the day i was born to a beautiful women my mother. I truly miss you mommy family is not the same without you. See you in heaven love you.

Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 15th April 2019
Today was the day god wanted his angel back home with him. It's not a day I don't think about you. Everytime I look at Deirdre I see so much of you in her. She is such a beautiful women now she's in her day hab programs she goes to her Friday night dance. She is so happy. Lamont has been so good to us and a great brother in-law to Deirdre and a great husband . One day we will see each other again mommy but till then sleep in peace my love. I always feel your presence when I ask are you there I always feel my hair's go up lol which scares me but I know you love us.
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 10th March 2019
Hey ma we really miss you allot . deirdre is in her dayhab program now she really likes it . I also found out I have a lump in my breast but I'm handling it well. My husband is a angel to me and Deirdre. Love you Mommy
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 19th October 2018
Hello Mommy today is my birthday it's really not the same anymore without you being here with me. It makes me sad allot to know that your not here with us. I truly miss you and love you. One day I will be with you soon.
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 31st May 2018
Happy bday mommy from me and lamont and deirdre. We love so much. Mommy. Rest in peace
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 16th April 2018
One thing i will never forget is your words of wisdom. Take it with a grain of salt. I learned to love people even if they dont love me back mommy.im strong just how you build me and deirdre to be. I have a loving husband and his family who love me and deirdre like theyre own. We are fine until that day. We love you and i will see you again. Thank you for the dreams i have about you.
Posted by Tamika Lambert on 15th April 2018
Continue to rest in peace...gone but never forgotten...Love always...Tamika
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 25th April 2017
Love you mommy so much we really miss you
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 31st May 2016
I wanna say happy bday to the best mother in the world you are always in my heart everyday I think about you me and Lamont and Deirdre really miss you. We love you
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 15th April 2016
We love you mommy me and lamont and deirdre.we miss you may you stay resting in peace.
Posted by Shaquan Waddy-griffin on 13th April 2016
Love.you.mommy we all do I miss you so much

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