Work hard because it pays off in the end
  • 70 years old
  • Born on April 18, 1941 .
  • Passed away on April 23, 2011 in Harlan, Iowa, United States.

I created this website in memory of my Dad, Wayne H. Plagman, who passed away on April 23, 2011. Dad, you are truly missed and in our hearts forever!!! Love, your daughter, Deborah (Deb) Plagman

Posted by Deborah Plagman on 23rd April 2014
Alway Watching Down from Heaven to make sure we're ok. I Love U Dad
Posted by Deborah Plagman on 23rd April 2013
Angel watching down on everyone... it was your time .Hugs & Love U .
Posted by Deborah Plagman on 18th April 2013
Hi iam hoping your day was fun for u .Love U.
Posted by Deborah Plagman on 18th April 2013
Happy Birthday Dad .love u .
Posted by Deborah Plagman on 7th September 2012
Hi Dad, Good Afternoon. Hugs to you & I miss you every day. Love, Deborah Plagman
Posted by Harold Plagman on 14th August 2012
Wayne was my favorite Plagman cousin. We lived in the same house for our first two years. We got into trouble together to include killing a pig, getting my tricycle muddy and washing it off in mom's kitchen. We smoked our first cob pipe together. We shot more bad guys playing cowboy and indian. He was a good dad, husband and friend. I'll see him in heaven someday.
Posted by Deborah Plagman on 12th June 2012
I remember the times when Dad would play dominoes with Mom and I, along with gin rummy. And when he would go to Canada fishing, the night before, he'd pack his clothes, and sometimes Mom and I would put some candy in for him to find if he'd let us. In the morning, he'd leave, but not without our hugs and kisses, and he'd tell me, "Deb, be GOOD!!!!" And when he got back, I would meet him.
Posted by Deborah Plagman on 5th June 2012
He also loved playing cards and spending time with family members and other friends. He was always willing to help any way he could.
Posted by Richard Muell on 5th June 2012
I remember Wayne not saying much from the time I first met him. But he really was a hard-working man who loved his family. He would do anything for you if you would just ask him. He was kind, loving and caring, though I never really saw it, I could tell just by looking at him.
Posted by Deborah Plagman on 5th June 2012
He was a hard worker who loved to go fishing, enjoyed woodworking, and "Coffee Time" with friends down at the Irwin Country Store.

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