Let the memory of Wayne be with us forever
  • 64 years old
  • Born on July 7, 1951 .
  • Passed away on October 1, 2015 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Wayne Swift Sr., 64, born on July 7, 1951 and passed away on October 1, 2015. We will remember him forever. He was more than a dad, he was a husband of 42 years, A U.S. Marine, Our HERO, Our Friend....Our everything! He was the cool uncle,  grandpa, brother, son and friend to so many people. REST EASY IN PARADISE DAD!!

Posted by Tiffanie Martinez on 5th May 2017
Dad, just wanted to let you know you have been on a lot of our minds lately and Lily has been acting strange as can be too....but I just wanted to let you know I love you and miss you dearly
Posted by Tiffanie Martinez on 1st October 2016
Dad, It's been one year ago today since you took that very last breath and left this crazy place behind. Since then you have had a great grandson, and another granddaughter...that you would have loved just as much as.everyone else. Times sure haven't been easy without seeing your face or hearing your voice on a daily basis dad. We have a memorial planned for you next Sarurday and I'm hoping a lot of our family and.friends make it out to remember you....because I know I haven't and never will forget you....Dad I love and Miss you so much that some dates it's really hard to function, but I know.you wouldn't want any of.us to do that so yes, I get up and go on and do what's needed and expected of me.I love you and miss you dad and I know I was one of the proudest people on earth that had the privilege of calling you Dad! You were a piece of my everything. Love always and forever, Tiffanie your oldest daughter
Posted by Tiffanie Martinez on 19th July 2016
Dad, As the days come and go, and the night's pass...your always on my mind and that's a fact! When mom and I went to see your brothers, nieces and nephews it was so hard especially when I seen Uncle Rick....if his hair was dark like yours and he had your pretty blue eyes he would have looked just like you dad......that was hard...but I know you seen me be strong and not cry...however my heart kept breaking. I know you are up in heaven watching over all of us...keeping us all safe. It's still hard dad to cook the meals I knew you loved and enjoyed, but I do it and remember the times you would come in the kitchen and tell me how you wanted your meat, or to tell me it smelled good. Dad as the days pass it hasn't gotten any easier, I cannot grasp why ppl say it will because it hasn't yet! Dad, I know you seen me crying the night before your birthday when I was looking at pictures of you and playing songs that reminded me of you. I try not to cry in front of anyone, but it's hard to hold in the tears sometimes.....but I do it because I know you wouldn't want us crying for you because you're in a better place without the pain and suffering. Dad, I know you know who is the right person for me....I just wish you would show me, send me a sign.....Dad, should I go to the dr and get checked out again? Or will it be a mistake? Just please send me some signs....I know you always had my back and I known you still do dad! No matter where my life's journeys take me dad....you will always be in my heart. Your first Fathers Day and birthday in HEAVEN were hard on me dad....not having you here with me to hug and seen your face light up as you opened your gifts from the kids and I. I know your in a better place ......I just wish you could come visit from time to time! :-( love you forever and always dad....your oldest daughter, Tiff aka T
Posted by Leena Swift on 21st May 2016
Dad, I love and miss you so much!
Posted by Tiffanie Martinez on 20th May 2016
Dad you will always be my hero I'll always love you! Bitter sweet memories dad that I'll always have of you and with you! Life really sucks without you here with us....I talked to your brother Ricky on his birthday and we were reminiscing about you and some days we all start talking about you and missing you like crazy dad! It's almost been 8 months since you were called home and I still see you laying in that Damn hospital bed with the machines hooked up....still hard to swallow at times that you really are gone, but I know your still here maybe not in person but definitely in my heart. I hope you hear Lily at night when she prays to you and God. When it rains like it did today she says "the angels in Heaven are crying,because they miss us" it's too cute dad...you really imprinted on Lily in your short time with her. I love you dad....I'll be back to keep your memory alive!
Posted by Tiffanie Martinez on 5th May 2016
Just thinking about you dad.....hasn't gotten any easier even after 7 months! I love you!
Posted by Yvonne Allen on 5th May 2016
You are forever loves and missed
Posted by Lisa Meadors on 5th May 2016
Sure miss ya Eddie. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have the love for the classic country artist that I have. You showed me the true meaning of real music and often was the father I never had. You taught me how to run a backhoe and demolish whatever stood in my way. You were a great person and are truly missed by your granddaughters, myself and anyone who knew you. See ya again big dawg. Rest easy

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