Posted by Dilip Yadav on May 22, 2021
Dear Wasim,
Its been months since you left for your heavenly abode. Coming to terms with losing someone who was more like a brother than a friend so early has not only been difficult but painful as well. You will be missed everyday and will remain in our prayers. Some of the moving forces of our lives are meant to touch us briefly and go their way. You were one such person who will continue be with me, forever. Memories shared with you over last six years will last for a lifetime.
Rest in Peace, my friend.
Posted by Jon Priest on April 12, 2021
I would like the family to know how much Wasim was liked and respected. We undertook a number of engineering surveys together as a team of four, Wasim, Didier Schutz (France), Glenn Doan (Australian) and myself (England). A mix of some large personalities, egos and nationalities and all highly experienced and generally full of nonsense. When we met for the first time we all clicked and whilst work was great fun we also learnt a great deal from one another as engineers and also as people - I think the client was happy as well! We still have a shared What'sApp account called 'Hologram for the King', a film about some of the intricacies and oddities of conducting work in KSA which had made us all chuckle and we generally kept daily contact with one another through text messages on this; which is how I heard the news of Wasim's untimely passing which I don't think any of us could believe and was very upsetting.  It is important for you to know, and especially for the children, what their father was like as a man from people who you may not know but who worked with him. I think that all who knew Wasim would agree that he was first and foremost, a gentleman; a kind, honest, courteous, caring and considerate man with a great sense of humour and a sense of the ridiculous.... which I think are the best qualities a person can have. A Man of the World who had travelled widely and experienced many things which meant that he always had something to talk about or could cast a meaningful opinion on something going on somewhere in the in the world. He had the art of small-talk down to a tee. You also had the sense that with Wasim you could immediately trust him and he would help you if he could - he had a lot of empathy and would try and see something though the other persons eyes.. It was his open and calming demeanour that was put to the test a number of times just to keep us all in-line but always in a gentle and humorous manner which for some of us, coming from the countries that we do, is a actually quite a rare quality and, even though we are all seasoned professionals, somehow we responded to Wasim. As a engineer, he had detailed knowledge and he was very much one-step at a time, a logical thinker and where he was unsure he would ask the question, which generally revealed that no one else actually understood what was going on either, which always made me smile. He would talk about his children and his wife... you could see that he loved them dearly ... he must be terribly missed by his family and I am so very sorry.... none of us will forget him and the remaining troupe of engineers salute him.
Posted by Andre Mourad on March 29, 2021
First my deepest condolences to the entire family. I cannot even imagine what they are going through! Last time I saw you Wasim was when you picked me up on your way to Abu Dhabi for a site survey. We had such a nice and pleasant time throughout the week with the rest of the engineering team ... we had such great laughs. I am glad this is the last picture I am keeping of you in my mind. You were such a gentleman, a professional and a nice person. Rest in peace my friend!
Posted by Ashwin Abraham on March 28, 2021
No words can explain this loss. My deepest condolence to the family and relatives. Rest in Peace, my friend!
Posted by Didier Schütz on March 28, 2021
My first thought is for his beloved. I'm really sorry for your loss.
We just lost one of us. It’s difficult to accept. Wassim is a model of open-mindedness, curiosity and tolerance making himself a great professional and a nice human being you really want to know. I really enjoy meeting him when arriving from Paris on the way for new excitements on the field as risk engineers. I still have his smile in my mind and won’t forget it. Thank you Wassim. I’m sure you are still there somewhere watching us with this famous smile. We miss you.
Posted by Manish Mahadeokar on March 26, 2021
It is very hard to believe that I Am writing this note for one of the best person I ever met, a person who became a good friend, I have some very good memories of Wasim bhai. I pray, God will give strength to Wasim’s family in these difficult times. Rest In Peace Wasim Bhai ... heartfelt condolences to loved ones.
Posted by Amit kumar shukla on March 26, 2021
Can't believe I have to write this message, you are one of the prettiest Soul I've ever met. We may not be able to see you but you'll always be in our heart miss you buddy!!
Posted by Ankita Jain on March 26, 2021
It's very shocking and unbelievable.
He was a very great person, kind hearted and down to earth.
Wasim you will be missed forever..
Posted by Ankita Goyal on March 23, 2021
I have no words to express the feeling wasim ! How can this happen, still can’t believe. Have very fond memories of our college days. You are such a beautiful soul, with beautiful smile. You will be in my prayers always.
Rest in peace!
Posted by Rahul Birari on March 17, 2021
Dear Wasim

Gone to soon. We will all miss you.

May your soul rest in peace
Posted by Mahir Dedekargınoğlu on March 17, 2021
My Dear Brother Wasim. We had met in 2015 when we nearly at the same time started to work at AIG Dubai Office. We became good friends in the first day. You were a good friend, good colleague, good engineer, caring father and a very good man. You were honest, helpful, always trying to think positive and spread this. The world lost one of really good person. I am sure a purely good man like you will rest in peace in heaven. We pray with all our heart for Farha, Hashim and Minaya. 
Posted by Harsh Lakhera on March 17, 2021
Wasim bhai, you will always be missed.
I regret we could not meet recently despite planning few times but there are lot of good memories to cherish.
I recall we met first time in jan 2017 during my visit to Dubai and it didn’t took much long for us to get connected, you were a gem, a kind hearted and fun loving person.

May You rest in peace.
Posted by Sajiv Gopalkrishnan on March 16, 2021
Dear Wasim,
Miss you dear.
Can’t believe that you are no more with us.
Rest in peace Wasim.
For a noble soul like you everything good will only happen to the loved ones you leave behind in this earthly abode.
I am sure all your good deeds and nobleness will with the blessing of ‘Allah - the Almighty’ help your loved ones to achieve things in life as much as required to your heart’s content as would have happened if you were alive.
Prayers and blessings to your loved ones

Posted by Marc Joseph on March 16, 2021
My sincere condolences to Wasim’s family and friends. 
I had the pleasure of working with Wasim at AIG. Wasim was a talented commercial property risk engineer who executed his role with professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm. Wasim added intellectual value to his Clients and peers via the manner in which he transferred his technical knowledge to all. I was fortunate enough to attend one of his knowledge sharing sessions at AIG. It is indeed a loss for the risk engineering fraternity.

Wasim was probably one of the best cricket players at AIG. Everyone wanted Wasim on their team due to his skills as an ‘all rounder’. I can still remember the last game that we played in Dubai, when Wasim scored the highest number of runs and took the most number of wickets. Man of the match, for sure.

Wasim was a kind hearted soul who touched the lives of a number of people and I will definitely miss him.

Posted by Kumar Raja on March 16, 2021
Wasim, the last I probably saw you was in 2018. I got to know you when I got involved with field engineering in AIG Dubai. You immediately came across as a soft spoken gentleman that is hard working and technically sound.

My only advise to you all those times were to be more confident and assertive as you were down playing your capabilities.

We probably worked together for a good two to three years but you are definitely someone that I wished I had worked with much earlier and someone that I would love to work with again if time had permitted.

Whereever you are, know that those you have left behind only have good memories of you. REST IN PEACE.
Posted by Khalid Amanulla on March 16, 2021
It was shock to hear about Wasim’s demise. I recall Wasim as a gentleman and wise person with technical excellence. Rest in peace.
Posted by prachod kumar on March 16, 2021
Wasim, I consider 3 years of our life in the office as precious memories. You were calm, gentle, helpful, respectful etc.. We had many technical discussions which I benefited more than you.    

For me your depart is not only missing a honest friend and a highly knowledgeable person, but also changed my perspective of life into more realistic. It keeps reminding me that I am just a human and I should be prepared to miss any body at any point of time and I also should be prepared for quick disappear one day.

The regret I have is that I could not meet you for few months. Hope you pardon me for that. After reading this somewhere you might be giving your typical brief smile. Rest in Peace my dear friend. 
Posted by Hermann Frankfurth on March 14, 2021
I was saddened to hear that Wasim passed away. My thoughts are with his family. Celebrating the life of a good colleague and mourning his passing with you
Posted by Mitesh Sharma on March 14, 2021
Dear Wasim,

I am still in shock and cannot believe on ur departure...we were so close to each other and our secrets sealed with us since college days....I m in tears very moment I remember you. we had a talk 4 days before when u were in abu dhabi ..nothing is enough to write for u.,.You were always warm and same ...when I met u after the long ...we were in talk always since college days...since u were in mumbai with Ashwin ..nothing changed you ...u was always the very good friend in all my pain ..Luv u ..Losing you is unimaginable and no one can fill that gap..may god give strength to the family in the tough times.
Posted by NANDA KISHORE DANDUPROLU on March 14, 2021
Still can't believe that you left us so early. Your soothing smile and kind nature strengthens my belief that you are truly a Allah Rakha soul.
When someone we love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. You will remain in our hearts forever. Khuda Hafiz.
Posted by Chandrarao Biradar on March 14, 2021
Still not able to believe that he is not with us. Very humble, honest and polite person. Whenever we met, it was wonderful experience to spend time with him. He was a great human being. Wasim, we all miss you. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Pritish Purohit on March 14, 2021
Loosing someone from same industry is devastating.I had read his reports and heard a lot about you,I can vouch upon your sincerity without even knowing you in person..Will miss you wasim sir.
Posted by pruthviraj more on March 14, 2021
Losing someone so dear is devastating, and no words can ever really relieve that pain. Its hard for us to come to terms with your sudden departure. Wasim my brother, Rest in Peace.

"We surely belong to Allah and to him we shall return - Surah Al Baqarah"

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