Respect for a great man the respect I have for Mr. Warren

Shared by Rufus Wallace on March 27, 2020
Mr. Warren how can I explain how friendships end up being. I came to the store many years until one day I asked a question about a bolts which he gave me a lesson on. From that day on he treated me like one of his sons even the times when I messed up, he still forgave me and have enough respect and Trust to allow me back in. Mr. Warren was like a very cool Uncle to me and I would do anything in my power to help him when I was called on to. One of the funniest things he always get a kick out of it was when he was say he was going to have biscuit bite me and I will always say he would never had none of this chocolate mr. Warren will be in the chair laughing his behind off. I have so much love and respect for this man I will miss him greatly he taught me so much stuff he is very very smart man and for that I will miss him greatly my condolences to the families to wear sons who treat me like brothers I will be here for y'all as long as God have me. I'm very sorry I love you guys.

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