Posted by Sherri Whatsittoyou on May 13, 2020
You thought everything thru,you always had control,but did you honestly when you let go,did you truley know,?
Did you know how youd break my heart,take my soul,my haooiness is gone something like a boat with no wimd in its sails i have no were to go,set sail n dark waters the bottom i cannot see,emptiness like how youve left me paapa please please come back to me im dying without you i swear i can't do this without you!!!!!
Posted by Sherri Whatsittoyou on January 28, 2020
A year has past and the pain is even more apparent in me today , crushed hurt devistated to say the least papa I needed your guidance your loving hand your stern conversations, but most of all you,, just you, people say it takes time , no this man made it possible for me to be anything , took a life time away from my family a piece a my heart and that cannot be healed without him, I get so mad why him ? I guess was just your time in suffering I will have to live with , 8 miss you so great, I love you so much more n more I find myself being just like you papa n nothing couldmake me prouder and I no you are still guiding me from afar I feel you still papa I just miss you so much daddy I want to be with you untill lthat day ,,,,,

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