Christmas Is A Little Less Bright.

Shared by Darryl Tripplin on 25th December 2018

Christmas This Year...

Does not seem the same without hearing

Warren's cheerful voice,or without his Family

Christmas card hanging on our mantle.

The spirit of the Holiday is just not present 

In  me this year.

I miss you Brother In Law...

I know that you are with our Savior and you are

Smiling down on us..

Rest in Peace..

We Love and Miss You...


So many memories...

Shared by Kristine Allen on 24th November 2018

I remember how you used to spend so much time in the pool at your house. It didn't matter the time - early morning til super dark. Some of us would watch from the window and shake our heads knowing you would be shriveled up once you came in. It didn't matter how cold outside, you were dedicated. 

I think that's why my brothers and I swam so much,and joined a swim team. We didn't want to be outdone by our cousins. I guess it's in our blood ...and the insistence of your mom getting us out of the house. It was really hard for us to get back in the water after we learned of our father's drowning in the ocean, but watching you made me feel brave. I could be in there, cleaning the pool, getting the toys in the deep end - no problem. Thank you for helping me release the fear and trust the waters again.


Shared by Michael Vinick on 24th November 2018

To recall what we thought at the time were “endless times” spent at BU,T’s Pub.... What always stands out about Warren besides always being with the group is that in the first few years of college Warren was the go to guy for help with school work. I recall Warren helping friends with homework and projects regularly as we all adjusted to the demands of a college curriculum. Warren was a wonderful person who helped positively shape whoever he came in touch with in many ways. Whenever Warren and I spoke over the years it was like a minute never passed between that time and 1987. I will forever be greatful for my knowing him and being able to call him a friend. May his memory live on forever. Love Michael Vinick 

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