This website was created for our loving Warren. This is a place where people he has shared himself with can tell their stories and share their photos.  Please sign in and share with us all.

A memorial for Warren will be held at 10:30 A.M. on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at Monte’s Chapel Of The Hills, 330 Red Hill Avenue in San Anselmo, CA. Donations in Warren’s name can be made to a charity of your choice.

Peace and Love

Posted by Laura Fenamore on December 6, 2021
Love you Dearly and MISS YOU Warren! Happy Birthday Friend! xoxo
Posted by Lowell Halpern on December 6, 2021
Schlummere Sanft...slumber in peace my cousin
Posted by kelli mcgowan on April 20, 2021
you are still with me every day ... practice peace and kindness forever love - there is NO death.
Posted by Lowell Halpern on April 20, 2021
To My Cousin Warren,

Rest in Peace, or as our ancestors said, Schlummere Sanft (slumber softly).
We came from a good family.
Posted by Lowell Halpern on December 6, 2020
May Warren's memory live with peace and love.
Schlummere Sanft...slumber softly. (As written on a Wertheimer gravestone in Eppingen Germany, where the Wertheimer ancestors are interred)
Posted by Lowell Halpern on April 20, 2020
There are many members of the Wertheimer family (our family) buried in the Jewish cemetery in Eppingen, Germany. One gravestone is marked: 
SCHLUMMERE SANFT. It translates to: slumber softly. 
To my cousin Warren: Schlummere Sanft. Rest in Peace!
Posted by Jay Potter on June 4, 2019
I attended the beautiful Service and Memorial for Warren but had just gotten back from Italy the night before and words were at a loss at the time, plus everyone said what I and many others who knew him felt many times over.
What I will add is that Warren was an ICON who affected my life dramatically. I first came to Rolling Hills as their Director of Tennis in 1994 and worked for 16 years until 2010. Twelve of those years were when Warren owned the Club and I learned so much from him in how to treat people, create a very caring, loving, and fun environment, and take care of myself at the same time. I always felt with Warren that there were no boundaries and I had the freedom to create, which in turn made me more creative and have endless energy in doing my job!
Those years with Warren really helped me when I finally decided to leave Rolling Hills and take on a new job as General Manager at the Belvedere Tennis Club (BTC). I took what I learned from him and it allowed me to do pretty much the same in a new role at BTC, and the Club became very successful under my leadership. 
Thank you Warren!!  I will forever be grateful for the time and inspiration you gave me and all of us at Rolling Hills.
Love, Jay Potter
Posted by Tara Verburg on April 30, 2019
I heard about Warren's death from my father. I was just a kid when I knew Warren.
My father worked at the Rolling Hills Country Club and Warren was a big part of my childhood. I remember A.C.A.L. (All Children Are Lovable) - which was a program full of summer activities to keep children occupied and provide opportunities to learn about ourselves and our local community. 
I remember learning to tie-die t-shirts. I remember making baskets in the Miwok style. I remember many other activities geared toward the development of children.
My dad eventually worked in the office using a "computer" and I am pretty sure Warren helped approve that initiative - which helped my father start his business in computers and eventually led to me choosing IT as a profession. Which for a woman, was an unusual choice. 
As a child, I sat in the club's office for many hours listening to many conversations about the club's business. Make the members happy! Warren allowed me to write the club newsletter - which I formatted and printed off using their computers. This alone, may have planted the seed to make me want be a journalist, which I did for several years before entering the IT world. 
Warren put a PacMan in the kids rec. area - how cool is that? I took "Flashdance" classes in the aerobics studio. I watched the adults walk fire and bury pigs - while dressed like Hawaiians. I saw the cooks scramble to make dinner for countless people for countless events. 
Warren gave me my first job running the snack bar for a summer or two. 
He was a very generous man and it saddens me to hear of his death. His openness and outlook on life may have affected more individuals than anyone can understand.
Posted by Rebecca Brumbaugh on April 30, 2019
Warren was a voice on the phone when I was fundraising for Suicide Prevention and he owned Rolling Hills. These calls were difficult to make but, year after year, I felt relieved when he was my next call: he was generous, kind, and accessible...a fundraisers dream. His beingness is still accessible.
Posted by Lowell Halpern on April 29, 2019
Warren was my cousin. His grandfather, Charles Wertheimer and my grandmother, Clara Wertheimer Fischel were brother and sister. We both grew up in a blessed and closely-knit family. Although I have not seen Warren in many years, I have spoken to him. The last time was when I sent him a book I wrote about our family's ancestry/history. It is sad when family members leave. My sincere condolences to Warren's family.
Posted by Sharon McCarthy on April 24, 2019
It was such an honor to be your ally these past four years. I looked for ways to respect your understanding of how ephemeral the body is, all the while helping to keep you as embodied in yours in the name of well being. I will remember you for your deep caring and compassion, your wit and wisdom, your open mind and generous nature. The first time I met your beloved family and friends was the last day of your life. Your grace of spirit ensured you were deeply loved by a beautiful community. Thank you Warren! Peace!
Posted by Portia C.B. on April 24, 2019
"Some friends have been in our lives for only a short time before our paths take different directions. We may cross paths again, or perhaps we served our highest purpose in each others' lives. Others may be by our side over several years or decades. They may be closer to us in some ways than our blood relations or our spouses".
Warren is one such friend who walked beside me through time I have spent in Marin the last few years. His loving kindness and example of doting consideration proved to have a profound effect on me and countless others I'm sure. I offer my gratitude to him and to the universe for providing me with such loving support. I Am always with you...choosing peace and practicing kindness...God bless and carry you my dear friend <3
Posted by Harvey Weiss on April 24, 2019
I was a frightened 17 year old in 1954 when entering U of M and pledging Sigma Alpha Mu. Warren was my big brother. He was such an icon I almost could not talk to him. He understood and treated me with kindness, compassion, and intellect in passing on the fraternity and University values. Because of that when his brother Fred came along I became his big brother and hopefully was able to emulate what I learned. Although we lost contact over the years his influence has never left me. Thanks Warren!
Posted by Gisele Fahrbach on April 23, 2019
HE taught and LIVED LOVE !!!!
Posted by Gisele Fahrbach on April 23, 2019
My dear friend and long term housemate Warren.. what a wonderful , generous, funny, pleasant human being he was!! I cannot recall the countless moments we enjoyed sharing a house with our 3rd house mate Diana...
Warren and I were giggling, laughing, singing, cooking, creating gatherings, and so much more. He also helped with private credits when I needed it.. through him I started to participate in the course in miracles (ACIM) where I found new friends for life! I am forever grateful for the time we spent together... he even kept my cat when I moved back to Europe ( which he said he wouldn't..) such a beautiful soul.. Warren... I miss you always.. and pray you may have a wonderful journey in the heavenly realms!!! Much love Gisele
Posted by Tom McAuliffe on April 22, 2019
There was a man! Thank you for your generous expression of love, a true embodiment of love. I behold the light of all the bodhisattvas gathering around to greet you now. Let light and love shine forth!
Posted by Kelli Mcgowan on April 22, 2019
to my "lovie" I keep hearing you say 'choose peace, practice kindness' I KNOW you are everywhere in LIGHT and LOVE. but and.. our pattern of gatherings from several times a week to a minimum of monthly in person time together, will be a time that I will dedicate to more quiet, more connected to the UNIVERSE, earth, human beings, and sentient beings, thru the FIELD deep in my belly between the kidneys back to creation.. WE GO ! We may not be together in form .. but we ARE FOREVER 2gether IN "CONTENT". You my lovie will never die! I hear your words, I feel you in my heart. every day: I spend several hours in deep practice pouring good information, from the micro to the macro and beyond, so it came so natural to pour this QI FIELD BABY all over you during your last few years and this week in your transition; and at the hospital.. I am proud to have known such a beautiful man.. and I adore our story of transformation, all our travels, workshops, gatherings, parties, massages, and all the outreach we did! such a divine purpose, giggles, tears, and awakening.. WITH such appreciation for all the service to others (was such a gift to self).. we all shared!!!, which in turn has made me who I am in spite of having my life totally vanish to a new quiet monastic life you stayed with me every step of the way! and I my dear LOVE am with YOU every step of the way.. I SEE YOU in the divine light of the candle I have lit for you. I see you in the big blue sky... so vast! so Clear so PURE ! love you! beyond the beyond kelli
Posted by Bobbie Bukszar on April 22, 2019
Warren was one of the most generous, interesting, caring, unusual people that I've ever met. Truly he was the BEST boss ever. I loved him and enjoyed his idiosyncrasies! I am so blessed that he was part of my life! He will be missed very much.
Posted by Phil Gries on April 21, 2019
Forever a part of my life as cousins. You will always be remembered as a special soul influencing and affecting others, changing lives by example. Your personal advice and support at critical times in my life always gratefully received.
A shining light with your glow everlasting.
Posted by Laura Fenamore on April 21, 2019
So many fun times Warren.
There were the forever memorable Birthday Parties you had, to our lunch dates, to Giants Games and concerts, to house parties and to ACIM groups.
I loved having you in my life for decades.
Thank you for teaching me so much about what GENEROSITY and LOVE IS.
I love you and I am so glad I got to tell you that one last time.
Forever in love and peace, Laura xoxoxo
Posted by Diana Smith on April 21, 2019
Warren - you were such an Earth Angel to so many. Thank you for being that for me too. We first met by becoming roommates for alitlle over year. What a trio you Giselle and I made. We did numerous house gatherings, premiering "The Secret" and you hosted many a Center for Inner Peace gatherings. I have never met such a man like you, but thru you i met many amazing people. You lived life large and as Love as your abiding principle. Thank you for staying in my life after your move to your daughters, for our rich time together, our 2 moves, co-clients/students with each other, and your always divinely inspired words of wisdom. What a blessing you were and are. You will forever live on, via all the seeds of Love you have sown about everywhere to so many. You had an amazing ride my friend, mentor and brother. Job well done. May we all use your example as a starting template to carry on with Love as our abiding and steady beacon of Light. Fare thee well, Warren.
Posted by A B on April 21, 2019
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

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Posted by Laura Fenamore on December 6, 2021
Love you Dearly and MISS YOU Warren! Happy Birthday Friend! xoxo
Posted by Lowell Halpern on December 6, 2021
Schlummere Sanft...slumber in peace my cousin
Posted by kelli mcgowan on April 20, 2021
you are still with me every day ... practice peace and kindness forever love - there is NO death.
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Thanks Warren from Kensil Family

Shared by Mark K on July 5, 2021
Just wanted to say that Warren was a big part of my childhood at Rolling Hills Country Club. I used to see him up at the club almost every day I was there for years. My whole family loved it when he ran it. We will all miss you Warren and thank you for all the good times. May you rest in peace.